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By: Gary V.
Logan's Roadhouse
have had to send back more steaks here than at ALL the other steak houses in my life put beer in town, just terrible food, no wonder it's closed down, sign removed, VACANT BUILDING
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By: Chuck H.
Union Station Diner
The Union Street Diner (its real name!) has recently had a change of owners. We've enjoyed getting to know them! So older remarks about the "unfriendly owners" aren't true any longer!
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By: J.o. H.
Gristmil River Restaurant & Bar
Great food and atmosphere. There's a long wait but it's well worth it. Just a little FYI it's the second largest restaurant in Texas.
By: Clark C.
Two Tarts Bakery
Not really a fan, the food looks good but I was really disappointed in the quality. This was my last visit. I had a Cinnamon roll that was more like a dry cupcake with very little cinnamon and no brown sugar. Not sweet, not good. On a Saturday morning, there is no excuse for stall pastries.
By: Ron D.
Gristmil River Restaurant & Bar
As someone who is currently an employee I just want to warn people about this establishment. Bring your own silverware; it disgusts me how much food and grime there is stuck on the silverware and how insignificant of an effort dishwashers make to make sure they are clean and ready for use. The food is improperly handled; I don't even think I have enough room on here to begin to describe how awful the fish is handled by kitchen workers. Kitchen staff hardly ever wear gloves and they are not mandated to wear nets or shave their beards so every once in a while we will find long strings of hair in some of the dishes we serve, but of course since managers don't want patrons complaining over "long waits" we simply pull it out and put it out for people to eat. Now doesn't that sound delicious? If that isn't bad enough I have to search through cups to find one that doesn't have soap in it or seeds from lemons. The repugnance of the food is hid behind layers of sauce, glazing, or garnishes and if you try to complain, well then all you'll get is a disgustingly "fresh" dish to replace the already disgusting dish in front of you. I will be placing in my two weeks soon for I cannot continue to watch people risk their health for something not even worth the plate it was served in.
By: armyoflegion
Logan's Roadhouse
It sucks. I tried to order a lemonade but no refills. So I ask for a Mason jar lemonade an watermelon. 4.99. Wanted a steak w/ a bake potato. Comes with only butter. Want bacon an butter 1.99 extra.
By: Rod F.
Love the samual Adams draft beer at this place..
By: Angela S.
Gristmil River Restaurant & Bar
Love this place. Live music outside most weekends. Friendly staff. The ribs are fantastic and all the desserts are great! Maybe a bit of a wait some nights but go, grab a cold beer or iced tea, and enjoy the outside patio and music. No reason to rush.
By: L m D.
Clear Springs Restaurant
Chicken fried chicken is fabulous. My favorite place to eat.
By: tableking
Union Station Diner
Rude & Unprofessional Manager-Owner of UnionStreetStationRestaurant (USSR)is KindaGivingBad (KGB) Examples to her Serving Staff as the USSR’s Rudest KGB Official !!!!!!!!!!We are local residents who eat out often and have patronized the USSR on several occasions. Although happy overall with the USSR in the past, considering the food, portions, service and prices to be OK, we now understand why bad service reviews exist and WE WILL NEVER GO BACK to the USSR ever again. Bad management truly runs downhill.Today, a woman (we will call Svetlana) rudely and silently interrupted our visit to buss our table of remaining items, namely coffee spoons and napkins. Having only recently finished eating, I knew another cup of coffee was probably going to be out of the question. {Ha! Ha!}. Moments later she returned, straighten-up the table, washed it, but said nothing. Her behavior screamed “Get out of here NOW”. So, I asked her if she wanted us to go. Her reply, “YES”, with attitude, “I have other customers…” We knew clients were waiting but saw 4-5 open tables. So, we believed we had some moments to finish our few remaining sips of coffee without delaying waiting patrons. As considerate people, we would want others to also consider our waiting. Stunned by her first rude interaction and now ready to leave, we were yet the Lucky recipients of 2nd slap in the face by her next rude KGB visit to our table.We would NOT have been offended had she first just politely voiced her need. Her rude attitude and behavior toward us was however extremely offensive. If this rude customer service given us, is representative of her overall customer service attitude as manager and possibly owner all negative on-line reviews for the USSR are perfectly explained. It all runs downhill, doesn’t it. Also, Svetlana’s ill-treatment of us seems to suggest that she may NOT understand, or care about “The 5/50 Rule of Customer Service”, Happy customers will tell 5 people, Unhappy customers will tell at least 50 (usually 150 are affected). Maybe she is ok with one-time customers, with a location so close to tourist locations. At the register, I stated politely that I did not feel she had treated us appropriately. Her reply, “I’ve been running this restaurant for seventeen years and don’t need you to tell me how to run my business.” REALLY?!!! Amazing!!!Apparently, Svetlana does not value our business, ok, she will have it no more. You’ll have to determine whether she deserves yours. It is in our humble opinion that you will be treated far better if you stay in the USA and away from the USSR. ( Sorry, to other Svetlana’s of the world).

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