By: Lori O.
Hodor & Frascone Hansen & Lamar Dpm
Dr. Matthew P. Hansen has been a life saver for me (Literally). In about 2007 I had found Dr. Hansen and and he was able to find my exact problem with my feet/ankles....Finally after seeing at least 15 different doctors!! January of 2008 Dr. Hansen found I needed an Triple Arthrodesis (Reconstructive Foot Surgery) of my Right Foot. Dr. Hansen performed this surgery and within 7 Months I was healed and able to walk pain free, and have been ever since then!! Just recently I had to revisit Dr. Hansen for an Ingrown Toenail...this procedure was much less invasive, but I must say I am, once again, pain free!!! I definitely would recommend to everybody out there with any type of foot problems to visit Dr. Matthew P. Hansen....He is very knowledgeable not to mention precise in every procedure that he practices in!!
Tips & Advices
Examples of podiatric specialties include orthopedics, primary care, sports medicine, surgery, podopediatrics​, and wound care and management.
Podiatrists can perform surgery on the foot, ankle, and related lower extremity structures. These procedures can range from noninvasive to reconstructive.
Podiatrists can provide stem cell therapy, custom orthotics, foot and ankle surgery, and treatment for toenail fungus, common foot issues, and ingrown nails, among many other services.
Every visit with a podiatrist varies depending on the condition and the amount of discussion and treatment necessary. Initial appointments can last up to 45 minutes, while subsequent routine meetings take at least 30 minutes.
In most cases, foot and ankle services that podiatrists provide are covered by health insurance. Not all podiatrists participate in all health insurance plans, however. Consult your specific coverage to better understand its podiatry offerings.

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