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By: Wendy H.
Holley-Navarre Medical Clinic
#1 Zuhkova! As a licensed nurse myself, sounds like you were just seeking meds. # 2 a doctor is not allowed to release PHI (personal Health information) to anyone, even a husband or any other relative without a release. It's a HIPAA Law! Read them and learn them! I just took my daughter to this doctor and myself and he is very thorough &professional! My last doctor wouldn't fill prescriptions just like that either. That is showing concern for the patient! Not all lawsuits are won without merit, but good luck!
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By: Jackie B.
Holley-Navarre Medical Clinic
Dr. Rudman has been my doctor for over 8 years. He is thorough, and knowledgable....and usually accurate in his diagnosis. Anyone who has a problem with him (eg the two one star reviewers) probably are shopping for pain meds. He is not that kind of doctor. He will work as hard as he can to try to find the source of your medical problems. I find that the wait time at his office very reasonable...like most doc offices they sometimes get busy. I have never had a problem scheduling an appointment usually within the same day. His office is very prompt in relaying lab results. I feel very comfortable with him....and I can't say that for most doctors in this area. I give him 5 stars!
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By: Melissa W.
B Pyle Paula MD
Dr Pyle was very professional and nice during my child's first appointment. Unfortunately, her office staff were horribly rude to me on the phone when I tried to schedule an appointment. I had difficulty scheduling a related appointment for a test at the hospital and the jerks in Dr Pyle's office actually argued with me, basically calling me a liar instead of explaining or helping find a solution. They didn't know the full story and all the information. They just jumped down my throat and refused to make a new appointment for my child to see the Dr. for his ears. I wouldn't deal with them again. I'm requesting a different ENT referral from my child's PCM. I wish Dr Pyle would seek better, kinder, more professional office staff than the men I dealt with! I'm a patient, kind, reasonable person who has had several jobs dealing with the public & customer service and always remained helpful and kind toward customers.. So I have no tolerance for people act like that.
By: Jan K.
Ottley Smiles Dental Center
The dentists and staff are second to none!!! Everyone at Ottley Smiles is very freindly and always makes you feel comfortable to be there. The administrative team always greets you with a smile and keeps a tight ship with having everything ready. The Dentists there are amazing and show a "genuine" concern for all their patients. I cannot say enough about my scheduled cleaning appointments. Beth is very meticulous and is, by far, "the best" Dental Hygenist I've ever experienced! She takes the time to make sure my teeth are cleaned perfect! I actually look forward to my cleaning appointments with her! Thank you!!
By: Daniel L.
Ottley Smiles Dental Center
Just a huge shout out to the staff and Dr. Jared for making my Mother smile again!!! She was dianosed terminal about 6 months ago and everyday is a gift. She has wanted dentures for many years but the money just never came. We finally raised the funds and Ottley dental made it possible not only to give her a smile again but they truly made her happy. Her visits every one of them made her giggle and laugh. She adores Dr. Jared believing he was born to help people... as he did her. From my Dear Mother and our family we are so thankful to all of you!!!!
By: joshuaa440
Ottley Smiles Dental Center
Great place! Wonderful dentist. Dr. Jared and his assistants give you so much to smile about. The procedures that they do always have amazing results.
By: timm400
Ottley Smiles Dental Center
The staff was so comforting and calming! I was sick and didn't want to be here - but they made me feel so much better. This is a wonderful dental office.
By: kfrank289
Ottley Smiles Dental Center
As usual outstanding customer service since the last visit in November. My favorite best dental here .
By: lesliee704
Ottley Smiles Dental Center
Please pass my personal thanks to everyone for a fantastic cleaning. They were all very professional and friendly which made this appointment perfect. Thank you again.
By: edgarr515
Ottley Smiles Dental Center
Had a great experience with the staff especially during my first visit! They were awesome and as always did a great job on me . I will definitely recommend this place to my friends you guys rock!!
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