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Where your pet's health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal.
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At VCA, your pet's health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal. We treat each pet knowing it is an extension of your family. Our dedicated staff of veterinarians, board certified specialists, and technicians strive each day to give your pet the very best in medical care. We understand how important it is to have a local veterinarian you can trust and who, most importantly, knows your pet almost as well as you. With nearly 600 hospitals in 42 States, we've built a network of trusted local animal health providers giving the finest care for the pets in your family. We invite you to get to know our caring staff! New VCA patients are eligible for a FREE First Exam - a risk-free opportunity to learn what makes VCA so different.


We're looking forward to meeting you and your pet and demonstrating our commitment to providing your pet the highest quality care!

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• Caring for your pets the way we care for our own

• Convenient, affordable, preventive nose-to-tail care (VCA CareClub)

• Educational opportunities for pet owners

• Free First Exam for all first time pet visits

• Healthy Pet Magazine

• Home Delivery of Pet Medications

• VCA Big Pet Project

• VCA Quality Care Program


VCA operates nearly 600 animal hospitals in 42 States staffed with hundreds of experienced veterinarians.


All of our hospitals are fully equipped with the latest in medical technology and we offer a full range of general and specialized medical and surgical treatments and services including:


• Advanced diagnostic services (MRI, CT Scan, Radiology)

• Annual Pet Check-ups

• Blood Analysis

• Boarding

• Cardiology (Heart

• Circulatory System (Vascular Care)

• Dentistry (Care of the Teeth, Gums & Mouth)

• Dermatology (Skin Care)

• Diet & Nutrition

• Disease Treatment

• Emergency Care (at select hospital locations)

• Flea & Tick Control

• General Care

• Grooming

• Heartworm Disease Treatment (Canine & Feline)

• Internal medicine

• Lab Testing

• Medications

• Microchipping

• Neurology (Brain, Nervous System & Spinal Cord)

• Oncology (Cancer Care & Treatment)

• Ophthalmology (Eye Care)

• Pain Management

• Parasite Control

• Periodontal Disease Treatment

• Pet Wellness Exams

• Physical Examinations

• Preventive Care

• Puppy & Kitten Wellness

• Senior Pet Wellness

• Spay & Neuter

• Specialty Care

• Surgery & Surgical Services

• Urinalysis

• Vaccines & Vaccinations

• Weight Loss Programs


American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

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  • VCA Loveland/Ft Collins Co
    user avatar
    Sherrie H.
    Edited: 02/05/2017

    This clinic saved my newfoundland from AIHA, caused by the rattlesnake vaccine given by my vet. I was urged by my vet to take her there even though I lived in another state. They saved her and the fatality rate from AIHA is over 70%. Yes their expensive but 24 hr vet supervision and well worth the money.

  • Don C.

    You CLOWNS Have Hale,Mi On Your Site?? ARE YOU PEOPLE FOR REAL??!! Waste Of My,Families,Pets TIME!! WE ARE UP NORTH MICHIGAN!! & There's NOTHING HERE!! Soooooooooooooo DO NOT PUT FAKE ADVERTISEMENTS UP!! "GET REAL" I'm REPORTING YOU!! Maybe The NEXT Family Don'y Have To DEAL WITH A "WASTE OF TIME"!!

  • Norma M.
    Edited: 11/19/2016

    Though the ad material says VCA Highland's main priority is our pets' health, it's very clear that VCA's main priority is making money. Though it has had some good veterinarians through the years, I see no reason to go there now that Dr. Mask has retired.

    I took a Great Pyrenees, a working dog, in for a neuter and got talked into a more expensive version that, it turns out, is primarily for show dogs. It was not presented to me as an "appearance" thing but rather a health enhancer. Guess what? Only dog I've ever had, and I've had dogs for 55 years, who has had repeated problems with a neuter!

    And then there was my ailing, elderly cat. I got talked into a senior wellness check to the tune of hundreds of dollars. This wellness check apparently showed nothing, or at least that was what the veterinarian, Dawn somebody, said. And as soon as I had spent the money, she was no longer interested in my cat's health problems at all. Wellness check said he was fine, so that was that. My cat died of hyperthyroidism within the year.

    I have no desire to further enrich a vet practice that does substandard work and cares only about money.

  • user avatar
    Clive M.
    Edited: 11/19/2016

    This place is very expensive. I received a quote to get my dog's teeth clean for $1300 which included two teeth extraction. I went to Banfield Hospital instead and got her teeth done for $500 which included two teeth extraction.
    Be careful and do your research, you don't have to spend that kind of money to get you dogs teeth clean.

  • E H.
    Edited: 11/19/2016

    My Weimeramer had Thyroid cancer, we were referred to VCA’s cancer doc Susan Ettinger.
    We asked that he be treated with Prednison, not Chemo. Dr. Ettinger didnt seem to hear our wishes. We were patients less than 1 month, 3 visits.
    By chemo 2 an ultra sound also revealed liver & spleen cancer, Prostrate infection (meds weren't working), Kidney infection, High white blood count
    I asked if he could endure chemo & she said he was getting a weaker drug
    I return & he has diarrhea "you should give him the meds at home" they say. “Did you give him a pill?” I ask since his meds are home 45 min away.
    “No, we would have had to charge you $20” they say. "He can barely walk" I note “well he got up in the back & made it to the waiting room, see”
    Our dog was very sick & barely slept. At 7:40 the next morning I took an extremely wobbly & unbalanced dog out to relieve himself. He laid down in our back yard & died.
    We think he had a heart attack, & he suffered, we think he was too weak for Chemo.

  • user avatar
    Jennifer R.

    My dog was lethargic and not eating or drinking for 2 days.She took X-rays and blood work that came out fine. While I waited in the room for 5 hrs my dog became sicker throwing up 3 times which I told them about. She said my dog

    was dehydrated so they gave her fluids and some nausea medication and sent her home advising if she got sicker to bring her back for an ultrasound.I brought her to another vet and she was diagnosed with Pravo disease ! A common highly contagious disease a dog can get if they are not vaccinated as puppies! My dog had all the symptoms of this disease but they did not test her for them! WHY NOT! Totally negligent ! $773 dollars they charged and my dog could have died. I also told the doctor I didn't care about the cost do whatever it takes! They were totally aware that it was a stray dog I found and she may not had gotten any shots as a puppy! Please do not bring your dog to the VCA of Cheshire

  • user avatar
    Christmas C.

    Have had no problems previously with Dr. Chinn till today. Very condescending and judgmental to a situation we were put into. Offered no solutions or help whatsoever. Inexcusable attitude and unless I receive an apology immediately I will be going elsewhere and making sure everyone knows it.

  • user avatar
    Jeanette O.

    I have never had a vet clinic so welcoming. My dog, a huge GSD is out of control with anxiety and lack of socialization but VCA understands and makes no judgement. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Great doctors, techs and office staff and my big brute of a dog gets excellent care while I don't get judged.

  • user avatar
    Jose A.


  • user avatar
    Michelle P.

    I have never been there but I am trying to find someone open today to get my puppy his first shots we r truck drivers and hard to get home to get everything done

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