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  • Alex B.

    Most recently we observed a preventable accident. The reason for a car accident is two cars occupying the same space at the same time. I was always under the impression a big truck had professional drivers. Using the Smith System the accident would have never happened. Its obvious the driver was in a hurry and driving unsafe. He should make sure they saw him. We felt so sorry for the victim. Extensive damage to her very small car. All the driver did was stand there and smoke a cigar. The victim was holding back tears. Approximately $1000.00 in damage. All the poor thing was attempting to do was make a safe left. On Knot . Then the driver just drove up. Its possible he was so in a hurry , disregarded being a safe driver. Cross streets : Knot and Katella. City of Cypress Calif. I myself have even been tailgated by big rigs on the freeway. Its one car for every ten miles. California Vehicle Code: 21703. Was he on the proper lane? Or one he created? His unsafe driving is based on the company mission statement. They are : ( Aggressive ). The company founded in: 1995. Our vision is to become an ; ( Aggressive ) , ( Leader ) , within, the industry. Continue evolving and most important , to : Keep Everything Fresh. We would love to have you join us. As we can see from the mission statement. Nothing is mentioned about being a safe caring driver. What we can comprehend is the only concern the company has is making : Very Aggressive Deliveries . So the bakery products stay fresh. The tall African American driver, just stood there and smoked a cigar. Not even a apology for the accident he caused. How about being a courteous driver? No we did not see this. This incident occurred most recently. By the Target. He just came from no where . Like a bat out of hell. How sad. Now I hope the victim is ok. The poor thing. This is bad customer service. Calif. plate: 70326D1 . 2004 Fright Liner. When was the last time all drivers have had any credible defensive driving classes? Policy: BA040000028225. I hope he doesn't hit any more cars ? We have a few more days of rain. The incident occurred sadly most recently. Possibly: January 19,2017. The approximate time was : 07:45 A.M. We all saw and observed this preventable accident. I think at least pay for all the damage caused to the victim's small little car. Love You're neighbor as you're self. Instead of just driving aggressive to get the fresh bread from point : A to B, how about driving safely and caringly? Don't just stand and smoke a cigar. The driver showed no apathy or care for the female victim. How disgusting.

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