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Powerful, world renowned love psychic to the stars. Kendall is a renown natural, experienced, professional psychic and have been giving readings for many years. She works with her gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience to give you accurate direction in your readings; she works with spirit guides; numerous collections of angel cards; tarot cards and crystals, in addition to the science of numerology to give character information and timelines. Kendall also has an extensive knowledge in various life changing spells to help you along your path in life. Serving clients nationwide.

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Kendall's clients also consist of folks from every walk of life, from FBI Agents, Navy SEALS, police, doctors-MDs and psychologists, to lawyers, business owners, and executives. Kendall takes great pride in helping all in need regardless of nationality, religious preference, sexual preference, or beliefs. She believes that everyone has questions and the need for answers to those questions that weigh heavy on their soul. Kendall's sessions are available to people from all walks of life and cover all aspects of life,they are given without judgment and in complete confidentiality. They give you clarity, allowing you to see the paths that are available to you.


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  • Abney Y.
    Edited: 02/13/2017

    I can't tell you how impressed I was with Kendall. From the minute we started talking, I knew there was a connection. I had just lost over a thousand dollars on two other psychics that month who may or may not have just used my weakness for an extreme financial windfall. I still didn't get any firm answers concerning the court litigation I've been battling for two years against an ex husband who is hell bent on leaving me penniless. But Kendall immediately knew at this time it was not spending more money on a psychic I needed. Instead she advised me to spend every day before the upcoming court case in one on one talks over a lighted prayer candle with my angels and God. She also gave me a money spell as well as a confidence spell. I used the spells and within a week I found out that I won my case against my ex and that he would have to pay me major money for everything he put me through. My confidence is so high now about myself and my situation. I owe everything to Kendall. She is truly a gift from God. Thanks Kendall!!

  • Blue K.
    Edited: 02/13/2017

    Had a reading with Kendall. She was excellent and totally on track with her reading. Told me things I only know about my self. I was searching for guidance in my career as well as my love life. I was at a dead end job and my relationship was on the verge of collapsing. Kendall gave me a career and love spell to use that she made specifically for me. I was AMAZED! After using the spells, within a month I had found another job and was made the vice president. My relationship is stronger than ever now thanks to the love spell. Kendall is the real deal and I will most definitely be calling her again. Thanks Kendall :-)

  • Lili B.
    Edited: 02/13/2017

    Kendall is truly gifted. Her insights and methods have taken my life in every area to a much bigger and better place. None of the other psychic's have told me things she knew or helped the way she has. Her spells are a must. They work without a doubt. If you want advice and help, you must contact Kendall. She is simply the best!!

  • Marco P.
    Edited: 02/13/2017

    Not a fortune teller, not a crystal ball gazer, not a palm reader. Kendall IS a visionary, a spiritualist, a prophet, empathic and intuitive. She IS the real deal. And 5 stars is not enough. 50 may be more like it! Kendall is definitely one talented, gifted, knowing and loving woman. After my daughter told me of her experience, which was spot on, I decided to give her a call. My last reading was decades ago and it's something I typically am not into, only because I think some seers are not totally tuned in and I don't want them messing with my aura, and intuitively, I pretty much know what is going on with me. So, with not a whole lot on my mind and shoulders, I called for a reading. Just needed some reaffirming. And I got it. She knew what was going on, what areas needed tweaking, attention, what was just fine. It was uplifting and beyond helpful. The experience was more than worthwhile. I've never experienced anything like this before. If you need some questions answered, have doubts and darkness, need direction, contact Kendall.

  • Rock C.
    Edited: 02/13/2017

    The last couple of months have been quite challenging for me, I had to deal with many situations that left me shaken, overwhelmed and clueless. I was looking for some unbiased advice that could shed some light on those situations, but I was unsure what kind of advise I needed. After reading all of Kendall's excellent reviews, I was quite interested on a reading with her but still hesitant about it... then life threw me another curve ball and I had to deal with some more drama so I decided to have a reading with her. We did the reading over the phone, and OMG! She was extremely accurate! She described perfectly some very unpleasant work situations I was living! She also put a time frame for something to happen. She gave me a money and career spell to use and YES it happened! I got a new job where I had alot more responsibility and am making double the money I was before. Her abilities and advice are fantastic. After we hung up, I was feeling light but weak, I don't know how to explain it but that was the feeling. I definitely will call back to consult her, she is not only a great psychic but also a phenomenal counselor. Highly recommended!

  • Lola B.
    Edited: 02/07/2017

    Once again Kendall hit a home run! She is so accurate and can feel what your feeling and even issues and emotionals you have yet to figure out. Love how she answers your questions and directs you to make better decisions in your life so you can avoid further pain or hurt. When I call her, its the one time I can be my true self and vulnerable and open. Kendall makes you feel at ease and comfortable and she is definitely someone you can trust.

  • Joey S.
    Edited: 12/19/2016

    I contacted Kendall for the first time almost 2 years ago and was immediately impressed by her insight, compassion, and kindness. My wife and I were trying to conceive for years and she assured me that it was going to happen in Nov..and twins. Well, I am happy to confirm that my wife is pregnant with twins this November!!! Kendall has always been accurate and is a talented and wonderful psychic!!! I am a loyal client and will continue working with Kendall for years to come!!

  • Floyd D.
    Edited: 12/19/2016

    ONLY WISH I COULD GIVE MORE THAN 5 STARS!! Kendall is amazingly talented and so friendly, welcoming and kind. She really put me at ease right away as soon as she answered the phone and that was important, as I'd never really understood psychics before and was not sure what to expect. I am so glad I called her! I had intense and troubling concerns about my career and some other issues in my life that were plaguing me daily. Tried to resolve them 'traditionally' - but nothing was working whatsoever - I was emotionally exhausted and getting nowhere fast. So time to give 'alternative' methods a try! Why not? I read Kendall's impressive bio and credentials. So I called her with an open mind and a hopeful (if a bit anxious) attitude. I knew immediately that she is "THE REAL DEAL". Kendall told me things nobody on earth knows about me, about my family, and about my friends. Keep in mind we had NO communication before our session whatsoever so she had no idea who I was. Yet, the insights she was able to give me were exactly what I had been needing so badly. It was fascinating, and such a total relief - all at the same time! It was truly an incredible experience to work with her in a session. I was (finally) able to make a major life decision after talking with her - and I had been SO stuck up to that point. I know Kendall could convert any skeptic - you just need to give it a try to see what I'm saying is all true (and apparently everyone else agree too - which I love seeing). I would absolutely call her again and I'm happy to give her my highest recommendation. Just prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience!!

  • Kerry C.
    Edited: 12/19/2016

    I have been a loyal client of Kendall's for the past two years. She is an authentic soul who is truly gifted with a intuitive sense like no others I have seen before. Each reading she has conducted for me has always been filled with love, truth, and light. She is devoted to her craft and only wants to deliver the highest level of services to her clients. Kendall has a patient, classy and calming presence about her. She always makes you feel at ease during each session and give you her divine attention. I never have to say much during our sessions, she always somehow connects to my energy and laid the foundation down and everything just simply flows in. Kendall has given me very sound advice for my life and her predictions has always been spot on. What amazes me the most is the fact she can give you the months and days of when things will happen. You will definitely have a lot of aha moments with her!! Her cleansings and spell casts work amazingly. I have had her cast a Love spell and Career spell for me and the results were remarkable. Also, her cleansings completely get rid of any negative energy surrounding you and bring an extreme calmness over you. Kendall is truly one of a kind, and her commitment to her gift is exceptional. I I highly recommend her to anyone who might be in search for some guidance from the moon and the stars above.

  • Rock D.
    Edited: 12/19/2016

    I cannot tell you how FANTASTIC Kendall is. She is very sweet and her energy is contagious. We had a really great reading and she was completely connected to things that I haven't shared with anyone before. She was able to tap into things that I didn't expect at all. Her spell cast was out of this world amazing. Truly wonderful experience. Kendall you're a doll! I am so happy that I called you.

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