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  • Ridiculous

    I don't illegally park on purpose and I'm always aware of signage when I'm trying to find a spot downtown. I was parked next to a bar off St. Clair and was inside for just about 2 hours. When I came out my car and a friend's car was gone. After searching for 20 minutes I finally found a towing sign curled together on a pole at least 10 feet off the ground and hidden in the middle of a tree. There were no other signs anywhere down the block long parking lot. When I called I was given the account manager's number to file a complaint and after leaving 3 messages in a 12 hour period and not receiving a return call I decided to just go pay the fine and file a suit in small claims court. I called them before noon on a Sunday & was told that someone could meet me at the lot at 5, so I go down there at 5, wait 10 minutes & call them back because no one had shown up. When I call the dispatcher informs me that they only had one driver and he was busy on police tows so they wouldn't have a driver available to meet me until 8. A phone would've been nice so I didn't drive all the way down there and waste the time of the friend who drove me as well! So, I was told they'd call when they had a driver available to meet me. 9pm rolls around and I still hadn't heard anything, so I call them back & I'm told their driver would be ready in about 30 min. I FINALLY get a call at 10:30 that someone is headed to the lot so I get there at 11pm and I'm over the amount I owe by 50 cents and he tells me I can't have the car because they have to have the exact amount owed. Although I wasn't worried about receiving my 50 cents back, he made me go find change. I ended up driving out of there at quarter til 12. So please don't tell me they use fair business practices, which makes sense since the driver told us that business was down quite a bit. I guess they had to find a way to make money somehow. It's really no surprise they didn't show up at court.

  • Scam Artists

    Towing companies are of course a necessary evil, and no one is disputing this. The problem comes with unfair business practices that this company regularly utilizes. I have heard of so many people complain about this company, and even the rater below who worked there would not use this company to tow his car. Please explain when taking bribes to not do your job was ever a valued practice by any business? This is a corrupt business. They tow cars that are legally parked, as it has happened to me. Beware of this company. Do not give them your business. You are probably better off taking public transportation, assuming they don't tow the bus that is parked at a bus stop.

  • Beware

    My car was parked outside the garage in a parking space in the neighborhood and was towed for no reason. When I called them to find out why the car was towed they told me that there was no reason noted in the computer. They asked me if my registration was expired...No, it's up to date. They asked me if my car was parked on the street...again no, it was by the house in a parking space.

    They told me that I would need to speak with the account manager and I explained that I'd tried three times, but got no response. Of course, while I'm being ignored, they are charging me a storage fee every day.

    No one can give me a reason why the car was towed and they won't return my calls. I will be reporting them to the Mayor's Action Line and if I don't get a call today, I will be going there was an officer.

    They are unbelievable. Please do not support this company.

  • I actually used to work there!!

    Well, I would never call this company to tow my car if I actually had to pay for it. They really aren't running a scam. If you pay attention to where you park @ then your car won't get towed. Granted they are outrageous when you do get your car towed but that is your own fault if you park where you aren't supposed to..and trust me the area you park in will be well posted if they tow from there. For the idiot who thinks the employees are scandalous then you should take a look @ where you work. When you work somewhere you get paid to do a job, that is what you are there for. The people who tow your car and collect your money when you come to pick it up are doing exactly that, their job...what they get paid to do.

  • Predators

    I sit and watch these guys from my apt window at 12:30 am as they wake half the neighborhood up looking for cars to tow. The cars are not illegally parked.. it is simply a case of the ""location"" of specific stickers and/or tags. Mind you they only do this Sunday night at 12:30am when nobody is there to find out about it til the next day. I'd advise anyone moving downtown to avoid any of the property management groups pay lots and instead take street parking. These guys are canvasing the neighborhoods looking for any loophole they can get. Don't support these parasites.


    I went into a business downtown for 10 minutes and parked in the lot behind it. There was a towing sign but I didn't notice it at the time. After realizing my car was towed, I walked to Delaware and South to claim my car. It was 10 degrees outside and they made me wait for fifteen minutes outside the business before they would let me come in. When they finally let me in, they said it would be $165. They towed my car TWO BLOCKS. The real kicker is when I got in it to leave, the check engine light was on in my car. They obviously damaged my car and when I went to confront them, I was laughed at. The person above claims they had to pay $205 to get towed a few blocks. This is not an honest company and neither are its employees. Stay away if you can. I wouldn't call them if my car was abandoned in the middle of the Autobahn.

  • Dependable and Great Deterrent to those unwilling to follow the rules of the Game

    Well, I have never had an issue with this dependable company. First of all, I know where to park and when to park, and if I didn't I would either ask, or find somewhere else. Secondly, this is the only towing company that responds quickly and enables downtown businesses to better service their guests. Well recommended!

  • WARNING..... RIP OFF, and RUDE

    Towed my car from a lot late on a weekend night that I paid to park in, and then Charged me $205.00 one hour later. ! That is just short of robbery, might as well have held me up at gun point.
    I think they may be opperating a scam, look for any sign stating that they are the tow company, if you see them listed get your parking fee back and find a new place to park.
    But $205, that just does not add up to what they claim to charge...Beware.>! I am filing a complaint with the Mayor action line to investigate.

  • Avoid it.

    Overpriced! Charge $95 for towing and $30 for labor fee, $25 per day storage fee. (The towing distance is about one mile.)

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