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  • Best Dance Studio EVER!!!

    This is the best dance studio I have ever been to. I have moved around the country and this studio is by far the best one. There are many dance studios where teachers yell and scream at the kids, but here the teachers are friendly and helpful. When I moved here they made sure that I was put in the correct level of dance based on my experience and skill. When it is time for the recital many of my past teachers got stressed out and took it out on their students, but here the teachers are calm and they make sure that all of the students are prepared for the recital. This is the best dance studio to take your children to!

  • Best Dance Studio

    Dance Phase is one of the best dance studios that my daughter has been too. It is a fun and friendly atmosphere. One of the things I like about it is that it's not only by age classes but it is also by ability. For instance, there are some classes that have girls that are younger with girls that are older and I have never seen that before. I think that gives the younger girls more opportunity to learn.
    When I am at Dance Phase waiting for my daughter I always see the excitement from the girls, young and old, when they are getting ready to go into a class or even when they are coming out of a class. It is such a happy place.

  • I Love dance phase

    I love dance phase. I have only been going there for a year and I love it. The teachers are amazing and caring, if you dont understand somthing they will help you. My mom loves to sit and watch me dance and my baby sister sits and watches us dance. She is only three months old and my mom is planning on putting her in dance as soon as she is ready for it. Dance phase is a very kid frendly place they love and care about the kids and just want to make shure they have the steps down right. I couldnt imagine going anywhere else and i wouldn't go anywhere else.

  • Amazing Dance Studio

    My daughter has danced at dance phase for all of her life. She absolutely loves it. All of the teachers have been extremely nice and encouraging. She has also participated the high school musical camp which she speaks of all the time. Her favorite was the hip hop and now she is attending hip hop classes as well as tap and ballet. Every time i walk in the studio is very clean and tidy. This studio is well taken care of and you can tell that the owner truly cares. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone who is currently looking or unhappy with their current studio.

  • Wonderful Experience

    In all of my years of dance training never have i seen such care for students and creativity in the dance atmosphere. I really admire the instructors zeal for dance education. I highly recommend this studio to anyone willing to learn dance.

  • Best Studio In the Area

    I'll keep this short and sweet. Dance Phase has surpassed my expectations for a dance studio. The teachers are up beat and helpful. They go above and beyond. It is always clean and I even get to watch my child during class which is something I have found in no other studio. My daughter and I have tried many different studios and this one if by far my favorite.

  • We love Dance Phase!

    Wow! I have been so pleased with my experience with Dance Phase! My daughter is bubbling with enthusiasm about her great teachers, the wonderful facilities and how much better everything is at Dance Phase compared to other places she has been. Unlike some studios, Dance phase teachers are trained professionals who went to college to earn dance degrees and they love children! They are always trying hard to maintain the safety,discipline,health, and educational standards appropriate for children and have fun at the same time. My daughter has grown up at Dance Phase and after taking teacher assistant training classes at a local university she is honored to teacher assist with the younger grades. The other day I looked through the window and the kids were pretending with their teachers to be dancing animals! They were so cute!Anyway- if you want your child to have a developmentally appropriate,affordable and fun experience in a wonderful facility then Dance phase is the place for you!

  • Dance Phase

    Dance Phase is the best studio I have ever been to. I have been dancing at Dance Phase for the past four years, and would never change a second of it. I came into Dance Phase having horrible technique and being terribly shy. Now looking back it is truly amazing how much I have grown as a dancer and a performer. Dance Phase has helped me find a love and passion for dance that I had never know before and will never lose. If you want to improve at this skill, Dance Phase is the best place in the world for people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and levels to discover how fantastic this art form is. They have something for everyone including camps and programs starting at age three and going to adult . Any style of dance imaginable can be found. The staff is wonderful especially owner Tiffany Warford. When you walk though the door, you are automatically greeted with a warm smile. Dance Phase has become a home away from home for me; I feel incredibly comfortable asking question in class and interacting with other members of the group. I have my very own dance family. This comfort is another reason why so many people improve in every style of dance here. I would not trade Dance Phase for the world. If you want to dance this is the place to go for any and all of your needs. How much you learn and grow will shock you. Dance Phase is by far the best studio there is!!!!!!!!

  • Best studio ever

    Dancce Phase is a great place to bring u children.they are so upbeat there very daughter went to princess camp this summer and she had a blast. they sent leters out to the parents that forgot it was in a week..they just did a great job.i mean she was loving it.they did crafts and dances and even put a show on for us at the end of the week.It was so cute. they did a great job with my kid and i also have friends who had children and they just couldnt get enough of it.we have tried other dance studios,but this one is by far the best one.Its so good we going to take fall classes this fall.

  • Best Princess Camp

    My daughter has taken dance for 2 years now at Dance Phase and attended Princess Camps there. It is a wonderful studio and experience for my daughter! Princess Camp is a great learning tool for young dancers. We have tried other studio's and they in no way compare! The owner, teachers and staff are TERRIFIC! They are so organized, professional and very well experienced! What a joy they are to work with, my daughter loves going to dance!

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