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Cash Advances, Title Loan, Prepaid Debit, Bill Pay

Cash Advances, Title Loan, Prepaid Debit, Bill Pay

General Info

Payday Loans

There's a better way to borrow.

Whether you need help with unexpected bills, emergencies, or other short-term cash loan needs, ACE can help you get the fast cash you need today with a payday cash advance.


Payday cash advances made by ACE are now available in 24 states. You can typically borrow between $100 and $1,000 (varies by state), until your next payday. Just complete an application online and take it to the nearest ACE Cash Express location. You'll find out in about 20 minutes if you're approved!

Here's what you'll need to complete your transaction at ACE company owned stores:

A check from a valid checking account

A recent bank statement

A valid government-issued photo ID

A recent payroll check stub (or government benefits statement)

A phone and utility bill


The short-term payday cash advance loans available online or at ACE company-owned stores are regulated loan products, which differ from state to state. Depending on the state, you typically may borrow cash amounts between $100 - $1,000. Approval of the loan and its amount is based on the assessment of your ability to pay.

These payday cash advance loans are not intended to be a long-term financial solution, but for immediate cash needs. The annual percentage rate and terms of the loan vary by state.

Payment Methods

Master Card, Visa


ACE - "Earning Your Trust since 1968"

Products and Services

Payday Loans - Get help with unexpected bills, emergencies, and other short-term cash loan needs.

Check Cashing - Have a check that's hard to cash? We cash most types of checks.

Other Services - Bill Payments, Money Transfers, Prepaid Debit Cards, Money Orders, Direct Deposit/Payroll, and Prepaid Phones


Payday Loans NOT offered in AR, AZ, DC, GA, MD, NC, OK and PA.



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    Terry C.

    This company does not service Arkansas it did not help at all it gives u all these options for ace but it's not in the state of Arkansas

  • user avatar
    Codymichelle E.

    The women there were just sweet as could be and gave me no problems
    Memphis location and I hope they get recognized for there service

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