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By: Melissa S.
Urology Associates
This review is for Dr Marcy Abel and NP Brooke Faught specifically who are absolutely amazing. I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis in 2004 and both of them have been instrumental in my recovery. They were advocates for treatments that weren't just popping a pill. They helped me find treatment methods that worked for me as an individual. I'm happy to report that my IC is controlled and I'm able to lead a much more normal life! I would like to add that when I first started at Urology Associates I saw Dr Whitson Lowe. I would not see that man again if he was the last physician on the planet. He was inconsiderate, rude and wanted to send you off on your merry little way with a prescription for narcotics and a pat on the back instead of treating the problem. He repeatedly answered his cell phone during visits and was just an outright embarrassment to that establishment. I hope his years since I saw him have provided him with some more experience and improved his practice. I am just eternally thankful that someone pointed me in the direction of Dr. Abel and Brooke! Those two are pioneers for women's health!!
By: Jennifer J.
Urology Associates
The doctors at this facility are wonderful. They know their stuff and can always help me when I go. I am a huge fan of my doctor, Dr. Marcy Abel
By: Maggie D.
Dr. Michael Jon Spalding, MD
Dr. Pagnani is a leading expert on the repair of knees and shoulders. many professional athletes seek him out for treatment.
By: paigereid
Center for Urological Treatment
This practice was very good to me when I had to use them. Dr. Wiatrak did my surgery and everything went great.
Tips & Advices
There is no set cost on a urology appointment, and some start at $100 and can go up. Rates vary with each doctor and office and by services rendered. When asking a physician, find out if lab work is included in a quoted cost or is extra.
Prostate cancer is cancer of the male’s prostate gland – the glands associated with reproduction. It is one of the most common cancers in men. If diagnosed early, it is also one of the most treatable.
Some insurance plans require a referral from a primary doctor if you want them to cover the costs. For other insurance plans, it is not necessary to get a referral to see a urologist.
A urologist provides a variety of tests, starting with the testing of blood and urine samples that provide information not available in a physical exam. In men, they test for PSAs (a prostate-specific antigen) in the prostate, blood counts and kidney function. Additional image testing or (sonography) of the kidney, bladder, and prostate might be needed. A cystoscopy is a procedure that allows the doctor to examine and test the lower urinary tract (bladder etc.) for cancer. Organ and prostate biopsies, renal angiograms, and urine flow tests are also common tests readily available.
A urology exam will depend on your specific condition. You can expect the standard paperwork plus a questionnaire that asks about your symptoms. You will very likely be giving a urine sample and  exam is typical. The rest of the exam will depend on whether you are male or female, and what your specific needs are. Rectal (and prostate exam and/or tests for men), blood tests, imaging of organs, and other tests might be needed based on the diagnosis.

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