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By: Kathy L.
Ray Settle Services
I recently bought an Iron Elliptical and it was missing the power cord. I found and ordered one on line but it wouldn't plug into my machine. I found Ray Settle in the Yellow pages online and he was the first to take the time and try and help me. Help me he did and now my machine is running. Thanks so much Ray for your much appreciated help. Will definitely call for any service work. A+++
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By: Mike Q.
Buffalo Valley Inc
This has got to be the most unprofessional place I have ever seen! Total chaos is all I can say. Some of the staff worked so hard to make up for the total ineptness of the management they had little time for patient care. The ones that truly care are overburdened with putting out the fires started by the idiots they work with its a wonder they survive. Patients are yelled at...made to perform "work therapy" in order to be taken outside to smoke. Work therapy such as cleaning bathrooms...mopping floors....clleaning doors...making and remaking beds to precision! Unbelievably insane. People detoxing...sick..on detox meds ect...detox somewhere else before you go to their program!!! And check on their programs before ya commit. If all of their facilities are run like this....I would run far a run fast!
By: Lindsay L.
Gypsy Apple Beauty
WARNING! DO NOT GET YOUR EYELASHES TINTED WITH SHANNON!!! Almost 7 weeks ago, I got mine tinted with her and I am STILL dealing with discoloration under my eyes. I had to go to the dermatologist because after 1 month because it was still no better. She was unable to provide an adequate barrier protecting the entire area under my eye. There was a chemical reaction between the dye and the unprotected areas. To make matters worse, she completely denied all responsibility and tried to put blame back on me. It was the absolute worst experience I have ever had with a salon in my life. It was so bad that I had to file complaints with the Cosmetology Board as well as the Better Business Bureau.
By: Casey O.
Buffalo Valley Inc
I was there trying to get help. Everything they done on the phone interview about my health was not on any of my paperwork. I told them I couldn't take the Suboxone but that's all they could give. They are very mean to people there trying to get help. They don't inform you that your family can call & leave messages & you can give them 1 back. They didn't write down my health issues on the phone interview such as the tumor on my lung. That I also have something going on with my heart. They would wake you up at 6:00am when a class didn't start till 8. They woke you up by screaming at us. The 26 hours i was there 5 women left cause the way they were treated. They let me throw up & use the restroom on myself and wouldn't call anyone to see about getting me medicine changed. My wisdom tooth broke & they would only give me 400mgs of ibuprofen 4 hours later 2 Tylenol then 4 hours later 1 Aleve & said I couldn't have anything else for 12 hours. There is only 1 licensed therapist there,who when I tried to talk to her was eating her lunch instead of asking me to come back she was talking with her mouth full which made me feel even more sick. Very unprofessional very unpleasant. We're there to better ourselves asking and begging for help. It's ridiculous how they treat people there. I recommend you go anywhere but there. All they want is to get you in there 30 day program that I wanted to go to. But I needed to get medical treatment for my wisdom tooth that broke. They said they wouldn't help me that I had to sign out against there advice but couldn't give me the antibiotics I needed. Go anywhere but there if you want helpful people that care
By: Brittany A.
Buffalo Valley Inc
I checked myself into this facility because I was told they could help me. I left after one day because most of the staff were so rude and disrespectful to the patients and one man in particular just yelled at us the whole time he was there at night. Was like a boot camp instead of a medical detox facility. When I was leaving I decided to wait outside and asked for my antidepressants I brought with me, and this man made me leave the property. I was in a city an hour and a half away from home with two large bags and had to walk across the street to wait for my ride. Sorriest place I've ever heard of bc I had never been to any sort of treatment before and thought they were supposed to help me not treat me like a criminal.
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By: Bobbie S.
Jon Alan Salon
I always enjoy going here. I love the scalp and shoulder massage with the aromatherapy oil to start off the appointment.
By: Bob S.
Ray Settle Services
I was having trouble with my treadmill and the third time I called Precor they sent Ray to fix it. He fixed it the first time, seems Precor was wasting money the first two times. Don't waste yours, call Ray and your problems solved.
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By: Katie S.
Surreal Hair Studio
Big kudos for my stylist Heather Wells at Surreal. She's truly the best! Takes such great care of my hair. I've sent several friends who've become her regular clients too!
By: Lisa H.
Clark & Company
BUYERS BEWARE. I ordered some Halo Couture hair extensions from Michelle Clark recently, because this salon was listed as an authorized dealer from the company's website. When I finally got to see the extensions after multiple delays, they were fake. Halo extensions are high quality human hair and the hair I was given was poor quality and definitely not human hair, obviously homemade by someone. There was no brand tag on the inside of the extension band either. The box it was given to me in was a box for a different type of extension that the company offers, and was torn in multiple places. She tried to sell me these for over $400.00. I am not sure how she sleeps at night trying to swindle people out of their hard earned money. Absolutely despicable.
By: Candice B.
Valerie's Fine Art Hair Salon
Tiara does an awesome job! She is quick, professional, and the end result is always perfect! She is a hair color expert and very good with hair extensions. She offers new and existing customers frequent specials which makes her prices very affordable!
Tips & Advices
If you don't have insurance, you may be able to find outpatient programs like Narcotics Anonymous that offer counseling and meetings for patients at no cost.
Some facilities accept health insurance like United Healthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Humana and Medicaid. Many carriers support in-state assessment, detox and outpatient treatment. Some also partially cover residential or inpatient treatment. Because drug addiction is considered a disease, major health insurance providers must treat it like any other chronic condition that requires medical treatment. Be sure to inquire about co-pays and deductibles so you don't receive a surprise bill months after you start a program.
Yes. Some treatment programs promote quick sobriety through seemingly impossible means, such as herbal supplements or religious affiliation. Be wary of questionable claims like, "Shake your drug addiction in one week!" If the advertising sounds too good to be true, the program could potentially be a scam. Instead, look for organizations that include approval and certification from real doctors and health care providers.
Yes. Attending a program that is specific to your drug of choice will make your treatment much more likely to be impactful and successful.  Some provide certain users with medications like Valium and Xanax to counteract symptoms of distress associated with alcohol or drug withdrawals. You may not want to attend such programs if you fear that you may instead become addicted to these substances.
Yes. A physician can determine how severe your addiction is, which will help you decide if you want to try inpatient or outpatient treatment. He or she can also consider any withstanding health issues such as psychiatric conditions that should be factored into your decision. Next, check out facilities and programs that offer treatment for the substances that you abuse.

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