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By: Jennifer C.
Pancake Pantry
RUDE SERVICE!We have lived in Franklin for 2 years and finally decided to visit the famed Pancake Pantry. It was Monday at about 1:40, so no wait. Cute atmosphere, but nothing overly special. The waitress was very nice at first, and took our orders. The food came out pretty quickly, and it all looked wonderful...but my raspberry compote pancakes came out with cherry compote on them. I took a second taste to be sure, then summoned the waitress. I told her what I had ordered, and she said in a defensive voice, "those pancakes most certainly ARE raspberry." I looked at her in shock, and said, "well, they taste like cherry and I don't like cherry and they even have big cherries all over them." She took them to be exchanged. At that point, my husband, who was facing the kitchen, noticed her tasting my returned pancakes. GROSS! she actually ate after me, not knowing if I had any sort of cold or disease or anything. She then returned to say that they would replace them, but said that both she and the cook agreed that the returned portion was indeed raspberry. Argumentative! She seemed stubborn to a point. Again, I just looked at her, amazed that she was actually arguing with a customer, as if I didn't know the taste differences of raspberry and cherry! When the raspberry pancakes came out, they looked almost identical. The raspberries even looked a lot like cherries, believe it or not. But the taste was 100% raspberry. And 100% different than the first set of pancakes I was served. The waitress came over to our table a little later and said in an overly cheerful voice, "everyone happy now?" We were polite. But unfortunately, it tainted the whole visit. The lack of people skills in this world continues to amaze me. We did register our complaint with the manager as we left and the manager said he appreciated the feedback. The food was pretty good, but not overly spectacular. I actually like Bob Evans pancakes better. But the service was disrespectful, and made me not want to return.
By: Heather R.
Though the English teacher in me cringes at the uncapitalized name of this restaurant, I could easily fall in drunk love with the happy hour at blvd. For $8, you get to choose two (that's right, two!) items off their happy hour menu. Being an individual who likes to be well-rounded, I opted for champagne, grilled cheese, and everything that I could pick off the plates off my nearby friends. This proved to be a solid strategy.Let's start with the wine. To begin with, it had bubbles, always a point in favor of any champagne. Moving forward from these basic essentials, it was slightly sweet, caressing the insides of my throat as it quickly pushed me towards my very low drink limit. I like my champagne slightly sweet, but not saccharine, like my men, and this lived up to my expectations.On to the fontina grilled cheese. Fontina is the best of all cheeses to use for grilling, it would seem, as evidenced by the creamy deliciousness of this meal. I could feel my arteries crying out in moaning, ecstatic agony as I stuffed the entire thing into my gullet. The toast was crispy, the cheese well-melted--no complaints here.Finally, on to my third choice: Everyone else's food (one of the many benefits of hosting a happy hour club). The truffle fries were slightly under-salted (though, being a resourceful witch, I remedied this by using the salt shaker), and the mac and cheese did not impress me--it appeared to be noodles with melted cheese. No pizzazz, no flair, no interest in showing off its potential as one of the most perfect comfort foods ever invented. It seemed to be the only underachiever in a class of Ivy League-headed students. I will be back, to check out the rest of the happy hour offerings at this fine establishment!
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By: Erica F.
Fifty First Kitchen & Bar
A bit out of the way and worth the travel, Fifty First Bar and Kitchen is a small little house type place in the Nations with serious, serious flavor. From the moment we walked in with a vinyl brunch hour on and realized that one of the most fantastic bartenders in the city had been recruited to open here, we knew this brunch would be a treat. Super friendly staff,and they worked out fast service very quickly despite their newness. The menu is always rotating, but I got the "bloody bar" plate - actually a kind of pickles and cheese platter not just a bloody mary and condiments. Oh they know how to pickle. Their pickled okra was sublime, their pickled quail eggs drove me as weak-kneed as the smell of tea eggs at a Taiwanese night market. The yolk...oh that yolk. Portions are not made to stuff you full but leave you delighted. Loved the atmosphere, incredible food.
By: Heather R.
The Patterson House
I am definitely a fan of Patterson House...its delicious, creative, and elegant drinks (I am personally a fan of their Tom Collins and the "Identity Crisis," although there is an extensive menu of both classic and original drinks), combined with its cool 1920s, speak-easy vibe (all the waiters look great in their vests!), make for an enjoyable and original experience. However, I have two reservations about this place:1.) Price. I am a teacher. Ain't nobody got time or money to be paying $13 a drink.2.) Food. The food menu is limited and has few gluten free options. Prior to my diagnosis, I did rather enjoy their fried brie. Post-diagnosis, I mostly just sit there sad and hungry.However, if you have some spare cash and are not too hungry, Patterson House is definitely worth a visit for a new experience and a fantastic drink.
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By: Jill W.
Applebee's food has come along way! The past few times we've been the food has been delicious! The choices rather from low calorie to creative. Typically we would try Applebee's after a long hiatus and then remember why we quit going there. But lately we've been going because the food is good! They still have a way to go with service. While the service wasn't bad you just get the feeling that they think "it's good enough". And because the food far outranks the service we've been back several times. The restaurant is very nice and spacious. However it's never crowded. Which is a shame. I think if they could win the people back and show they have delicious food and step up their service, this could become s happening spot! Oh another plus, they always have a draft beer of the month for $2.
By: tabby2699
Dalts American Grill
I LOVE the fruit tea!!!! I only like one kind of fruit tea and they have it!! :)I really liked the atmosphere... good for a family! The staff was extremely helpful... even when we asked to move to another table and the waitress had to move us into the section of another waiter! She was oh so nice about it.We had sandwiches and I'm really not a sandwich person so I shouldn't have ordered one but my boyfriend really liked his. There is tons of variety on the menu so I will be back to try other things.I wasn't to happy with the chocolate cake... but I guess I'm not the person to review that because I only like homemade or chedder's chocolate cake.Also with regards to the pricing... I think it was fair.... seemed like our bill was a little high for a place like that.
By: Heather R.
Puckett's 5th & Church
I visited Puckett's when a friend came to visit from out of town, and hoped to experience some traditional Southern cuisine. The atmosphere was great: our waitress was friendly, there was live music, and there are an interesting array of items to see in the grocery area.As far as the food goes, it seemed to be very standard Southern food--good, but nothing that amazed me. The fried green tomatoes were good, and my fried catfish was moist and flaky. My friend's chicken fried steak was enormous, but failed to wow me--it tasted like a medium-grade steak with white gravy, which is exactly what it was. Not a bad place to visit for the atmosphere and the music, but there are other places that offer more exceptional Southern food.
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By: Melissa S.
Fenwicks 300
I've seen this business go through some growing pains since they opened. Overall I really like it. I'm going to break it down into pros and cons.ProsFriendly service Diverse menu Creative coffee drinks Reasonable pricing Plenty of parking Really cool vibe Cons The food is inconsistent. Though always good there's definitely off days where you may get your food not as warm as it should be or the potatoes will be insanely salty. They are only open until 2. This is the part I really hate because I used to go for dinner quite often. I rarely get to go anymore only because their hours just aren't super convenient for me. Again, overall I still really like this place! I do wish they would open up for dinner!!
By: Telisha C.
Athens Family Restaurant
We have been going to Athens for the past 8 years. What started as late night visits after the bars closed has turned into family breakfasts on the weekends. One of the most robust menus in the area with consistent quality on all items. Of course the traditional Greek dishes are the best. My standards are the Greek salad with grilled chicken or the Gyro sandwich and fries. Huge portions and affordable pricing. It can get busy on the weekends but the tables tend to turn fairly quickly. I love this restaurant appeals to so many. Many of the employees have been there for a long time and really make you feel welcomed when returning. Great option for carry out too!
By: Dolores M.
J. Alexander's
We went for dinner last night after not having been there for a couple of months. I was so looking forward to their vegetable plate which had roasted beets that were fantastic. Unfortunately they had discontinued it and appeared to have a new menu. Thinking I was pretty safe with whatever I ordered, I decided on the Brasserie Chicken. The three large flat pieces of chicken were so salty I could only eat one and the mashed potatoes were gummy and swimming in butter. Huge disappointment , but to make things worse, I woke up at two a.m. with extreme nausea. Don't know what has changed, but definitely not the quality of food I had come to expect.

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