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By: Pepi V.
Jimmy Kelly's
We visited for the first time in seven years. I was worried by some of the recent posts which were negative. I think these are folks who don't understand non-corporate or 'old south' dining. Our experience was identical to previous visits and I believe consistent with the JK brand. The old house has a wonderful charm and atmosphere. The food and service are outstanding. This is the kind of place where waiters will work for 20 years. The little guy behind the bar looks like the guy I remember from the mid 90s. Many of the servers are older men whose intimate service and manners are hallmarks of a largely lost era; Yankees and liberals may be offended at the degree of deference they show. Their interest in your choice and happiness is not a front, but a sincere desire for your happiness. The Wife had a caprese salad which disappeared quickly and blue cheese stuffed filet which was grilled to perfection, along with the famous twice baked potato, and creme brulee (which she loved). I had a ceasar salad and asked our waiter, Marcus, to surprise me with an entree. He brought a perfectly grilled rib eye and twice baked potato. Delicious, although I have heard amazing things about the sea bass and will try this next time. You can certainly spend less for a decent steak. You can spend less and have a good time. But Jimmy Kelly's is the kind of place you take an out of town guest or a business associate whom you'd like to impress, because it's unique, special, memorable and extraordinary. It's the kind of place where waiters are professionals who are not merely moonlighting between jobs and pandering for a tip but who are true servants and want to make your night out special. You remember their names and hope they'll be available the next time you visit. I've you've never been here, you must go. If you're deliberating about where to go for an incredible steak and/or outstanding service, you must go. The tables are a little close if you're looking for intimacy-ask for upstairs seating if you value privacy, but the ambiance is unbeatable. Valet parking as well.
By: Heather R.
Jimmy Kelly's
Little-known fact: Most teachers do not go into teaching for the money. Hard to believe, given the exorbitant salaries and sweet benefits (you know...sexy cars, free concert tickets, occasionally the chocolate milk that the cafeteria didn't manage to sell that day). Given my bountiful cash, I tend to frequent many expensive restaurants.But seriously. Given how rarely I can afford to go to a restaurant that doesn't feature free chips and salsa, I want to be wowed when I shell out for a meal. And Jimmy Kelly's does require you to shell out. The steak was good. But was it incredible? Was it forty dollars worth of beefy heaven? No. It was good. (The twice-baked potato, however, may have been an ethereal, carb-laden gift from above.) It is also my understanding that the tiny pancake-y bread that is served is also good (not gluten-free though). To be honest, my favorite part of the meal was our server, John, who had the fantastic personality you would expect from a retired guy who's just working because he wants to. We had a jolly old time. But did we have two hundred dollars for four people eating worth of a time? Eh.
By: Rea T.
Jimmy Kelly's
We are travelling across the US and found some good reviews for this restaurant so decided to give it a go. Firstly let me just say that this is not a restaurant that is just about food. It's about a dining experience. On walking in, we were warmly greeted and immediately seated. Our waiter Marcus was extremely professional and yet still very friendly. Just the right balance. He had a very good way of reading his guests and adjusting accordingly. To be honest, he was one of the best waiters I've had in any country... ever! I order the steak and my fiance ordered the salmon. Both meals were cooked to perfection although the only thing I could say needed improvement was the New York strip I had. A little to much fat and some grizzle along the edges for my personal liking. But it was still a good steak. The sides were good and we also ordered the blackberry cobbler which had a great flavor. All in all, I would recommend this restaurant based on my experience.
By: Madeline D.
Jimmy Kelly's
I've heard various reports on JK's over the years. Finally I had to try it for myself. I enjoyed dinner here with my Dad, abd I've been to a lot of steakhouses in various cities. And I understand that different people value different things. Personally, at a place like this, I want good service, good atmosphere, and high quality food. All three were achieved at JK's. It's a throwback, Plantation-house style dining experience. It's a little cramped, but that' part of the charm. It's reasonably priced for a higher-end restaurant. Our steaks were cooked perfectly. The sides were well prepared. Our waiter was excellent with very good "feel" for when he needed to come by. I also like this restaurant because it has a very local feel. It's not right on West End or 21st. You have to be actively seeking it out to find it. A great dining experience and I'm sure I'll be back.
By: Step H.
Jimmy Kelly's
We had heard that Jimmy Kelly's was a premiere steak house in the south. So we decided to try it for my wife's birthday. The service was second to none, with out waiter being very affable and friendly. He was extremely helpful in recommendations and was a joy to have around. We both had a Kansas City 18oz cut cooked Medium Rare. The steak was delicious and made to order. I had the steak fries, and my wife had a baked potato. They brought the potato toppings out separate which was nice, so she could load it however she wanted. We had made online reservations, and had mentioned it was my wife's birthday, and they brought out a cake (free of charge!) with a candle on it. It made my wife's night. We even shared some with our waiter. The ambiance is great, as the restaurant is a converted mansion
By: Hadro C.
Jimmy Kelly's
Recommended by a friend that comes to Nashville a lot, and the recommendation was well worth it. Great atmosphere, not 'snobby' at all, great service from the hostess and I assume the manager, and our server. We enjoy a good dining experience and this place is well worth the hype. Located near Vanderbilt University in a very quite neighborhood.The fried green tomatoes, twice baked potatoes and steaks were great. Our server was attentive but, not 'in your space' attentive. We really enjoyed our evening here. Already talking about coming back for cocktails and desserts, too much food to have dessert this time!Read all the reviews, we experienced everything the good ones have to offer and nothing that the bad ones experienced! Enjoy!
By: Genevi G.
Jimmy Kelly's
I was impressed with everything there except how they pack you in. We felt like we were way too close to other tables. I could have rested my arm on the table behind us without reaching! The waiter for that same table, the back if his starched coat kept resting on the back of my chair and I kept fearing he would accidentally elbow me in the head. We knew everyone's business around us because we could hear the conversation word for word. This was our anniversary, and the closeness of other tables, made what could be a romantic atmosphere into what felt like family dinner. We were there at 6:15 on a Monday, and there were only 5 tables of people there with other open tables, so it should have been spread out!
By: Titus B.
Jimmy Kelly's
Jimmy Kelly's is probably one of the oldest fine dining restaurants in Nashville . i saw its rating in an magazine on an airplane a few months ago. It was was rated in the top ten steak places in the United States so I had to try it. Steak was amazing, service was awesome. It's small and quaint in basically an old house. Had a wonderful time. My only complaint was the parking . There isn't much so if you aren't there by 5 you pretty much have to do valet park which is what you have to do a lot of places anyways. If the charity place is closed across the store you can park there for free but it fills up fast too. Will definitely go back.
By: Heidy D.
Jimmy Kelly's
First, what's not to love about stepping back in time to dine? I loved the decorations and the old house. If you ever go, request Arthur. He is a peach. He was so sweet, nice, funny and made the night an experience. He called us by our names and got to know us during the dinner. He set us up with one of the sweet wine carafe that made the wine even more delicious. It is just a steak house, and if you are a person who wants all the fancy trimmings on a steak, then why are you eating a fine steak? When I want a steak, I want it to taste like a steak. The filet was amazing, so tender and was perfectly cooked.
By: Caci R.
Jimmy Kelly's
My meal was clearly FIVE STARS. The shrimp with remoulade sauce was great. The shrimp were large and fresh (and you get six of 'em), and the remoulade sauce was some of the best I've ever had. Jimmy Kelly's is one of the last steakhouses left that includes a salad and baked potato with the entrée. My salad was unlike anything I remember previously. It was fresh, an assortment of lettuces and other items, and delicious. The baked potato was fresh and flavorful. I ordered the filet mignon, extra cut. It was a large, center cut piece of meat; tender and flavorful

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