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By: Pamelaj M.
Payless Tattoos
I've personally, been to Payless Tattoo. And this was the year (2008-2015) their shop was always spotless clean. management, was either, Linda,Steve, or Buster, or Spider, low and behold can't forget my buddy,Brandon, (Gezzy) I probably didn't spell that right. Anyway, GREAT family, What i ment by that,they were no kin, but you would of thought they were, brothers, sisters, mother, father ,family, closeness was (tighter than a mother, father) taking care of their cubs. And the years of experience, wow, they could do Their jobswith their eyes closed tattoos piercings, etc..... and cleanliness ,sanitized, I was there! The employees there took pride in their work. And I was proud to be a member of that. You going, to places now it's not personal, shops Now they're overcrowded, unpersonal, u can get work from other shops now, I'll bet they won't remember your name, But buster and us would treat u like one of us, lol family, ( no matter what color you are no matter what, man or woman! We do not care if its your pet, getting ID, tatt. We will treat u like family, yea we get relaxed, take cat naps, lol in waiting area, (lobby) If by chance we happen to doze off, or u do, lol It just means we are either very very comfortable, or have been there since 7:00 am to 7am, lol and u were a walk in, lol and u took place of my cat nap. Lol Goes to show u, Who ever wrote that review, ahead of mine, must of been that real nice gentleman, who has nothing to say nice about anyone, or anything, God Bless you, guess u won't miss us, listioning to your negativity, which couldn't of been all that bad, or we wouldn't of been able to take that much needed cat nap, that we take,at the same time as we have taken, everyday, since we have been in business,FOR THE LAST 60 YEARS,from your friends and family @t fantasy Payless,tattoo, god bless our health inspectors for gradeing us on our autoclave, keeping our customers safe, and yes of getting , all 94s to 100s, thank u lord for our wonderful customers, over all the years we were in business. God bless all , most of all, our valuable faithful and reliable customers.
By: lexi.cothran
Nashville Ink
I never take the time to write reviews for anything, but I feel like I need to for Nashville Ink. A few years ago, I had been to this shop and didn't have a great experience, so I was hesitant when my friend told me she wanted to go get a tattoo for her birthday here. The second we walked in, I felt so welcome. If you look at my friend and me, you'd never think we have tattoos.. We're very girly sorority girls, and most places that I've been to don't take me seriously. Not so for Nashville Ink. Every single person was friendly, making jokes with us, and respecting the fact that we had questions (as we should, considering these would be on our body forever). Erin did my tattoo.. It was tiny, on my forearm, and white. All white. She did a phenomenal job. Not only was she very light handed, she also kept me comfortable, and made me feel at home. Needless to say, I left the shop with a completely different attitude about it than I had before. I will definitely send all of my friends here, and if I get the desire to have yet another tattoo, I'll be coming back here, no questions asked. I believe I speak for my friend as well, when I say THANK YOU to everyone who was at the shop this past Friday night. You are awesome!
By: mike.ginsberg.121
Kustom Thrills Tattoo
I moved to Nashville six months ago and have been asking folks for recommendations to the best tattoo places in the area. Last weekend I saw two great pieces. Both people told me they got them at Kustom Thrills and highly recommended them. They told me everyone there is great and you can't go wrong with any of the artists. Last night I got a tattoo by Mia Graffam, a guest artist visiting from NYC. She did amazing work. Kustom Thrills is clean, comfortable, and has a really nice vibe to it. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I like a tattoo shop that looks and feels like a tattoo shop, not a hair salon. Kustom Thrills definitely fits that description but it's not a gritty biker type place, which I like but some folks find intimidating. I highly recommend this shop and can't wait to go back.
By: tammy4666
Emperor Tattoo
I went to Emperor tattoo for the first time this afternoon. I dint really know where to go, but when i searched the interwebs, i found out that Emperor is the place for me. I felt really at home, and my tattooer was amazing. His moustache was like no other, it seemed to shine with every beam of sunshine. His chiseled feature only seemed to add to his radiant persona. The navy emblem which I requested was no problem for this tattoo Rembrandt. Even though it hurt, I felt secure in his artistic ability. He will definitly see more of this sailor ;)
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By: Out E.
Monolith Tattoo Company
I have been getting tattoos from Zach the owner for the longest time and when he opened his own shop it was a wonderful day. He did my Seven Deadly Sins on my right inner forearm and it still looks great I try and send him a bunch of business. not only is he a great tattoo artist but he's a great friend and his Friends/Family/Staff are Super Talented and I Suggest his shop to anyone who ask about any of my tattoos. Much love to Zach and all his talented Artist See yall really soon
By: Kevin R.
Kustom Thrills Tattoo
Absolutely amazing people and studio. My wife and I both had had the pleasure of Ryan "Bacon"'s art this week and we could not be happier. The staff here are great people, each artist is unique and they really work with you to get the best custom design you want. Pricing is excellent and there's just honestly not one thing we'd change! We'll be Kustom Thrills fans for life! Thanks Chris for running such a great shop and thanks Bacon for your incredible skills!
By: Lucy C.
Kustom Thrills Tattoo
Super cool and super clean shop! I traveled a few hours to get my tattoo and they were super nice and respectful! I was SHOCKED at the drawing of my tattoo because of how well it was. Jonny Lashley did my tattoo and I was thrilled with how clean and crisp the finished project was! 11/10 WOULD recommend. The owner was also super nice when we were waiting and talked to us about cool tattoo facts and such!
By: inkedup011
Nashville Ink
If I told my best friend...well my best friend got her work done here too! I loved the feel of this shop the min I walked in. I have an ongoing project started with Rose and I trust him completely! HE has done an amazinggggg job on both my friend and we wont go ANYWHERE else for our tats. Nashvilles best shop for sure
By: Holly L.
Kustom Thrills Tattoo
Abel Deida did a beautiful tattoo for me last weekend. I looked at his portfolio before making my appointment, and knew he was the artist I wanted. Although he is a color artist, he did a black shaded tattoo for me that is stunning. He was fast, and entertaining to say the least. I will definitely be back.
By: jerrynichols
Black 13 Tattoo
Black 13 , The best place to go for a tat !! Simply amazing !!....The whole staff Is great !......Got mine yesterday by Jon R. The lion, and the way you changed the womans expression on her face, was absolutly awesome Jon !!!,, Thanks so much ! It looks AMAZING !!! I will be back .....

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