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By: hissyfit
Nashville General Hospital At Meharry
In the past two years---I have been on the indigent program at this hospital. It is a GREAT program for those who are unable to get medical insurance for themselves. I've came in contact with many people who work there in these two years but I must say that the ladies (not all but two) that work in the aid department when you go to sign up for the indigent program are VERY mean and nasty towards people for no reason at all. The older lady that has the orange colored hair (black older chubby lady) that is in room 105 makes it a point to turn needy people away but soon as you go past her or to another person in the same department---you get approved. I dont know her name but I know she's older, probably in her 50's, has orange (probably red in her eyes) and a terrible personality. The other lady that handled my paper work goes by the name of Ms. Russell. She made it very obvious that I (maybe all of us that were in the there) were getting on her nerves...very short with me, twisted her face up twice as if she smelled something foul when talking to me and the person that had to sign for me. It's hard to make complaints on people when you are trying to get help for yourself but someone REALLY needs to speak with their staff about how to treat people. Anywho, as far as the hospital and all that it does for the public is GREAT!...God bless those who really care about being in the medical field and care about helping those less fortunate than themselves.
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By: kimpaige76
Vanderbilt University Hospital
I was in a bad Car accident on August 17,2013 and I was Lifeflighted to Vanderbilt. For 3 days I laid in a medically induced coma due to the injuries. Had over 3 surgeries to repair all the broken bones I received from the accident. Upon waking up I didn't know what happened or where I was not to mention I had a breathing tube and couldn't communicate. Scariest feeling in the world. But the staff did their best to keep me calm. I received excellent care from Nursing and Doctors. The only problem I had was the lack of bedside manners my Doctor had but after all he done for me I had other things to worry about and most of all definitely grateful to his amazing work on me. I used to work for this Hospital on the 9th floor and I knew I was in good hands but when you become a patient and not a caregiver it's a hard transition. Life flight ( don't remember anything about that experience But I know they did a great job) Trauma and Critical Care staff were great and I'm truly thankful. So I say to all that was involved with all sincerity, Thank You from the bottom of my heart but from my 3 kids, my mother, and my sister as well. We are all very grateful.
By: runt61
Tennessee Valley Healthcare System - Nashville Campus - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
If you go to nashville for your care you will get it. if you are stuck with a nurse pracaticuener.your screwed. no more blood work, at corp care in bowling green ky. plus i've got pdsd, need nerve medicine to survive.seeing a shrink in b.g. changed my medicine, IT doesn't work i'm choking to death. contacted him 3 different times not heard from him. i even suggested that i would try rat pills if it works. the va stopped the medicine because it was bad for heart. va you have to replace it with something that works. i would like to change shrink's because me and the one i've got will never see eye to eye.----I NEED HELP--- va if you read please respond. there isn't much difference in dying from a heart attack, or choking to death.
By: kmiamigirl
Nashville General Hospital At Meharry
I am uninsured and suffer from complex ptsd. Ive needed medical services from the ER at Nashville General. I was not expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was seen and how good the care was. I remember when I had insurance and went to fancy hospitals, the experience was actually not as good. I recommend this hospital for both the insured and uninsured alike. I mainly saw Dr. Bullock and I found her to be very courteous and knowledgable. The only downside is that you will occasionally see interesting characters in the waiting room but they are harmless and security is available so I think the visit is still well worth it.
By: Sam W.
Saint Thomas West Hospital
My Oncologist is Dr. Paul Rosenblatt at Dan Rudy Cancer Center, St. Thomas West Hospital. You like to think having cancer is one thing you will never have but I found out the latter part of last year I had Prostate cancer. I thank the good Lord above that my doctor sent me to Dr. Rosenblatt. He has to be the best doctor in this field. He always has time for you and goes over everything they are doing. The Office staff and the nurses are the friendliest and most helpful group of professional we have seen. If you need a Radiologist Oncologist, I would recommend this Doctor and his staff without any hesitation.
By: Whitney M.
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
My son had a gash across his leg that became infected the day after he got 10 stitches, so we had to rush him here (this was the summer when the flesh eating bacteria was causing people to lose limbs). The ER was very slow. He had to wait for 6 hours before they told us he needed surgery. However, once he was admitted and after his surgery (he was there 5 days) I was very pleased. The nurses were great, and the doctors were very calm and caring. I felt that he was being properly cared for, and I would definitely take him back.
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By: Sheila G.
Nashville General Hospital At Meharry
I don't have time to write a detailed review, but if you ever need a gastroenterology/surgeon, see Dr. Craig Ternovitz. He is an awesome surgeon! And he is very thorough, very professional and cares about every step of your treatment and healing process. He listens attentively, and explains in detail your diagnosis and treatment options. He's one of a kind among his peers in this day and age where patients have just become numbers. This is one doc who actually CARES about his patients.
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By: Josh L.
Vanderbilt University Hospital
First off, Vanderbilt is a wonderful hospital most are very professional and the doctors r great I feel they actually care! The nurses like Mrs Bernie and Marina on 8th floor some of the best ever....Only complaint I had was the 6hr wait time in er to even see a Dr and there was a man in the Er with the back of his head bloody and he sit and waited a good 3-5 hrs just to be seen.....Er needs to decide quicker on who is more important patient and not have them waiting 3-6 hrs
By: Darlene P.
Vanderbilt Children's Endocrinology
Vanderbilt Children's Hospital is the most compassionate, caring, professional hospital. They have went over and beyond our expectations for our family. The nurses are so loving and supportive of the patients needs along with the family. They call their patient by name which helps build a trust and bond with the patient. I cannot say enough about their care and professionalism.
By: Jessica B.
Nashville General Hospital At Meharry
Time for your colonoscopy or need to have that EGD performed? The endoscopy department is clean with profressional staff. Get in and out and still enjoy your day. Just make sure you have a ride home and take your prep!
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