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By: Amy H.
Montessori School
My children are no strangers to Montessori education and have grown up in the Montessori environment. I can say this school is truly the area's best kept secret. One would never know what is tucked away there! It is a small school, but certainly not small in learning and good care. The director, Nikki, is the very embodiment of Montessori. She is kind, passionate, energetic, and possesses all of the qualities that would make Maria Montessori proud. She is never without a smile, is humble, and always professional. You can't manufacture the joy she has in what she does. If we've ever had a question or issue, the staff has never once been defensive or unavailable. You could go to the school at any point in the day and note the cleanliness, safety, and comfortable atmosphere. The extra touches the school does and their drive to always improve is amazing...for instance, the sign in process is done via a personal pin that you are given upon start. You put in your pin upon arrival in an Ipad on the wall. Any person able to pick up your child has their own pin, and each parent is emailed the time and who dropped off and picked up the children. That is the most thorough and safe drop off and pick up process I've ever encountered anywhere. The teachers are all attentive, and kind. They attend to every detail. If my slobbering teething baby has a wet shirt from the drool, they immediately change the shirt and tell me about it at the end of the day. If something seems out of the ordinary, they are quick to tell me about it. My almost 3 year old daughter has been able to do gardening, she's learned about the parts of the body, she's learned about the solar system, and she was recently so excited to tell us about South America. She is excited to go to school, and excited to tell her about day (and sometimes hard to get to leave!). My baby does a variety of activities to encourage and inspire his curious mind. My daughter smiles ear to ear talking about her school. This learning environment is small, it is warm, and it's an excellent place of happiness and learning. They prepare children well, and encourage hand washing and encourage and hone independence in many ways (I can only say we've not had the experience another reviewer had...even my young baby washes hands upon arrival), they drink out of actual open cups, they learn how to be good citizens in a community. They allow children to make messes, but they don't just leave the mess on them. They teach and model kindness, and they have fun! These are all reasons why I choose Montessori, and you'll find this school executes the learning style well. I couldn't be more pleased with how my children are cared for. Ms. Nikki is truly a gem, and her school is sincerely a jewel in Donelson as well. No need to take my word for it...visit and you will see.
By: tiffylowe
Barrington Christian Academy
My only child attends this daycare. As an overly protective mother, I wouldn't just place my baby in the care of any typical childcare center. After touring the facility and speaking with the director, I realized this place would be a great fit for me. Now my niece has placed her only child at this center as well as one of my business colleagues. Each of us are highly educated working professionals with graduate degrees who truly care about who is watching our babies. It's unfortunate that some people who have made negative comments on here are so ignorant and prejudice that it weakens their mindset and opinions about other ethnic groups and/or religions. Being a Christian myself, I know that God accepts all people! And as long as the workers who care for my child are decent human beings I could care less what their religious preferences are. I learned a long time ago that some people in this world are so religious that they are no earthly good. You people spread hatred and practice discrimination all the while hiding behind your religious belief. I'm personally happy that people like you withdraw your children from great places like this because parents like me don't want your children, who you influence to practice discrimination, around my child spreading that garbage.As far as bringing up concerns, maybe if what you brought to their attention was a valid concern it would have been handled differently. I have raised an issue or two since my child has been in attendance there and have never experienced any sort of retaliation. They are very receptive to ideas and suggestions that would benefit the children.I was compelled to post something after reading a couple of the negative posts because what you say about BCA simply isn't true. So if you are a concerned parent reading any of these negative comments I stress to you to tour the facility and judge it for yourself. I am a real consumer with a child and a nephew at this facility. No one has asked me nor paid me to give this facility a good rating. If it was ran poorly I would be the first to let the world know via the internet.
By: mamabear2boys
Barrington Christian Academy
I've experienced the baby room up through mid-toddlers. *note: this is not my first child, so some of my positives may sound removed but you'll come to appreciate them.Positives: honest, flexible, really try not to call me at work unless something is majorly wrong, I don't have to pack food (when they're on to table food), they have accepted suggestions we've made, reasonably priced, and they seem to age the children appropriately into rooms based on interest level and age, which not all places do.. I have experienced the awkwardness when I've had to approach about an issue here or there, but they are new and probably still on the defensive. As long as they don't take it out on my kid-awkward it up for a few days. I'd say that comes from young teachers thinking I'm mad at them or something. No difference towards my child. They have several children all day and several different parenting styles to contend with. I think that they are doing their best to love our kids when we're not there. I have overheard parents make unrealistic requests as I'm picking up my kiddo, and although there have been small things I disagree with, but he's cared for and he's happy. Daycare is not a personalized babysitter, this is a center and they have to run this way for a reason. They've been flexible with us in ways I would not expect a center to be flexible, so what more can you ask for? The requests I've made have been honored, and if I'm feeling annoyed, I have taken a step back to ask myself if it's me feeling guilty about leaving him at daycare all day. Gripes: I wish they got to go outside more, the rooms are a little small, but my kiddo is well taken care of and happy when I pick him up. More positives than negatives for me with my little guy, and we've experienced quite a few daycare situations with my other children.
By: gs2001
Barrington Christian Academy
I absolutely love BCA!! Wonderful Christian place that respects and accepts all religions and personal belief of everyone as Christians should. The teachers are wonderful and take a special interest in each and every child. I get a sense of security and peace from the first moment I walk in with my child. Everyone went up and beyond to make sure my child adjusted well to her new school. She loves going to her school that has a heart in the name. Angie, the director made me feel and my child feel very welcome and called me the first day to tell me my child was adjusting well. My child is learning so much at BCA, she comes home every day with something new she has learned. Like another person said in their review, check out the school for yourself and you are sure to love it as much as I do!! Also love the fact that she has many more years there because a Kindergarten is opening up this fall!
By: quad123
Barrington Christian Academy
c846025 must be talking out of anger because BCA has done nothing but encourage and help my child grow. My child happens to be in the 2 year old class and her teachers are wonderful and love the kids. The daycare goes out of their way to help and address any concerns and/or questions presented to them. My child has learned the pledge of allegiance, her left/right, and LOVES to go to school. When looking into a daycare for your child make sure to check Barrington out and make a judgement of your OWN and not from others who may have had a bad experience and are now trying to take the whole daycare down because of it. Angie, the director is very easy to talk to and will do whatever she can to address any and all problems. So glad we found BCA :) go check out the website for yourself
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By: Tammany C.
Leaps N Bounds
As the director of Leaps' n Bounds I strive to prodive quality care for all children. All teachers are required to become CPR and first aid certified as well as receive 20 hours of child related training annually. Teachers are also encouraged to conntinue their education in Early Childhood Education as well as provided with information to help them achieve this goal without taking on a finacial burden. I also continue to learn all I can by continuing my education in ECE as well. I am a member of National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and recently received the Tennessee Early Childhood Program Administrator Credential. I recommend that you check Leaps' n Bounds out if you are looking for a preschool that we love, nurture and develop your child.
By: Charles L.
Barrington Christian Academy
I have two daughters at Barrington. We have been there over a year now. Both girls have been treated with nothing but love. We came here after the girls other school closed. We noticed a change (for the better) with our girls' attitudes within the first week. The teachers and director have all listened whenever an issue did arise. Not once was my girls treated differently afterwards. The education my daughters have received far exceed my expectations and I am impressed daily by the things they are learning. Some people refuse to look in the mirror and accept that they are the cause of their child's attitude. And those people cannot be pleased no matter how hard one tries. Why only four stars? Because everyone and everything always has room for improvement.
By: mema50
Barrington Christian Academy
My 2 grandchildren are enrolled at Barrington Christian Academy and as a proud grandmother I often take them to school for my daughter and we love it there. I love the sense of security the school has, only able to enter through a security password, so I know my grandkids are safe. The teachers are great and my 4 year old grandson loves loves his teacher, Ms. Stephanie and my 2 year old loves this school and his teacher as well. We are looking forward to kindergarten at Barrington. Just wanted to say what a great place Barrington is for children to learn, grow and succeed.
By: Crystal D.
Montessori School
Great school! Classes are very interactive and my daughter always came home learning something new like counting in Spanish and water transferring. She has been a student there for about a year and would have continued had it not been for us relocating. I found the environment to be very clean, friendly and encouraging. The Head Directress Nikki Hatcher was the most enthusiastic, energetic, and reasonable lady. She leads this school with a great amount of love and integrity. Each child is cared for as if they were her own child.
By: Deborah G.
Abintra Montessori School
Children are treated in an individual, respectful manner. There are inclusive field trips on a regular basis that help students explore academic content in real world settings The guides use positive discipline to build confidence in children while teaching them personal life skillsThe rigor is high, and every student learns at his or her level. I cannot recommend this school highly enough. My child looks forward to going to school every day.

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