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By: Victoria L.
Lucky Belly
I had very high expectations for Lucky Belly, as I'm a big fan of Two Ten Jack. I was quite entertained by the confusion I overheard from some college kids discussing the menu, "It's japanese....burgers?" The decor is super trendy, complete with servers in flannel shirts , faux graffiti, and a fireplace painted to look like a giant happy robot. The menu is, of all things, entertaining. Ever wanted to play Russian roulette with your sushi? Now you can. They have a Dare Devil roll, in which ONE random piece is loaded with Habanero Bullseye sauce. My tuna burger was topped with pickled onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and... Wasabi mayo. I got the mayo on the side because I don't handle spicy very well, but trust me when I say it's not hot at all, just delightful. I'm not big on fries, but the fries here are actually fantastic. The meal was wonderful. My friend ordered a cheeseburger with a jalapeƱo aioli and she really enjoyed her meal too and said she will be bringing more friends back soon. I also grabbed a side of eel nigiri because I wanted to try the sushi. Unfortunately, the sushi didn't quite measure up for me. The eel was just a little rubbery and dry and really light on the sauce. It's the only reason this isn't a five star review. Some might find the menu of Japanese inspired burgers, sushi, and spiked milkshakes confusing, but I personally found it delightful and am glad to have found this place!
By: Heather R.
City Winery
Have you ever fallen in love? Felt your heart race, and excitement course through you, and all you can think about is your next encounter with the object of your affections?That is how I will describe the truffle fries at City Winery.I will be honest, that I can only speak to the truffle fries and wine, but, on the basis of truffle fries alone, I am granting this place four stars. They are perfectly cooked wedges of potato, seasoned with truffle, parmesan, and prosciutto; they are a culinary romance of the tongue, so much so that, after splitting an order with a friend, we decided to promptly order a second order. Following that, we started plotting how we could get the waiters to bring us additional free orders.And therein lies the problem. City Winery is somewhat like a beautiful gold-digger, tempting you and asking for everything you have, all at the same time. It is so pricey that you (at least if you make a teacher's salary) are left wanting more. More free parking spaces (valet is $5), more alcohol (the cheapest wine glass was, I believe, $8), and more food (one order of fries was $8). The vibe is cool, the servers are great, and the truffle fries are absolutely worth the trip; however, don't come here for a quick and cheap rendezvous.
By: Heather R.
California Pizza Kitchen
When the blizzard of '15 hit, CPK didn't fail to disappoint, merely by being open. So, pro #1: Opens when it snows. Not a positive to be taken lightly in Nashville.Other positives:# 2. Delicious gluten-free pizza, complete with a little wooden gluten-free flag of isolation ("Oh. I guess you won't be trading pizza slices").# 3. Decent portion sizes. I don't feel like they are trying to feed the small nation that I have apparently hidden under the table, but I don't leave hungry, either.#4. Fresh and tasty food.I ordered the gluten-free pepperoni pizza. While no gluten-free pizza will ever be quite as delightful as gluten-plus pizza, this was hot, crispy, and tasted a lot like pizza. Can't argue with that. For people who prefer to be unhappy, there are also quinoa salads and other vaguely healthy options.While I do find the food here to be a little pricey for what you get, it is not a completely unreasonable deal. Especially when they are the only place open in a five-mile radius on a mildly snowy evening.
By: Anna kate D.
5th & Taylor
We visited 5th & Taylor for a bachelorette brunch.From the moment we walked in, the staff was friendly and extremely attentive. We were a tad hungover from festivities the night before, so having a server who constantly kept our glasses full of water and coffee was a game changer. We sat near the kitchen so I had the privilege of watching a parade of breakfast sandwiches and huge slices of quiche come out while I pondered the menu. My best friend and I couldn't decide on just one thing, so we decided to split the biscuits and gravy along with the shrimp and grits. The shrimp and grits were hands down the best I have ever had, and I consider myself to be a shrimp and grits connoisseur. The shrimp were plump and cooked perfectly. The grits were the right consistency and the rue was flavorfully seasoned. The biscuits were fluffy and the gravy was good- but I was stuffed before I really got to dive in. The menu may look a little pricy- but the portions and flavor are SO worth it!
By: Burton D.
What an outstanding restaurant! My wife and I went there for the first time last night and were so impressed by it, we are now calling it our favorite restaurant in Nashville.Started with the Warm Bread and Butter Board (incredible) and the Cheese Plate (homemade crackers and four different cheeses WOW!!) My wife had the Pork tenderloin and I had the Calotte Steak and both were superb. Plenty of food without overwhelming you, extremely well prepared and simply delicious. We also shared a Baked Truffle Mac and Cheese that was one of the best I have ever had. Finished off the with the strawberry shortcake and the evening was just perfect.Dewayne Johnson, the owner, stopped by the table several times to check to see how we liked our meal and Dee Dee, our server, did an absolutely wonderful job of taking care of us the whole evening!Great neighborhood feel to the restaurant, great food and great people add together for a GREAT dining experience. We will be back and often!
By: Anna kate D.
Dick's Last Resort
We visited Dick's Last Resort while in Nashville for my friend's bachelorette party. We thought the atmosphere at Dick's would be perfect! They even advertised a Bachelorette Special....When we arrived, we had to wait even though we had a reservation. We were eventually seated... but with another family. We didn't realize it was communal seating.When we inquired about the bachelorette special, they said they could only accommodate for groups of 8+. We only had 6, but had confirmed over the phone. LUCKILY, the special turned out to be a huge waste anyway. You can only order certain things from the menu (chicken fingers) and the price is $21.99...Our cheese sticks were cold when they came out; disappointing.I wound up getting the Chicky Fried Chicky as my meal which was not bad. The serving was huge and the gravy was spicy! The hats were more raunchy than funny. Drinks are WAY overpriced.Considering price, quality of food & speed of service... I would never come back again.
By: Brad B.
5th & Taylor
Bottom Line Up Front: Dine here if you like, but be advised if you happen to be sitting in an enviable spot, prepared to be Can-I-get-you-anything-else out.Food great. Terrific ambiance. Yes, two stars for service. Here's why: My wife and I met a couple there for a birthday gathering. That was a known among the crew, for the record. We had a reservation. As we were wrapping the main course, we were trying to decide on whether or not we'd get desert or coffee. After two different staff [one fellow wait staff to bus, one manager], it became apparent that they wanted to turn the table because of its booth appeal. This wasn't a matter of our parking at the table. I have waited tables and when one is being rushed from the table it is obvious as it was here. This made a bad impression on we 4 after we'd paid good money for 4 apps, 4 entrees, and probably 6 drinks between us all.
By: Heather R.
Went here for Valentine's Day, and was pleasantly surprised. I have not been the biggest fan of Nashville sushi (it's not a town well-known for its fresh ocean fish), and so I was delighted to discover that the fish at SushiYobi tastes fresh. I also enjoyed the wide variety of items (there were even rice-free rolls, for those on low-carb diets), and the prices were reasonable. While "good sushi for Nashville" is a different standard than "good sushi for Seattle," this was definitely on the high end of the sushi spectrum for Nashville. Service was friendly and relatively quick. We ordered a mix of traditional and specialty rolls, and both were delicious. I would recommend this place, and plan to return.
By: Leah B.
Five Points Pizza
We eat here almost every Monday. Its a GREAT place for a family or if youre on a date - somehow the atmosphere melds all types and groups in harmonoius delicious-ness! Amazing beer selections including Bell's Two-Hearted!!! Parking id literally NEVER a problem because of the large, well-lit super-safe parking lots in the front AND the back. The wait -staff are allowed to wear whatever they want to work and we always enjoy seeing the ORIGINAL t-shirts that include, but are certainly not limited to, dukes of hazard, Poison, and Run DMC. How in the WORLD can you beat a slice and a pint? (Hint: You can't!) Thanks for the awesome Monday's Five Points Pizza!!!!
By: yummtastic
Tony Pizza
This pizza is awesome!! My formerly favorite pizza joint in downtown and doesn't deliver. So, I am on a constant quest for a great pizza with a delivery option (because I am often lazy). This is the best pizza in the are for sure. I am a non-pork eater so I was pleasantly surprised when I asked the guy that answered the phone (once again, delivery-lazy) what he recommends for non-pork eaters,like myself and he said they don't sell pork! They use beef pepperoni, excuse me, beef pepperoni you say, I'll take a large. It was delicious and convenient. It reminds me of homemade pizza... yummm.

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