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By: Melinda B.
Arista Records
not trying to be rude but I think its ridiculous that an artist has to pay out the Hine end just to get heard. there are a lot of artist who r actually in the industry who doesn't deserve to be there because they r selfish, snobby, and only care about the money and fame they don't care about there fans or anything else, but the unheard/unsigned artist such as myself who actually care about the music , the industry, and the fans other than the money and fame never get a chance at their dream because they have to pay out so much money. not all of us r rich and can afford this, some of us r just ordinary people just trying to get by having to ask others for help we cant afford to pay out money like that especially for something that isn't even guaranteed, I think there should be something done that way every artist has a shot at their dream to see if they do or don't have what it takes and sure I can see charging them money after their signing and making money but charging them money just to get heard that's just a little bit selfish and greedy. there are artist out there such as myself who rly care about this industry and deserve a shot and is it fair that we cant even get a chance to be heard just cuz we don't have money? I think not. music is supposed to be fun and we r supposed to help each other but all the record companies and label groups wont help with out money and that's sad. money is controlling this world and its causing a lot of hurt and disappointment because something as simple as music that used to be free for people to get their voice heard has turned into something that says if u don't have money if u cant pay me to listen then u don't have or don't deserve a chance to be heard and to me that's bull I think something should change cuz everyone deserves a shot a what they love, everyone deserves a shot at their dream, with or without money. what is it going to hurt to take 2 minutes out of the day to listen to someone sing for free not? the answer is nothing. I just think something should done things need to change cuz all u companies r doing is making the poor feel like they don't deserve great things and making the rich feel like they can rule the world everyone is equal or did all of u forget that. thank you.

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