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By: Robbie G.
Uncle Bud's Catfish Shack
Disappointed.I was staying at a Nashville hotel on my way from Texas to North Carolina. Hungry for fried fish, I found the information for Uncle Bud’s. I went there and placed my to-go order. I ordered the fried shrimp plate with a side order of catfish and a gallon of tea. I specified to the young lady who took my order that I wanted a little bit of cocktail sauce and lots of tartar sauce. I even offered to pay more for the extra tartar sauce if I needed to. I also told her to be sure I had utensils and ketchup, because I was staying in a hotel and would only have what they gave me.When I got back to the hotel with my food, I realized that I had no ketchup, no cocktail sauce, and no tartar sauce!So, with that bummer start, here’s my assessment of the meal:The shrimp were cook well, of a good size, and not too heavily breaded. They were a little dry [which would probably been unnoticeable with tartar/cocktail sauce. 6/10 as is, 7 or 8, maybe 9 with the sauces.The catfish was also cook well – but also a little dry. Again, tartar sauce would almost certainly have improved it. 6/10 as is, 7 or 8, maybe 9 with tartar sauce.The hushpuppies were a little larger than I prefer, but not bad. However, with no ketchup, they were pretty dry. 4/10 as is, probably 6 or 7 with ketchup.The french fries were okay. They were a little greasy, but not bad. Again 4/10 as is, probably 6, maybe 7 with ketchup.The cole slaw was pretty good. A little sweet, but not overly sweet. 7/10.The pickle/sweet onion was the hit of the order. There was only one slice of onion and I could have used 2. All in all, 9/10.The white beans were pretty good – tender, but not mushy. However I still find white beans with fish a little unusual. 9/10.The tea was great – flavorful but not too strong, sweet but not syrupy. 9/10.The service – I was spoken to as soon as I walked through the door. While they were busy, there was no waiting line and there were a few empty tables. I was able to place my order immediately. The young lady who took my order was pleasant, entered it correctly, and double-checked it with me before accepting my payment. The food came out pretty quickly and was still warm when I got back to the hotel. Problems – the kitchen didn’t fill my order correctly and the young lady who took my order and handed me my order didn’t check it to make sure it was correct. 2/10.While the sides were good, the shrimp, the fish, and the service were sub-par – so the overall score would be 4/10 at best.
By: Heather R.
California Pizza Kitchen
When the blizzard of '15 hit, CPK didn't fail to disappoint, merely by being open. So, pro #1: Opens when it snows. Not a positive to be taken lightly in Nashville.Other positives:# 2. Delicious gluten-free pizza, complete with a little wooden gluten-free flag of isolation ("Oh. I guess you won't be trading pizza slices").# 3. Decent portion sizes. I don't feel like they are trying to feed the small nation that I have apparently hidden under the table, but I don't leave hungry, either.#4. Fresh and tasty food.I ordered the gluten-free pepperoni pizza. While no gluten-free pizza will ever be quite as delightful as gluten-plus pizza, this was hot, crispy, and tasted a lot like pizza. Can't argue with that. For people who prefer to be unhappy, there are also quinoa salads and other vaguely healthy options.While I do find the food here to be a little pricey for what you get, it is not a completely unreasonable deal. Especially when they are the only place open in a five-mile radius on a mildly snowy evening.
By: Leah B.
Five Points Pizza
We eat here almost every Monday. Its a GREAT place for a family or if youre on a date - somehow the atmosphere melds all types and groups in harmonoius delicious-ness! Amazing beer selections including Bell's Two-Hearted!!! Parking id literally NEVER a problem because of the large, well-lit super-safe parking lots in the front AND the back. The wait -staff are allowed to wear whatever they want to work and we always enjoy seeing the ORIGINAL t-shirts that include, but are certainly not limited to, dukes of hazard, Poison, and Run DMC. How in the WORLD can you beat a slice and a pint? (Hint: You can't!) Thanks for the awesome Monday's Five Points Pizza!!!!
By: yummtastic
Tony Pizza
This pizza is awesome!! My formerly favorite pizza joint in downtown and doesn't deliver. So, I am on a constant quest for a great pizza with a delivery option (because I am often lazy). This is the best pizza in the are for sure. I am a non-pork eater so I was pleasantly surprised when I asked the guy that answered the phone (once again, delivery-lazy) what he recommends for non-pork eaters,like myself and he said they don't sell pork! They use beef pepperoni, excuse me, beef pepperoni you say, I'll take a large. It was delicious and convenient. It reminds me of homemade pizza... yummm.
By: ulyanaoh
The White Orchid Florist
Disappointing. My boyfriend buys me flowers every year for our anniversary. This is the first year he has gotten them sent to me. The bouquet itself was squished together and many of the flowers looked too old to be used. I found out later the bouquet was also suppose to be an arrangement of white daisies, white lilies, two toned roses tied together with a berry colored bow. I received a completely pink arrangement (I dislike pink) that was also filled with sad field flowers and tied together with a un-matching bow.Incorrect orders and old flowers? Really not worth your money.
By: greg.knox.10
Sicilian Pizza
My ex-gf introduced me to this little hole in the wall that has a very small parking lot, so use the street, but has a generous and tasty menu. Pizzas are top of the line, and their subs are the best I've ever had. For the food I give 5 stars, but listed 4 stars because it's nearly impossible to find parking during the day time. Tonight we had spaghetti & meat balls, bread, Dr Pepper (Bottled), and a large onion / beef pizza, with the tip $32.00 done deal. Great food and worth the inconvenience of the parking. And they are open 365 days a year, until 4 or 5 am.
By: directedintel
Sicily Pizza
To be honest, I eat here waaay too often. By the looks of the place you wouldn't expect the quality of the food and customer service you get. I have tried most of whats on the menu and have never been dissatisfied. Once, out of by now has to be hundreds of times, they got my to-go order wrong. I ordered a regular latino stromboli (awesome) and was given a kids sized. I called up and mentioned the size difference and was immediately given a free meal credit and apology for the mistake. This place comes with my highest recommendation.
By: debi.barr.9
My daughter and her boyfriend took me here for dinner and drinks tonight. Being from Chicago I can tell you the pizza is amazing and the pasta out of this world. Their cheese and meat appetizers are also very very good. Service was great, waitress was well informed about wine and the food menu, never had to ask twice for anything. The atmosphere was wonderful. Can't wait to go again and I am very envious of the people that live near the restaurant, if I did I would be there at least once a week!
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By: Erica A.
Acme Feed & Seed
A really fun place to go with a group. The food is an order-at-the-counter situation and a server will assist your with drinks or you can get them yourself. The downstairs typically has live music and the other levels offer other experiences. There is also a roof top. The drawback here is that it is really packed all the time and it can be hard to hear when you are on the bottom level due to the live band. The food is solid and they offer really fun holiday celebrations as well!
By: Preston P.
Soulshine Pizza Factory
I only give 4 stars for the magnificent picture of Duane Allman and my love for him and his music. We (wife and daughter) were there on a Saturday afternoon and hardly anyone was there.We sit for at least 10 minutes waiting for a waitress while she and four other employees stood in the doorway between the kitchen and dining room talking and laughing. When she did come she acted like we were bothering her. Still, the music and the pictures were great.

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