By: Coy D.
Alterra, INC
I've been an Alterra customer for about 2 years and have always been satisfied with their service. My most recent service pro was Todd who was as courteous and thorough as always. Alterra sends an email the day before my scheduled quarterly visits, and always show up when they say they will - although I've had some difficulty with their call center rescheduling service dates before, this doesn't reflect on the service pro's who actually come to your house though. The issues at this house are always spiders, and Todd was meticulous at getting rid of the webs around the outside of the house and I'm confident with the treatments applied I'll be spider free for another few months until my next service date. Thanks again, Todd! Coy D.
By: Vivian B.
Aptive Environmental
This was my initial service. Malcolm and Sear called to advise running late and asked if ok to come. They did apologize and explain why late. Once here, Malcolm, began to review information with me to insure Caden and my discussion matched their records. Both gentlemen answered all my questions and explained answers with truthfulness. They each took extra steps to go over and above to of each actions and to advise of pest that I was unaware. Such as aphids and white flies in shrubbery. They treated for both. Also, very aware of my fish pond and growing tomatoe plants advised why we should not treat those areas. Very please with Malcolm and Sear and feel good with my decision. Crossing fingers my little pest will go away.
By: carolas
Alterra, INC
I have relied on Altera since we moved into our house a year ago. They respond promptly, politely and knowledgeably to the "things" that BUG me. Today when Andrew and John arrived a couple hours after I phoned, they confidently assessed the surprising circumstance and eliminated the source. With quarterly and "as needed" treatments, we will only be swatting an occasional fly. Bye-bye pests!And Friends, Altera is in both our home cities: Saint Louis and Nashville! So if you need experts in pest removal, I do recommend this investment in your happy home. I get my money's worth in great service and bug treatments that do not have odors or make me sick. Do tell them I sent you!
user avatar
By: Drew L.
Alterra, INC
Anthony S. came by yesterday to fulfill the death sentence I had given to these spiders. He was on time, in uniform, spoke clearly, and explained the service he would provide for that day. Further, he asked me if I had any other concerns or if he needed to provide special attention to certain areas. Once in his duties, I thought he very thorough. I struck up conversation while I was moving furniture and he wasn't a stick in the mud; he was very personable. Once finished, he went over all details within the paperwork and explained the warranty service. With Alterra having their company face with techs like Anthony, I am comfortable that I made the right decision to use their services.
By: holly9397
Alterra, INC
David Brabec was fabulous! Took the time to explain everything he would be doing, I felt safe to allow him the space to walk through our home to do his job. The f/up 30 days after first spray was not a good experience by the tech in the field, but my complaints were responded immediately with much sincere apologizes. No questions asked, listened to my complaints and it was obvious they believe in their company's name and did not waver from "the customer is always right". I felt appreciated and valued as a customer. I am sorry I did not get the rep's name that called me, b/c she deserves praise as well. Thank you Alterra!!
By: bholt40
Alterra, INC
It was raining so I didn't even think they would show up, on the 4th of July I might add, b ut he did. Derrick Pulley was the Service Pro and I thought 'great, it's raining so he's going to do a half-way job.' I explained what he was going to do and I watched from inside while he meticulously sprayed everywhere. He was getting rained on but he did not seem like he was trying to move fast and do a poor job. He was soaking wet but I have to hand it to him, he was professional and did the job the way it should be done. Top staff is what makes a company thrive so I expect Alterra will be doing well if the rest are like him.Brian H
By: David B.
Aptive Environmental
We absolutely love Aptive. Not only are they very thorough with treating the house the first time around, but they will come back to fix anything in case you think they missed a spot :) Matthew Walden is our technician. He's come out a few times now and he always does a great job. The amazing thing is that he really remembers his customers. Today, he came by with some extra sticky traps and said, "I know you guys request these occasionally for the basement, so I brought you some extra ones." Wow! Now that's what I call personalized service. Give this man raise! Thanks for keeping our house bug free, Aptive!~ Dave B.
By: David F.
Aptive Environmental
Gabriel was on time and very professional and polite. Very pleasant experience and he went out of his way to retreat my areas of concern. Only rated 3 because 1st treatment did not last and my landscape was being ate up by bugs. Retreated with a new product and will see how this does... still cannot rate effectiveness of their treatments, but will watch over time. As far as service and courtesy it is a +. It will have to be a while after my second scheduled service before I can realistic rate their products so I have to be patient and give them a chance. So are I am happy for the most part.
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By: Barbara F.
Alterra, INC
Just moved into our new home..(an almost 100 year old house that was infested with spiders, wasps, and ants) A friend recommended Alterra so I called. Appointment was made for the same day. Isiah Riggins showed up, explained everything clearly and proceeded to do the outside first. There was a small issue with a part on the tank he needed to use inside so he was to come back the next day to finish. I had to cancel but he made sure to get back to me at my earliest convenience to finish. Great customer service and a great company go a long way in my book! So happy with this company!
By: amygalyon
Alterra, INC
We just switched over to Alterra Pest Control and couldn't be more pleased!!! :) The service representative, Susan Riggs, was very knowledgeable with all the questions I had regarding the yearly service plan and any concerns I had seen that weren't being taken care of from our other service. Our first initial visit was today, James Buchanan and his team were very professional and precise in taking care of our home. Thank you for the extra time and effort in explaining the service and taking care of our pest areas. I look forward to our next visit from James and his team!!!
Tips & Advices
Ask your pest control company about no-kill traps you can use if you want to get mice, rabbits, opossums or other furry creatures out of your house without harming them.
Many pest control experts now offer environmentally friendly treatment for your home and yard with insecticides that aren't as harsh for the ecosystem. Check with exterminators around your area to see if they provide these kinds of services. Also, keep your plants free from harmful chemicals by spraying cedar oil or soapy water on your flowers.
  • Dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Don't ┬áleaving food or drink out.
  • Clean up after spills as soon as you can.
  • Drain any standing water in your house or yard.
  • Regularly mow and rake your lawn.
If you find insects and other animals trying to get in through cracks or openings, use a caulk gun to fill the gaps. You'll also want to either use traditional bug spray or a citronella candle to keep bugs such as mosquitos away from you during the summer months.
The price for exterminators can range broadly since they can charge for a monthly inspection and treatment. The final bill also comes down to the square footage of your property.
When pest control technicians visit your home or place of business, expect them to first identify what insect or other animal it is that's causing trouble. After identification, they will inspect your building to see where the pests are coming from and locate their hive or nest. Then the exterminator will spray or set out traps and bait according to which pest you have.

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