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By: Robbie G.
Uncle Bud's Catfish Shack
Disappointed.I was staying at a Nashville hotel on my way from Texas to North Carolina. Hungry for fried fish, I found the information for Uncle Bud’s. I went there and placed my to-go order. I ordered the fried shrimp plate with a side order of catfish and a gallon of tea. I specified to the young lady who took my order that I wanted a little bit of cocktail sauce and lots of tartar sauce. I even offered to pay more for the extra tartar sauce if I needed to. I also told her to be sure I had utensils and ketchup, because I was staying in a hotel and would only have what they gave me.When I got back to the hotel with my food, I realized that I had no ketchup, no cocktail sauce, and no tartar sauce!So, with that bummer start, here’s my assessment of the meal:The shrimp were cook well, of a good size, and not too heavily breaded. They were a little dry [which would probably been unnoticeable with tartar/cocktail sauce. 6/10 as is, 7 or 8, maybe 9 with the sauces.The catfish was also cook well – but also a little dry. Again, tartar sauce would almost certainly have improved it. 6/10 as is, 7 or 8, maybe 9 with tartar sauce.The hushpuppies were a little larger than I prefer, but not bad. However, with no ketchup, they were pretty dry. 4/10 as is, probably 6 or 7 with ketchup.The french fries were okay. They were a little greasy, but not bad. Again 4/10 as is, probably 6, maybe 7 with ketchup.The cole slaw was pretty good. A little sweet, but not overly sweet. 7/10.The pickle/sweet onion was the hit of the order. There was only one slice of onion and I could have used 2. All in all, 9/10.The white beans were pretty good – tender, but not mushy. However I still find white beans with fish a little unusual. 9/10.The tea was great – flavorful but not too strong, sweet but not syrupy. 9/10.The service – I was spoken to as soon as I walked through the door. While they were busy, there was no waiting line and there were a few empty tables. I was able to place my order immediately. The young lady who took my order was pleasant, entered it correctly, and double-checked it with me before accepting my payment. The food came out pretty quickly and was still warm when I got back to the hotel. Problems – the kitchen didn’t fill my order correctly and the young lady who took my order and handed me my order didn’t check it to make sure it was correct. 2/10.While the sides were good, the shrimp, the fish, and the service were sub-par – so the overall score would be 4/10 at best.
By: mike.dio.79
Viener Fest
Saturday night 8pm, June 1 at a well decorated interior. Our arrival is not greeted, but there is chaos, the owner is upset and cleaning tables. I asked if we could take this one. "Just wait until I am finished setting it!" He seem peeved, so we waited and then opted for another that was already set. The waitress eventually noticed us, she had not realized we were there, interesting because the place was not particularly crowded. Then I looked at the bar and saw why the owner was perturbed. We had interrupted his meal. He was hovering over his own important dinner like a dog guarding his bone. That was promising, the food may be that good. I order the sampler, a selection of four Brats of Wursts, Spaetzle and red cabbage [$12.95]. I am not an expert on German cuisine, but I lived 6 weeks in Germany in my college years and have been back one half dozen times on later visits. I have never experienced such thin and mushy textured Brats. I asked for some mustard to flavor the selections, maybe some hot and spicy or stone ground? They brought instead their one and only in-house made mustard (?). It was a yellow sweet lifeless sauce that could have been a salad dressing. The red cabbage was equally sweet, I think they must add a great deal of sugar to it and it could have been the dessert. Then I noticed the owner, who seldom involved himself in the work of running the place and should have stuck to decorating. My wife's salad was made up of yesterday greens and some other inedibles. [If you cannot even do a salad?] Our friends had a heavily breaded Schnitzel and white plain potatoes. We tried to close on a good note. "We heard you have a great Black Forrest Cake?" "Oh we do but we are all out of it." As we left, I looked for a potentially better seating place. You can sit on the front porch, but there were only 2 tables for 6. You can sit on the side deck, but every table there is a double. You can sit in the fenced beer garden in the rear, but your conversation would be accompanied by 2 loud A/C compressors. Or you could find a better German meal at the Gerst Hous. Visited June 2013
By: Heather R.
The Melting Pot
As a person in love, I have occasionally asked myself such thought-provoking questions as:1.) If a polar bear broke into our house, would I sacrifice myself to save this man's life?2.) If I were asked to give up cheese and chocolate to save this man's life, would I do so?#1 is an unequivocal yes; after all, I have to die someday anyway--may as well be super awesome when I do so. #2 is tougher, and really gets to the core of what the Melting Pot has done. It has literally taken the greatest foods on Earth, melted them down, and placed them in a pot into which you can dip others of the greatest foods on Earth (bread, Rice Krispy treats, brownies, etc.). There are a wide variety of cheese and chocolate fondues from which to choose, and I have never been disappointed (particularly by the Swiss Alpine, Quattro Formaggio, and Flaming Truffle fondues). Though the menu can be somewhat pricey, they have fantastic specials: Look for ladies' nights (if you happen to be a lady) and $5 fondues during Happy Hour. For now, thanks to the Melting Pot, we shall leave question #2 open.
By: Anna kate D.
Nashville Pedal Tavern
We did some research and decided to reserve our spots with the Pedal Tavern for during the day on our friend's bachelorette weekend. When we arrived, we had to sign liability waivers which we expected.We were given wristbands that gave us some great deals at bars and restaurants around Nashville. Before our scheduled tour, we grabbed lunch at Tin Roof using our wristbands. Our tour guide, Luke, was awesome. Very cool guy. He made sure we always had a cold, full drink and had the perfect playlist the entire ride.We were matched with a family from Canada who had a bunch of extra riders sitting on the back who were not pedaling which definitely made the trip more strenuous. The ride wasn't necessarily "hard" ... but it sure as hell was not easy! SO happy we did it- it was a great bonding experience and lots of fun. My legs DID hurt the next day, though. Not something you could do every weekend.Would recommend to anyone looking for daytime entertainment in Nashville!
By: meauxg
I had a blast along with the four others in our group;however, unlike the previous reviewer (soosoosoo), we weren't there for TV or games. My first time there was just a couple weeks ago but I'm headed back again tonight! We spent the entire evening on the patio enjoying some live music. I started out with a Sangria which is something they don't traditionally serve but they were kind enough to brew me up a delicious one anyhow. GREAT SERVICE! All was well & good but it got a whole lot better when I tried the drink their apparently known for, the BUSHWACKER! If you go, that's all you need to know! Careful though, they go down real easy on a southern hot summer's evening but they do indeed pack a big punch!!! You will feel it the next day! lol
By: Anna kate D.
Big Bang Nashville
We visited Big Bang Nashville the first night of our friend's bachelorette party. When we arrived, we immediately found a spot by the stage and started singing and dancing to all of the music. The band was EXTREMELY talented... and good looking! The drinks were kind of pricey, but they were strong and the bartenders were nice and attentive. There were a TON of other brides- so if you want your bride to be the one and only, don't come here. We, however, loved all the other bachelorette parties and viewed them as our "competition" - so it only fueled our fun.You can even get your bride on stage for a song and dance if you submit your request to the band with a $20 bill. SO. WORTH. IT. ALSO: Bring cash! There is a cover charge when you come in.
By: Telisha C.
Craft Brewed
This has been the greatest addition to the District 17 area in Nashville. Love the selections of craft beer on tap for onsite or offsite consumption. On Fridays you can stop and stock up on beer and/or wine. And grab smoked wings and smoked Mac n Cheese to go from the Thunderbird food truck. Easiest way to put a meal and beverages on the table on a Friday night! The patio is a great casual hang and is dog & kid friendly. The staff even brought our dog a treat! They are very informed and knowledgeable on the beer selection as well. I can't imagine ever buying beer in a big box store ever again! #IndieNash
By: Brooke B.
Cascades American Cafe
This is a tasty restaurant inside the Opryland Hotel in the Cascades section. The atmosphere is very unique with being inside a conservatory near a waterfall. Our table was in a little cave cut out so it was a very private dinner and we weren't bothered by other people. I had a filet and it was delicious. We also shared their ultimate brownie for desert which was outstanding. Great service, great food and great atmosphere. You can make reservations.
By: Stan W.
Throwback's Bar & Grilll
Great New Place. I love the way it has been remodeled and the feel of it. The drink specials are super & the food is good. I was told they are adding some new items to the menu & will be offering daily/weekly specials that are not your typical 'bar' food. AND... yes, we will have a new place to go for LUNCH. My office is always looking for new places to order from.
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By: Lindsey L.
Charlie Bob's Restaurant
Best hidden secret in Nashville. Forget Waffle House or any other meat and 3 in town. You can't beat the authentic atmosphere and home cooked food at Charlie Bobs. Yes, it's on Dickerson road, but the areas is cleaning up quite a bit and it's a very safe friendly place to grab a bite to eat or even a beer in their new bar area. Love this local spot!

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