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By: cryssie
Dior African Hair Braiding
I am going to be 100% honest about this place. They are wonderful braiders..the ones who are experienced and seasoned. I have seen them do some wonderful work and I have seen the less experienced braiders do terrible work. I once had a braider braid my edges too small and the braids along my edges started popping off one by one. Needless to say, she didn't last there. Acknowledging the problem, the manager gave me a discount on my next braiding.I only allow one person to do my hair because she knows my texture, she's good at braiding, and her cousin used to braid my hair for years and referred me to her. I always receive compliments on my braids when does them...ALWAYS and I have been a customer with her for nearly 2 years with my braids being redone every 6 to 8 weeks and I was a customer of her cousin's for nearly 3-4 years. You do the math.It is expensive, but you are not in a major metropolitan area that is saturated with professional, accredited braiders like Brooklyn, Dallas, Atlanta or Chicago. It's Nashville, TN. It's more expensive because they have a monopoly on the business. If you can't afford it - go else where. There are plenty of amateur braiders out there - just ask at your local hair shop. Yes, they can come off as rude, and I agree they do need better finesse when dealing with customers... but there are also customers who come in with ridiculous expectations. Prime examples (since I am in there so often): There was a woman who wanted kinky twists, bi-color (blonde and honey brown), and long. Well that's great, but the hair she bought was too short. She was told this. She refused to listen and then was not happy with the length of her hair when they were finished. Kinky twists shrink when they dip them in the hot water - they are supposed to! Another woman was upset because she didn't think it was going to take that long to braid her hair - seriously?!? You are not getting a relaxer. Allow at least 8 hours with breaks.You must discuss what you want with done with the braider before they even begin in case the hair you buy is incorrect, or too short - or let's face it, the style just can not be done (which is rare, but it does happen).There are so many factors that are in play when you are getting your hair braided - length of the hair you buy, texture, color, your hair color, your hair texture, your hair length and TIME. You must allow TIME to get your hair braided. You will sit for 4..6..8 hours or more. That is the nature of braiding.If this place wasn't reputable in the least bit, there wouldn't be frequent men, women, and children who come to get their hair braided, including me. Yes, I know I could probably go to someone's cousin twice removed and pay cheaper, but I also know there is a level of accountability that this shop has that cousin pookie does not.
By: collegestudent614
Comba's African Hair Braiding
Let me start off by saying that I have been getting my hair braided for at least 3 years by Comba and her employees. Unfortunately, each year my experience gets worse and worse each time. Comba and her employees have always been a little stand offish and rude but I excused that seeing as I needed my hair braided and they were the only people that I knew could do a good job. Each the prices seem to get higher (because of demand I'm sure) and they seem to get more rude and disrespectful. This last time that I went (which has been in the last week) it took 8 damn hours to do a 4 hour job. She overcharged me and before I left the shop a couple of my braids had fallen out. I excused it because I understand that things happen. Since then SEVERAL of my twist have fallen out and of course Comba's have given me several reasons as to why they have fallen out. Unfortunately for them I've paid them $200 so I could give a damn why they think that it is okay that my twist are no longer in my head. Moral of the story? Save your money and shop around else where. For $200 I wouldn't pay for rude service and twist that fall out before I leave the shop. Needless to say I will not being going back and will be going to a place recommend by my stylist.
By: chenae.witherspoon
Dior African Hair Braiding
I have been to this shop a few times and i have always over looked the rudeness or the fact that you have to hand them the hair even though you are paying alot of money for their services. However today I came in to get long twists, and i asked the owner how much it would be and she said $220.00 which was fine, so when she finished (8 1/2 hours later) I paid her the amount we had already discussed, but as i was leaving the shop she ran outside and told me I owed her 50.00 more dollars because the hair wasn't included in the price. So all the confusion and conflict could have been avoided if she would of told me that $220 was for twist and that it would be $50 for the hair. Then I would of paid her $270. This was the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
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By: Navygirl006 ..
Florence African Braiding
I find when I make a appointment with someone I assume /expect them to do the work. Particularly when I'm paying $250 for the service. I dont expect to walk in on time to find the person that's suppose to be working on my hair starting on someone else. Then proceed to tell me their sister will be in shortly to do my hair. I set my schedule based on a certain person (whom takes 5 hours + quality work) not their sister (whom takes 10 hours average results). When I pointed this out and noted I had to be at work by a certain time. I was rudely told it takes as long as it takes. Will not return and will never recommend again.
By: earthweilder.
Braids by Yinka and Beauty Supplies Inc
Very professional, calm, knowledgeable, neat, and she knows what she's doing when it comes to natural hair. I have been to many African braiding shops especially those on Jefferson street... (Never again.)Braids by Yinka is quite different. I will never go to any other braiding shop as long as I reside in Nashville. Yinka always do a great job on my braids. She goes above and beyond because she's passionate about what she does.In her shop, you are not a dollar sign, you are a person and she treats you with respect. I am her client for life!
By: karenm
Braids by Yinka and Beauty Supplies Inc
GREAT PLACE!!!I just want everybody to know about this place. They do great braids. Unlike other braiding places, there is no waiting in this salon. You get in the chair immediately you get to the salon. They are warm and friendly. They greet you at the door, help you choose the right hair and then give you beautiful braids.I found that they do sew in weaves too. I'm just happy to find a salon where I'm treated with respect and not as a number. Thank you Yinka and your nice stylist Christina.
By: gingerbread2
Braids by Yinka and Beauty Supplies Inc
Yinka has been my stylist for 4 years. I've never been disappointed by her work. I've had all kinds of braids done by her including a full sew in, Micros, tree braids, Spring, Nubian, and Kinky twists. I got a lot of compliments each time she did my hair. Her shop is always clean, peaceful, no drama, and very relaxing. She is very knowledgeable about hair and she does care about her clients. I have referred many people to her and will continue to.
By: Jasmine W.
Cassie's Style 360 Salon
Cassandra has been my stylist for over 10 years. She restored my damaged, relaxed hair and now my natural hair is healthy, thicker and longer. She truly cares about healthy hair, not just the style. However, she can make any style come to life, and I've worn quite a few. If you're looking for a stylist that specializes in healthy styles and versatility, I highly recommend Cassandra Johnson.
By: Mekala P.
Cassie's Style 360 Salon
I had a great experience with ms. Cassie and her salon. First I loved the professionalism from the booking to being on time providing directions etc. She done a GREAT job on my hair and got me in for an appointment at a late notice. She also got finished in a reasonable amount of time. Overall great visit...and this was my first time going here. I will be returning soon.
By: nataliejtaylor
Braids by Yinka and Beauty Supplies Inc
I had tree braids done today for the 1st time ever & I am in LOVE with my finish style & look...I got the best advice on styles & color that I was over whelmed with gratitude. I felt so knowable about how to maintain my braids before I left. I came almost 2 hours to get my hair done & I will be back in 8 weeks!!!!!!

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