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By: tptiburon
Pointe Breeze Apartments
I lived in Pointe Breeze from 2011-2013 for the full 2 years and it was an EXCELLENT experience! Short version: it's affordable, safe, well maintained, excellent maintenance staff and a great management staff that really responds to your needs.The apartment itself was great. They are old, but that means that they are built very well, and they have all been remodeled on the inside. The walls are very thick so you can't hear anything. Also, being on the top floor, the heat from the other units would rise, so my utilities were extremely cheap all year long. The carpets are either replaced or cleaned before every renter, so moving in is a great experience. There was only one management change in 2 years and it was a great change. When the new property manager, Melanie, came in, she totally changed the feel of the entire complex. She started by cleaning the look of the entire place by having any chairs in walkways removed and everyone's blinds fixed so the appearance is much nicer, and uniform. The pool was repainted, the entrance landscaping was redone, there was a dog park added, and there is even a workout room! All of these things were bonuses the management added to make it a better place to live.Did rent go up because of the improvements? Yes, for new renters, the rate was increased because it was WAY to cheap. The new rates are a great value for the amount of space that you get, and higher rents brings in better tenants. If there were tenants that didn't pay their rent...they were evicted so new renters could come in. Those were the ones that caused problems anyways. I'm sure there were problems with over 100 apartments on site, but they were either not around my apartment, or the management handled them so that they did not affect me at 2 years, so that's pretty impressive.The maintenance staff is also fantastic. They have a dedicated phone number for 24 hour access for emergencies, and almost every work order that I submitted was completed the next day. The maintenance staff is extremely friendly, they are clean, nice guys and they do great work. They really take pride in fixing the issues and realize that they aren't just fixing "an apartment", they are fixing your actual home. Overall, Pointe Breeze was a great experience. The views are fantastic, and the staff is working on making the entire apartment community better and better. I would definitely recommend it.
By: A M.
Cassalinda Apartments
Casalinda would have not been my first choice of housing, however my family ended up there and it was so much more than we expected. The staff was quite friendly and accommodating. Casalinda has a strong sense of family and camaraderie that you just don't find in other places. I had concerns moving there especially after reading internet reviews however it was much better than we anticipated. The neighbors were friendly and honest and really looked out for each other. I drive a taxi and was concern that someone might bother it, but I never had an issue. The night time security is very vigilant, and as I female I always felt safe. They are working hard to update the place. There are still rooms with roaches and bed bugs. To deal with that we used diatomaceous earth, sealed up the cracks and put tape over un-used outlets drains and used vinegar & essential oils as a pesticide. I feel very grateful for the Casalinda experience. Thank you guys for all you do to embrace the world
By: Luna D.
Creekwood Apartments
Don't live here. They penny pinch everywhere. They try to squeeze every cent out of you. The train passes several times a day, but you get used to it eventually. No one picks up after their dogs, there's feces everywhere. There are stray cats everywhere. There are no amenities. It's next door to the fire station, which gives you great peace of mind, but you hear VERY loud sirens every 20 minutes. Oh there goes one now! The apartments are falling apart, Inside and Out. The staff is almost never there and when they are, they do nothing all day. And finally, they shut the water off at least once a week and when they turn it back on, the water is brown for several hours. It's a safe neighborhood, but paying Bellevue prices, you should get Bellevue accommodations. Go live at Post Ridge. That was my second choice and I wish I had gone with quality over price.
By: lovingmilyfe
Fallbrook Apartments
Fallbrook / dellway is a very nasty uncomfortable place to be they have roaches real bad the office or mantiance don't do any thing about nothing if someone vandalize something that belongs to you nothing happens meaning put outs an all !!! They don't fix nothing that need to be fix if you get into it with someone an it's not your fault even if it's on camera that you not in the wrong if the person you got into it with go to the office before you do then the office will put it like you wrong an the office people hire tendents to tell on people who doing wrong that they cool with !!!!! Fallbrook needs to be torn down!!!!!!!!!
By: eastlakeapts
East Lake Apartments
It is unfortunate that the other reviewer had a bad experience at East Lake Apartments. I can only speak for over the last year as that is how long I have helped manage these apartments.Since the time of the other review property management has changed, and we have been improving the community. We have had a very low turn over rates , and we have no trouble leasing apartments, along with other residents referring people to our community which speaks for it self.I apologize that you had such a bad experience before. If you lived here now that would simply not he the case.
By: jamespnashville
Dominion House Apartments
This dump is not worth your time or money...the staff is rude, and they tried to rip me off by telling me that I did not qualify for the promotional move-in rate even though it was advertised on the grounds on a large banner! Cons...Liars...Cons...don't let these people give you the same kind of treatment that my wife and I received! The only reason that I give them 2 stars is that 1 of the staff members was actually nice to my family and I, otherwise 1 star!
By: Beka S.
Bellevue Heights Apartments
Bellevue Heights is a great place to live in the Bellevue area. It's fairly priced, the office staff are extremely helpful, the maintenance team is wonderful, and the apartments are very spacious. The community is very family friendly, the pool & gym are nice, and I feel very safe here. Karen, the office manager, is the best part! She goes above & beyond in every situation.
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By: Shannon L.
Pine Street Flats
I absolutely love living at Pine Street Flats. Not only is the staff friendly and welcoming...they always address concerns and maintenance requests with both compassion and urgency. They always host events and put community as a priority. If you're looking for the best apartment complex in Nashville, move in today!!
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By: S W.
Nashville Hickory Point
Love how nice and new these apartments are and how well the landscaping and interiors are so well maintained. A little pricey but worth it for the close proximity to multiple conveniences such as various grocery stores as well as access to the gorgeous pool and work out room. And they are pet friendly!
By: Tom M.
Stewarts Ferry Apartments
Zero parking, crime on the rise, not surprised if the complex accepts section 8. Management sent memo following drug related fatal shooting, "it's not our responsibility to ensure tenants safety". Maybe not, but it is managements responsibility to screen potential tenants. Skip this place.

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