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By: stevimo
A Plus Tire
I've been going to A-Plus for my tires for years -- even now that I live way out in Williamson County, I will go out of my way to get tires replaced there. They've given me good deals on good used tires and even gone out of their way to serve me on occasion. They're not in the business of anything but tires, but I've gotten good advice there, and been saved from spending a lot of money on repairs I didn't need, based on their advice, which I trust -- and I haven't gone wrong yet by trusting them.Now, these are used tires, mind you, and once in a while I get one that doesn't last as long as I'd hoped. But usually, they last a good while, and save me considerable cash. They're fast (though they're often busy, so don't expect miracles), and just decent folks. I believe the owner's grandson is handling most of the business now, and you get that sense of going to a family business, where reputation and customer treatment mean something. I was surprised when I came to their site today (so I could give a family member the address) and found two bad reviews. I' ve always driven older-model cars and been happy with good used tires. Heck, I haven't even always had matching hubcaps, or even 4 at a time. If you spend $1,500 on custom wheels (like the guys who posted bad reviews), maybe it'd be worth going to a more expensive tire shop. But if you're someone who wants to keep rolling with decent rubber, without parting with too much of your moolah, then you aren't likely to go wrong at A-Plus.
By: zandar
Bellevue Tire
Sure, you could go to Walmart. If you want to pay 4 times as much, AND wait 6 times as long. Also, about 50% of the time, Walmart won't even DO what you want because they're so by-the-book with everything. They won't do anything at all to your vehicle if it doesn't have all the same tires as per manufacturer specs. Places like this will get you a used tire for $40, installed, in ten minutes or less. I've been to Walmart countless times before trying this place. I'll never go to Walmart again for tires.
By: Sais C.
A Plus Tire
This is a great local shop for tires! They called me back when I called earlier in the day inquiring about tires for my car. They then went out of their way to wait "an hour" after closing for me to get through horrible traffic to get to them due to I had a tire losing psi quickly. I totally recommend them and will be telling friends to go there too. (Ps I have nice rims too, not the shiny expensive $1500 chrome ones, but not cheapos either. No damage then what "I" did to them getting tires here)
By: Drew N.
Bellevue Tire
Honest people. Bought a used tire from them and after the installation my steering wheel would shake so I assumed I had to rebalance them. Went back to ask them if they could rebalance it and said it probably wasn't the problem if this happened after they installed the wheel. Instead of going ahead and taking my money they admitted to selling me a bad tire and replaced it with no charge.
By: telaine127
Nashville Warehouse Tires
I spent my day at Nashville Warehouse Tires and received the absolute best service. Bobby and his staff are curteous and respectful. They explained all the necessary work and went above and beyond my expectations. I've been going there for years and the treatment I received today is exactly what I've experienced each time. Couldn't possibly ask for more!
By: whits.
Bass Tire Company
My friends and family ALWAYS thank me for sending them to Bass Tire. For more than 20 years I have been bought my tires and got great car work done there at fair prices with quick service. I won't go anywhere else. You should go there as well and see why I and so many others give Steve and his hard working employees a 5 star rating.
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By: Kelly S.
A Plus Tire
I have always had good experiences with A Plus Tire. They have taken care of my vehicle and several other family members vehicles as well as work vehicles. I recommend their services. If you are in need of a slightly used tire, they are better priced than others on Nolensville Road and are more friendly.
By: Jeanette S.
Nashville Warehouse Tires
Being a young woman its hard to find a trustworthy mechanic. I started coming to Bobby Deal about 8 years ago and have NEVER been let down with service. They make sure to get it right and at reasonable prices. I've referred others here and they agree. Thank goodness for good mechanics like these guys!
By: Regina W.
Discount Tire
Excellent Service at an Excellent price! Very fast and professional! If you ever have a problem with your tires, call them! They will make sure you are safe and on your way!
By: John B.
Gallatin Road Tire
Conveniently located spot to stop in and have your tire plugged quickly if you've run over a nail or a screw (and who hasn't?). Have cash on hand. Most plugs are $5-$7.00
Tips & Advices
Yes. New tires purchased online can often be priced lower than ones at a tire dealership. Buyers can often avoid state sales taxes and locate hard-to-find tire styles and sizes, but will still have to locate a local tire installer and pay sometimes high shipping costs.
The average cost of a set of new tires is $637, with a range of between $525-$725. In addition, installation includes mounting and balancing, alignment, and disposal of old tires.
The vehicle is raised and the old wheels are removed, then the old tires are removed from the wheels. The lug nuts, wheels, and valve stems are inspected and replaced as needed. The new tires are mounted and sealed, then inflated and balanced. The wheels are then replaced on the car. The average installation takes approximately 45 minutes.
Agencies such as the Tire Industry Association promotes tire safety through advocacy and education to the industry including: manufacture, sales, repair, service and recycling. Seek a full-service tire dealer who carries a wide variety of tire types and brands and asks about the type of driving you normally do.
  • Move your car to a safe location.
  • Turn on your car’s safety lights, apply the parking brakes and remove the hubcap if there is one.
  • Loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench (but do not remove them), raise the vehicle with a jack and then fully remove the lugnuts.
  • Remove the flat tire and replace it with the spare tire.
  • Tighten the lug nuts by hand, lower the car and then tighten them fully with the lug wrench.

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