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  • 1.Asian Body Works

    209 Broadway


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  • 2.Asian Spa

    635 Rogers St Ste 11


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    Whether you suffer from terrible shoulder pain, have sore feet from working all day,or just want to relax and unwind, we can offer you bodywork and reflexology services to cure what ails you. Call or

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By: digiweb
Atlantic Massage & Muscular Therapies, LLC
I don't know if Joe would mind me calling him a healer. He's not the kind of guy who needs to be told that kind of thing. He's very down to earth, very real. But the thing is, I have lots of physical issues in my neck, shoulder, hips and feet, and I trust Joe to help relieve the pain.Because I've been to so many massage therapists in my 40 something years I know when to value someone who really knows what he's doing. It's like anything else in life. If you love what you do, you do it well. Joe is always going to school to learn new massage thearpy techniques. When you describe your issues he goes to one of his many wall charts so the two of you can identify the problem areas. I know he also just got finished doing this intense course in something called neuro muscular therapy. I can't say I understand it but I did look at a page of the course material and I was overwhelmed. It's very complex.My issues are structural. I have spondylolithesis. My spine is fused in a permanently forward position. All of that imbalance is bound to start affecting everything else. It gets my feet, and neck. Sometimes it really kills in my hip. That's the worst. One of the highest compliments that I can pay to Joe as a massage therapist is that I trust him enough to let him work on my hip. It's a sore, sensitive, lifelong pain spot and I don't let anyone in there. There have been days when I called it off right away and we worked on something else. But there have also been days when Joe was able to do some real healing in that area. So much pain is increased with fear so if you really trust a massage therapist you're way ahead.I go for pain issues. Often times though I get that cool endorphin thing that happens with massage. It's a very high feeling of being relaxed. If you need to relax Joe can help you with that too.
By: blahpics
Atlantic Massage & Muscular Therapies, LLC
I am a massage therapist as well and Joe and I just started bartering. I could not be more grateful to have found him. His knowledge and skills are amazing! He is comfortable to be with and has a great sense of humor. I feel like he has helped me on a muscular level, but also with my posture! SO GRATEFUL!! Dynamite techniques!

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