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By: Lois M.
Best Home Services - Plumbing, Electric, Air Conditioning
Had Best to change out my AC a couple of years ago ..did a great job , so called when I had a plumbing issue. The guy that cam out listened to my problemand opened the top of my septic took a picture and said I needed to jet spray my entire house. Two options the cheapet one was over 1600. dollars and would not have solved my problem. The septic needed cleaned out ...problen solved...did not mention that. Was told when I called would be a little under 20.00. Before anything was done . Opened top of septic took picture and charged me 118.00. Just lost a good customer. Oh and was told they would arrive between 8 and 9 showed at 9.30 after receiving a email around 7:45 that they were in route.
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By: Bill P.
Best Home Services - Plumbing, Electric, Air Conditioning
We had a continuing problem with a circuit breaker popping. Other electricians tried, but, could not find the cause. When Chad Dupre arrived, he used his vast knowledge and skills to find the problem and correct it. This was a very tricky problem and required much more than the normal skills of an electrician - Chad methodically checked everything that had been done by others, and then came up with the solution. We were very impressed with Chad, both as a specialist and also as a gentleman. Thank you to Chad and to Best Home Services - it looks like we have found a new company to repair and safeguard our home. Bill and Joan Pable - Fort Myers, Florida
By: mom1955
Sunwest All Service, Inc.
i called sunwest plumbing to fix my plumbing issues, as it turns out, i had several issues going on, i was desperate,fecal matter coming up in my bath tub, i have three small children, so you can imagine how scary this experience was, this company was reccomended to me by a friend. I went out on a limb and called even though i had to search for thier company info on the internet. so thay came out and within 30 mins that the technician Paul was here, i felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. Sunwest had 3 technicians in my home fixing the issue's that had caused this. I would highly reccomend them to anyone that wants to be treated right.
By: alexplumbing
Alex Plumbing, Inc.
We had two other companies come to fix our problem and each gave us an estimate that was extremely high. We then contacted Alex Plumbing and his estimate and explanation of our problem was extremely lower then the other companies. Not only did Alex Plumbing fix our problem but he explain how we could avoid this problem in the future. He took a lot of his time which he did not charge us for. You will be like us recommending him to friends and family.Iris Rivera
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By: Katelyn J.
Sunwest All Service, Inc.
We have been using Sunwest for a few years now. I'm so glad we have a go to plumber now! They have done everything from replacing toilets, fix clogged toilets, clogged tubs, clogged sinks, exterior leaking pipes and my most recent issue a drippy shower head. Always a fair price for a sometimes "crappy" job. The plumbers are always pleasant and do great work!
By: Sandra B.
James K. Hafke Plumbing
Great Experience under a very stressful time . Had a leak outside of the house when i was out of town , Had a find come attempt to repair it and it didn't work . Also received a high water bill , I had Brandon come out and repair the line and walk me through the steps to get some money back from the water company !Great Great Great !
By: Keith K.
Sunwest All Service, Inc.
I have been using SunWest for the past 3 years on multiple properties and has recommended to home owners with no complaints. Islandgirlmarco is like most of these cheap, self- entitled " I should get everything for free" people and her review rubs me the wrong way. Great company, Good Hard Working people and always looking to help.
By: Theodore G.
Best Home Services - Plumbing, Electric, Air Conditioning
Electrical work!We needed several outlets inside and out repaired and Rey was the man for the job! He was very professional and courteous. He explained the entire process and made us feel safe , knowing that we will have the proper GFI outlets in our house.If you need electrical work call Best Homes Services and ask for Rey.
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By: Kim A.
Best Home Services - Plumbing, Electric, Air Conditioning
Kay S Naples..... Very Pleased with Chad and John replaced all the duct work for my air conditioning system. I am a senior and I have a fear of getting ripped off. Best Home Services I would highly recommend to all my friends and family. I felt very comfortable with the techs in my home and the cost to do the work.
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By: Holly A.
Best Home Services - Plumbing, Electric, Air Conditioning
Alright, two visits and my toilet is still broken. I'm not paying $700+ to replace my toilet because we can't get whatever toy that may or may not be stuck in there out. Not happy that I waited 4 hours for my callback to fix a problem that has been going on for months.
Tips & Advices
The following tools and common household objects can be used to clean drains at home:
  • A plunger
  • A drain snake
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Grease-fighting dish soap
Homeowners can mix boiling water with any of the last three products to break up grease and grime.
The main ingredients in clog removal liquid products are sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, both break down into relatively harmless components when it comes into contact with water or soil. However, both substances cause mild irritation to skin and internal tissues.
Also known as a drain auger, a drain snake is a coiled device around ΒΌ-inch thick. To use a drain snake, put the end into the entrance of the drain. Turn the handle to force the snake deeper, using extra pressure to force it through the bend in the pipe. Keep turning until the snake hits the clog, then either pull the snake and remove the obstruction or force it through. Once the snake is out of the drain, run the water on full blast for a few minutes to ensure the obstruction is completely removed.
Plungers don't damage residential pipes, but the force created by the act of plunging weakens the seal between the toilet and the floor.
Many plumbers, both local businesses and nationwide chains, offer emergency or same-day services.

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