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By: Deeon M.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
I like chipotle; I think the food is good. I normally get a chicken bowl and at different times, the serving sizes are inconsistent. I would like the servings to be consistent.There are times when my bowl is short on the chicken and my bowl is 90% rice and beans. Other times, the bowl is well balanced with plenty of chicken to the bean and rice ratio. Getting those balanced bowls keeps me coming back to chipotle.My last visit, my bowl was what I thought short on chicken. I asked the gal if she could add a little more chicken, she responds with "it will cost extra". I said " ok". She adds the extra chicken. In my mind, I thought I would get a good quantity of chicken but what I got was maybe a handful or less if chicken. I asked for a little more, my explaination to the request was that I was paying a few dollars more for the extra chicken. It got a blank stare from the employee, a face that said "and?". At that point, I wanted to cash out. I was done. And my bowl was definitely not worth the $9.15 that I paid for. I'm arguing that chipotle needs to make their serving sizes the same for example 30% meat, 30% rice and 30% beans. Like I said, the food is decent, it's the small serving sizes of meats that is short changed. Thanks
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By: Brandie L.
Went in last night with my friend and baby brother and the cashier, Kaley, was super friendly and even made me laugh a bit. We ordered some burgers and after ordering my little brother demanded the sandwich plain, and they were so quick about fixing the sandwich and even let us keep the mistake as courtesy. Quick excellent service. Definitely coming back. :-)
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By: kilroy1725
Landmark Cafe
It was our 2nd time. Our 1st time the experience was really good and the food was good as well. We went back for our 2nd visit. Not disappointed again
By: 777robertellis
Panda Express
Love the friendly workers and great food! Not happy that if your the only person at the counter that one can wait up to 15 minutes.
By: Joel E.
Clean store and make a great sandwich

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