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By: Jonathan S.
Monster Reservations Group
The company helped answer all of my questions regarding the timesharing seminar and I feel comfortable.
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By: Ethy M.
Sisbro Properties
318$ hoa fee a month for a pool that is closed all the time, trash that is only picked up twice a week and the worst landscape ever. lets not forget all the junk they have laying in the storage unit.
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By: Milushka L.
Sisbro Properties
Worst company ever, very unprofessional. I have called to complain several times about issues in my complex and the response I get is "what are you going to do about it " following a hang up from the older lady working the front.
By: Dawn C.
I have been dealing with this management company for over three years since I moved into the Riverbend community. The first issue, or a complaint I had with them was that I was told that renters in this development are not allowed to have pets. Only the people that own their home can have a pet. I said that seems like discrimination to me but I was told if I want to live here I have to follow the rules. The next concern or problem I had was that that there were several cars that were parking on the side of the road. According to HOA that is a violation. Our cars were never parked on the side of the road. Yet we were fined three different times and they couldn't even prove the car was ours because they did not write down or verify the tag information. Not only was I was not offered an apology, Kristy who is in charge of this development has been nothing but rude and out of line and disrespectful from the beginning. She has raised her voice to yelling at me more than once, who does that in a professional customer service role? I've noticed since then that there are still vehicles parked on the side of the road in front of my home every day and no one else gets fined probably because their owners and not renters and there is a large degree of prejudice and discrimination here. Yesterday was the last straw for me. I simply called to ask three questions. what was the phone number of the construction company that the development uses? who is the developer of the development, and how can I reach the owner of the property. Not only did they refused to give me the information the manager/part owner Chris actually made fun of me about my cell phone service and told me that the things that I was saying about what was happening in my home was ludicrous. Again extremely insulting, belittling and out right disrespectful. In addition like I said I have lived here for 3 1/2 years. The first year we lived here the lawn service company that they had was wonderful. They did an excellent job , superb. But then the year after they decided to hire a different company. This company sucks. They don't clean up after themselves. They make a mess. And their job is just underpar. If that's not enough, when I'm outside on lawn care day it's my front porch or my back porch that I am approached by one of the workers who consistently flirt with me and stop what he's doing every time he sees me. I have to sit there while the men that are supposed to be working are standing there talking to me and hitting on me every single time. I have also brought this concern to kristy and Chris and I was told that's not their problem. I could go on and on with other things that have occurred here. Their management company is poorly run. They do not the customer service on the top of their list. And they remind me of slumlords where I grew up up north. I would only consider dealing with any other management company before I would ever live in another community managed by this company. Again, according to some of my neighbors that actually own the homes they are wonderful to them but unfortunately to those of us who rent we are picked on , we are profiled, discriminated against, are sought after and are mean treating renter like we don't matter. This is a horrible community if you plan on renting!!!! do not rent here!!!
By: Polly D.
Carolina Breeze Apartments
Renters beware. Unsafe dirty I had no other place to go. Will be so happy when lease is up! Do NOT be fooled by pictures on the web site! Nothing looks like that here
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By: Tyanne111 ..
Carolina Breeze Apartments
Carolina breeze has to be the worst place I've ever lived where do I begin about 6 months ago I noticed a leak under my bathroom sink after reporting it to the office about two weeks later some man ( not really sure who he was) looked at the leak and told me the valve was so bad they had to call a plumber ( I believed it because these apt. are so old and run down) well about a month goes by she tells me that there are multiple apartments with the same issues and they are waiting on a insurance adjuster well low and behold my roof falls through I go to find the nearest maintenance man who cuts out all the roof under the bathroom but the kicker is it took him less then 10 mins to fix the leak well to this day 6 months later after multiple complaints to both of the lady's in the office multiple excuses including they had to get the supplies yes the supplies there are 5 maintenance men and none of them could go to Lowes for supplies then today the office manager told me they didn't have the money to fix it even though I give them $750 every month but that was just one of many problems these apartments are filled with mold ( when I told the office manager to come and look at my apartment she said not if there was mold in it because she can't breathe it but I guess its OK for my young children) both of my neighbors have the same problem my bathroom floor has caved in making it extremely dangerous for my kids and roaches are horrible you can not get rid of them they are in the walls this place is not even worth $200 a month let alone the $800 they charge you
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By: Frank B.
Alta Surf Apartments
They lack professionalism and or experience. They are vulchers.I lived there for five years and was charged excessively for normal wear and tear of the carpeting ,improper spackeling ,painting ,cleaning etc. They claimed small trivia issues to glom your security deposit. You can pretty much kiss your security deposit goodbye. In addition I received numerous harassing letters while living there on my door threatening penalties for erronous claims of not picking up after my pet (with no proof or witness or fact checking) I always picked up. My small Chihuahua was disabled I had to carry her BC she could hardly walk and got letters claiming i walked her without a leash . More threatening warning letters left on my door. Don't walk away from this complex my suggestion is RUN. Find another place to hang your hat.
By: Gayle S.
Pinnacle Real Estate Management
Not friendly. Seem like picking on tenants who don't agree with them. Also not helpful in helping with maintaince.
By: Jordie M.
Providence Property of Myrtle Beach
DO NOT RENT FROM PROVIDENCE PROPERTIES!!!! DAVID CORBETT IS THE DEVIL!1. He his mailmen, and pest control guys have keys to your apartment so becareful what you leave out!! We had our TV stolen and David accused us of stealing our own TV2. In the lease he states professional cleaning was done, but clearly wasn't. There was dirt EVERYWHERE! I cleaned that place top to bottom, I used two swifter pads and they were black by the end of it! I found it funny how I was charged $65.00 for the 6 days we were in there moving things in not even living there yet! How could someone charge someone a cleaning fee when they rented the place dirty?? 3.David owes us money and refuses to pay, he charged us rediculous fees when we were not even living there yet. I suggest to never rent from him. He claims he's a good Christian with the bible on his desk but will scam you from the moment you walk it. Providence Properties should be shut down!
By: Ted F.
Beachstar Properties
Giving them a 1, not even sure they would deserve that. When they screw up they sure do not own up to it. They will figure out a way to blame someone else. If you are in the market to rent, find another agency. DO NOT waste your time with these folks.
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A plant guarantee covers the buyer that if a plant doesn’t survive the guaranteed amount of time (usually one year, but sometimes up to 5), the plant will be replaced. This does not cover annuals, which have a life cycle of only 1 year.
How often to water a grass lawn depends on the climate, the type of soil that surrounds your property, and how deep the root system of your grass grows. A general rule for watering is: every day during summer in warm climates. This rule can be modified if lawns are older, or the climate cooler. For mature well-rooted lawns, deeper but less-frequent waterings are recommended as being healthier than daily 15-minute rinses.
Fruit trees should be watered different frequency of times depending when they were planted. Younger trees, up to the second growing season, should be watered twice a week. Make sure to give up to 1 full gallon of water weekly to newly planted trees during their growing season, and more when it’s gaining  eaves. Once the tree reaches mature fruit-bearing stage, waterings can be cut back, as the roots are sunk and can find ground water.
The question of when to plant fruit trees really depends on climate. The general rules are: You should not plant fruit trees when the ground is frozen, when the peak daytime temperature is more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or when the forecast shows extreme weather (i.e. a tornado warning). Aside from those rules, the suggested planting times are either fall (which most people recommend) or spring (for bare-root trees).
There are many kits sold on the market that measure soil pH levels. Dyes, test strips, and electronic pH meters are all formulated to assist the home gardener. Many people choose to simply shake up soil and distilled water, and then measure the pH with a hand-held meter However, some people consider this method not very useful, and suggest using a lab for greater accuracy.

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