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By: lmilabh
Units at Coral Beach Resort by Elliott Beach Rentals
We went on cruises & vacations 1-3 a yr. We have booked in this "Resort" to have all the comforts and conveniences. Beds in rooms are on stilts 3-3.5feet off the floor, it was a big problem for our 16mo old who slept with us. He kept on falling and hurting himself. For safety we have placed top mattress on the floor during night and naps. After first night I woke up with 6 SPIDER BITES on my arms, hands and chin. Addressed this issue with management, they checked the room and declared that it is "clean" - no bed bugs. During naps and following morning my 16mo old got bitten and I got bitten again, even after wearing BUG SPRAY DURING NIGHT TIME. I DEMANDED manager Rob to change the room, and they have given us a different room, without compensation, or apologies. However next day a female management person accused me for having some over reactive syndrome to mosquito bites and if not then I must have gotten those bites somewhere else before I got to their resort! WHAT A SHAME! Instead of admitting that we have been inconvenienced and offer a treatment to the hospital (none of the over counter medicines took away the pain, swelling, itchiness away) or some type of compensation, they have actually accused the customer for making things up - when there was actual physical proof. When one pays $200+/night for the room, one should expect a great service! WELL NOT HERE! Room service starts @12-3pm only. When asked for room to be serviced, they just dropped off the bag of towels on the bed and picked up the dirties in the bathroom. The rooms were not vacuumed, bathrooms were not cleaned for the 5 days we were there! I had to change out trash bags, wash the sink and bathtub. When asked cleaning lady to change out a bed she said that they ONLY DO IT EVERY 3 DAYS - COME ON! I believe that We could have been able to rent one of their time-share condos and have a better experience for much lesser cost!Did we get spoiled by traveling on Princess & Norwegian Cruises, and staying in some great resort in Mexico - perhaps. But when you shell out over $200/night you should expect an excellent service, bed sheets changed out and made every day, and bathroom cleaned! Reasonable expectations - but very unsatisfied delivery by "Resort"! Would we go again to Myrtle Beach again, you bet!Would we stay at Coral Beach "Resort & Suites" again - not in my lifetime!The Pro's of lazy river which was the favorite of our trip, and buffet in hotel IS NOT WORTH the safety and inconvenience of dirty/sandy room (sand is hard to wash off from kids swim gear in outside wash area).
By: _buttons_
The Heat Night Life
The name of this club is really an understatement, it should be called club hell or club sweat box. The owners should really look into getting more vents or ac, because one ceiling fan on the dance floor isn't going to cut it. It's even worst when a big crowd is on the dance floor and you're pouring sweat from barely moving. Pretty average club, that obviously was something else before it turned into a club. On the bright side, The big spacious dance floor makes up for the heat and the staff is very friendly overall except for maybe one or two bouncers at the entrance. Two nice length clean bars on each side of the club and the bathrooms are pretty nice, so you can't beat that. Wish it was more of an 21 and up club, because the younger crowd (18-20yrs old) sticks out like a sore thumb with the way they act and stand in huge mobs just watching. The regular Dj is pretty average, only things I dislike about him is the fact he plays the same songs at least 3 times through out the night and not enough songs that will get the crowd going like Wobble by V.I.C too much hardcore gangster fighting music if you ask me. Overall, I give the club 3 stars out of 5 because It could be a whole lot worst and I had a blast with my friends the last time I went. Too bad Myrtle Beach doesn't have too much of an option of clubs.
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By: Josie T.
Cook Out Inc-M B
It started off great, then the orders started being wrong, kids taking orders rudely, rushing people, they have good affordable food, had good service, here is a picture of my chicken char-grilled barbeque style sandwich loaded with mayo and a spot of barbeque sauce on the edge of the bun and it's always like that... Wish it was like it used to be, Manager has a great personality and polite, maybe he's overwhelmed, but it appears the good employees don't stay, it's a small cozy place inside, but hard to move around, forget it if you are wheelchair bound or have a stroller, use the drive-thru
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By: Joe S.
Sea Gypsy Inn
A great place to stay the rooms are nice but need a little work. The new owner just took over Feb. of this year. He is family oriented and wants this to be more attractive to family. We really enjoyed our stay we were there from Monday-Saturday and it was very peaceful and in the room you didn't here a whole lot of noise. It was mustang week and we really didn't here a lot of that noise. The staff were really friendly and quick to cater to our needs. Me my Wife & Son will stay here every summer. Thank You Guys for a great stay and vacation at a very good price.Frank Floyd & Family
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By: Sevian santana T.
Sea Nymph Motel
Location is great... Can see water from room considering its right across the street. Staff is very friendly. Stayed there years ago at bike week and didn't have much to complain about. This time though being sober I didn't like the traffic noise by being so close to the road. Price was great at 480 for tues- sun however I don't think that we will stay there again. I rather just pay even double the price to be at different location away from all the noise. Also there were alot of roaches. Checked out at 9pm the day before we were supposed to leave due to noise and bugs
By: msmieke
Compass Cove Resort
The first night I arrived I got the worse room in the place, not even a shower curtain. I requested a new room and they gave me one the next day. They even moved our stuff for us. I was pretty disappointed that they dont provide coffee. Beware if you check in on a Sunday, there is a long waiting line. Anything you should need for the beach they have in their giftshop but be prepared to pay 3X what you would at a local beach store. The kids loved the place and I would consider going back. The Wifi is extreemly unreliable here.
By: yvonne.wilson.92167789
Mariner Motel
A very nice play to stay, for a decent price. You can tell that it's an older motel, but you can tell they have kept it up & remodeled it. Even though we were across the street from the beach, we could still see the ocean. The staff was very nice. They always asked if everything was ok when we saw them. We even decided to stay an extra day. They had no problem accommodating us. We would definitely consider staying there again!
By: rustye
Surf's Up Laser Tag and Family Amusement Center
Extremely good value for the money. We visited the other big two outfits in Myrtle Beach and they were happy to nickle and dime us. Surf s Up provides an all in one solution for the entire family that doesn t break the bank. We were treated like family and will be coming back for years to come. Clean facilities, attentive staff, and a caring owner all contribute to a must visit destination for budget minded families. A++++!
By: ejs2357
Foxy Lady At Rainbow Harbor
I went here looking for a prom dress and everyone was so nice! They showed me around the store and brought the dresses directly to my fitting room as soon as I took one off the rack. The women who was helping me spent 2 hours pulling dresses for me and zipping me into them. She also gave me heels and earrings to complete the look every time. I would highly recommend visiting Foxy Lady when in need of a dress!
By: johnsonchris88
Sandy Beach Resort
This is a beautiful oceanfront hotel in Myrtle Beach. This summer was my first time staying here and now I wonder why I have paid those higher prices for vacation rentals. This place offered everything I could possibly want in a resort. I loved the balcony and views. The pools were nice and my room was clean and immaculate. Best hotel on the Grand Strand.

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