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By: Polly D.
Carolina Breeze Apartments
Renters beware. Unsafe dirty I had no other place to go. Will be so happy when lease is up! Do NOT be fooled by pictures on the web site! Nothing looks like that here
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By: Tyanne111 ..
Carolina Breeze Apartments
Carolina breeze has to be the worst place I've ever lived where do I begin about 6 months ago I noticed a leak under my bathroom sink after reporting it to the office about two weeks later some man ( not really sure who he was) looked at the leak and told me the valve was so bad they had to call a plumber ( I believed it because these apt. are so old and run down) well about a month goes by she tells me that there are multiple apartments with the same issues and they are waiting on a insurance adjuster well low and behold my roof falls through I go to find the nearest maintenance man who cuts out all the roof under the bathroom but the kicker is it took him less then 10 mins to fix the leak well to this day 6 months later after multiple complaints to both of the lady's in the office multiple excuses including they had to get the supplies yes the supplies there are 5 maintenance men and none of them could go to Lowes for supplies then today the office manager told me they didn't have the money to fix it even though I give them $750 every month but that was just one of many problems these apartments are filled with mold ( when I told the office manager to come and look at my apartment she said not if there was mold in it because she can't breathe it but I guess its OK for my young children) both of my neighbors have the same problem my bathroom floor has caved in making it extremely dangerous for my kids and roaches are horrible you can not get rid of them they are in the walls this place is not even worth $200 a month let alone the $800 they charge you
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By: Frank B.
Alta Surf Apartments
They lack professionalism and or experience. They are vulchers.I lived there for five years and was charged excessively for normal wear and tear of the carpeting ,improper spackeling ,painting ,cleaning etc. They claimed small trivia issues to glom your security deposit. You can pretty much kiss your security deposit goodbye. In addition I received numerous harassing letters while living there on my door threatening penalties for erronous claims of not picking up after my pet (with no proof or witness or fact checking) I always picked up. My small Chihuahua was disabled I had to carry her BC she could hardly walk and got letters claiming i walked her without a leash . More threatening warning letters left on my door. Don't walk away from this complex my suggestion is RUN. Find another place to hang your hat.
By: Jordie M.
Providence Property of Myrtle Beach
DO NOT RENT FROM PROVIDENCE PROPERTIES!!!! DAVID CORBETT IS THE DEVIL!1. He his mailmen, and pest control guys have keys to your apartment so becareful what you leave out!! We had our TV stolen and David accused us of stealing our own TV2. In the lease he states professional cleaning was done, but clearly wasn't. There was dirt EVERYWHERE! I cleaned that place top to bottom, I used two swifter pads and they were black by the end of it! I found it funny how I was charged $65.00 for the 6 days we were in there moving things in not even living there yet! How could someone charge someone a cleaning fee when they rented the place dirty?? 3.David owes us money and refuses to pay, he charged us rediculous fees when we were not even living there yet. I suggest to never rent from him. He claims he's a good Christian with the bible on his desk but will scam you from the moment you walk it. Providence Properties should be shut down!
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By: Heather H.
Reserve at Ridgewood Plantation
For the most part everything was ok. The carpet was worn, spotted, and old when we moved in but, because it was a short term rental, we dealt with it. Unfortunately, after we moved out they charged us for new carpet because of pet stains. We have a dog but she has never had an accident. We have not seen or smelled pet urine in our home. Furthermore, she is always crated when we leave. We have ALWAYS gotten our deposits back from previous rentals and even been complimented on how clean we left the apartments. They said they pull back the carpet after each renter because they do not want a new tenant to move in over pet urine. I think that is great, but the carpet there when we moved in was gross and we have no way to prove the pet stains they see now were caused by our pet or that they were not there before. Frankly, I would have expected them to put new carpet into the apartment judging by its condition when we moved in, I just did not expect to be the ones paying for it.
By: luv_florida
Alta Surf Apartments
Let me give any family with kids a HUGE warning stay as far away from Alta Surf apartments as you can!!!! Not kid friendly at all! I live there for 6 months and have a 10 year old son. About 3 weeks after we moved in everyone in the complex received 7 pages front and back of NEW RULES. Rules included Kids cant play in the grass and couldnt play in grass around pool. Bikes, sckateboards, skooters are not allowed ANYWHERE ON PROPERTY. My son stayed in his room all summer because he was unable to do anything outside at Alta Surf where we lived. Couldnt wait to get out of this place it was horrible! Had another friend that lived there with 2 daughters the same age as my son and they got the heck out of there after 6 months for the same reason! She said her girls were miserable living there! Also I have never lived anywhere where you can actually hear your neighbor snoring in the bedroom next to yours! You hear everything. Very cheaply made apartments! The ladies in the office are very shady. Nice when you sign the lease then after that down hill!!! On another website they responded to this and LIED!!!!! Said kids just weren't allowed to ride bikes ,skateboards etc around the pool area. Such LIARS! The rules WHICH I DIDNT SIGN said not allowed ANYWHERE ON THE PROPERTY! Trust me do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. This place is a nightmare!!!
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By: Taylor N.
Town Square Apartments
This place was absolutely horrible. I wish I could rate them a 0. I can't imagine how anyone lives here. To start off, if you're planning on moving here, don't. It will cost you WAY more money and stress than you need. We had viewed this property several times and saw 2 different apartments, both of which looked great. We went through the whole process and set up our move in date. On move in day, I go to inspect the unit we were moving in to and I can not imagine how ANYONE thought that apartment was worthy of moving into. I wouldn't even want my worst enemy living there. My main concern and horror was the fact the kitchen, laundry room, guest bed and bathroom were INFESTED with cockroaches. INFESTED! If I could post pictures I would. I couldn't stand underneath the lights or the ceiling fan for fear one would fall on me. I opened the back door in the laundry room and was chasaed away by several that were hiding out underneath the door crack. The "sprayer" had been by to "spray" a few days prior. The property manager gave us some excuse saying he disturbed a nest. Those roaches were not "disturbed" in the least little bit. They were having a party and inviting all the friends around. I don't know about roach species but I know there were several different kinds and you can't just get rid of them with a snap of a finger. After the horror of the roaches, I didn't really want to look around any more but I did anyways. Such a mistake. I should have just said my goodbyes then. There was a several inch gap from where the floor started to where the front door started whenever you closed the door. That's probably where all those roaches came in from. No telling what else may have been able to get in through that gap. The desk was disgusting and sorely in need of a pressure washing and paint job. I don't even think they cleaned the apartment after the tenants moved out. There was a thick layer of dust over everything, the filters weren't changed, burn marks all in the carpet. The only thing that looked ok in that place was the master bedroom. Needless to say, I did not move my stuff in that day, wasted a whole lot of money and gained a whole ton of stress trying to find a new place within a day. The excuse I got from the manager was that she didn't have the budget to fix all of those things. If that was the case, I would have preferred for her to tell me instead of me finding out the day I am to move, with family in town to help and furniture on the way. This was the worst experience of my life and it could have been worse if I hadn't been smart enough to look around before moving in.
By: Ars M.
Carolina Breeze Apartments
I currently live here and they are great. They fix maintenance issues on time. The office personnel is friendly as are the maintenance men. No bugs and they use Lane's exterminating. The windows are slightly breeze though. That is the only down point.
By: james74
Town Square Apartments
Overall, this is a very nice place to stay. The apartment is affordable, I've found a nice little spot by the beach and my neighbors are friendly. The staff here goes out of their way for you and they are friendly and courteous each time I see them. I've had no major problems ( just a few small maintenance issues that were taken care of right away). The community is kept clean, it's quiet and I plan on staying for a long while. Sometimes, I wish there was a pool - but I am next to the beach.

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