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By: brokerblogger
Clearwater Car Wash
I've been using Clearwater's basic exterior only car wash for two years, and I find the equipment and people who wipe down my car to be above average 95% of the time. The undercarriage gets sprayed, while the spinning felt machinery cleans well, but doesn't harm the paint. I was impressed by the owner, Scott, who runs a "tight ship", and quickly gave me a free car wash when a temporary malfunction of part of the cleaning equipment happened months ago, while he was away on vacation. That malfunction never happened again.Yesterday, I had my full size car washed and waxed (a $65 good value!) at the Full Service & Detail Shop which is part of the Clearwater Car Wash building. Travis Pritchett, Detail Specialist, did an above average job of vacuuming and wiping down the interior and trunk. He power sprayed my plastic floor mats, and the inside of the hood area where leaves get stuck and dirt/debris can clog the vents. The two step "clay paint cleaner" and Meguire's #26 High Tech Liquid Yellow Wax was done with detailed attention to all paint and metal trim areas. I know, because I watched most of the work. However, I was disappointed when after making an 8 AM appointment three weeks in advance, Travis was a "no show" for my appointment. The owner, Scott, said he called him about 6 times, but when Travis finally showed up 40 minutes late, he said he never had any record of those calls on his cell phone. Travis said he had a family emergency that morning, plus he said he assumed that I was just dropping off my car at 8 AM. When I said that it was "no big deal", and constructively suggested that he needs to ask each customer at the time the appointment is set if it is a "wait" or a "drop off", he got defensive, and said something to the effect that he was not a flake. I was not angry even though his response was inappropriate. He did polish my clear plastic speedometer cover as a free extra, and I'm hoping that he will take each customer's phone # in the future. This way he can call them if he has an emergency of any kind to deal with, or call to see if the customer will be a "no show" or just late. Good communication, and setting proper expectations for both buyer and seller in any business is crucial to avoid any possible misunderstandings. The bottom line is that I will continue to use both the car wash and the detail shop's service in the future, as no business or human being is perfect, including myself.
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By: jj.w.snyder
Clearwater Car Wash
I tried this car wash for the first time on 4/24/15. My husband and I were headed out on a road trip and I wanted the car cleaned. I purchased the Inlet Extreme Wash for $18.99 which included: Full Service Wash Interior vacuum Interior windows cleaned Door jambs cleaned Interior wipe down Towel dry ARMOR ALL Single Foam Polish ARMOR ALL on tires FragranceI was the 3rd car in line when I pulled up. After waiting an hour, I walked over to the young man finishing my car and asked how much longer. He replied 10 minutes. After 10 minutes went by I checked again, he still wasn't even half way through. I pointed out several areas that he missed - my back windows had not been cleaned at all, the entire right side of my car had not been wiped down in the interior, my tires weren't done. I went back and sat down for another 10 minutes. Meanwhile there were at least 5 other customers complaining about the service and time it was taking. When I went back to the young man he still wasn't close to being finished. After being there 1 hour and 20 minutes I just could not wait anymore. My husband and I run a company in Myrtle Beach and I know how important feedback is so I decided to contact the owners once I was back in town. I called this morning and asked for a manager. The man on the phone stated he was the owner. I started advised him of my experience and he interrupted me and barked "what do you want me to do about it?". I suggested that he comp my next car wash so that I can try it again to see if the experience was any better. He told me to take my business elsewhere and hung up on me. I will definitely be taking my business elsewhere as well as informing others of my experience. It's unfortunate that an owner chose to handle this customer experience in the aggressive way he did. Challenges can always be turned around with the right attitude - sometimes you can even gain a loyal customer by how you handled their initial poor experience.
By: Brick G.
Clearwater Car Wash
This place has been consistently great for years. Great job by sharp people at at reasonable price. This place is packed most nice days so be prepared to wait 30 minutes. Locals know that this is the best place in town. Some may get it confused with a very low end one, also on Hwy 17. Open 7 days.
By: erin.klein.399
Clearwater Car Wash
I have used Clear Water a total of three times now and I have yet to be disappointed. They have a young fast staff and have always given service with a smile. I have been completely satisfied with the overall cleanliness of my car. I will be recommending a job well done to anyone who asks.

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