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By: friend1234
The Grove Of Murfreesboro
For about 3 months, my roommates and I were getting charged outrageous overages on our bills. I forget the exact amount; however, it was something like we were using over $190 a month for electricity (which for a week and a half of one month, we weren't even here for because we were ALL on spring break and unplugged and turned off EVERYTHING before we left) which is crazy. Well, each month, we would call the office to ask where the overages were coming from. We talked to numerous people in the office (including managers), and we were given different answers each time. One time, they told us that we shouldn't have changed out our light bulbs, when we hadn't changed our light bulbs, and they had never checked our apartment to make an accurate assumption. The next time, we were told that we have to file a request to get our statements from corporate (which takes about 3 days to receive) so we could look over the statement and see exactly where the extra charge was coming from. After we waited for the statement, it only stated the amount our rent was and how much the overage was... so why couldn't they have printed that off in the office? We finally got fed up with all of the crazy assumptions, so my roommate called corporate. She explained everything to the person there from how incompetent the workers were to how long this had been going on. Ever since their conversation, our overage hasn't been more than $2. About two months ago, we had a bug problem. These particular bugs were called "drain mites" and come up through the drain if there is still water in the drain. Keep in mind, our apartment is clean. Our rooms might have clothes on the floor, but we keep our dishes and kitchen clean. Well, because of The Grove's drain system, we had these miniscule bugs coming up our drains. When we called the front office, they said that the pest control only comes every other week, but they would put in a request. However, we wanted the bugs gone ASAP so we went out and spent a pretty penny on supplies. After about a week of our superb pest control abilities, the mites seemed to have disappeared. Luckily, The Grove brings a pest control person to our door 3 weeks after our request just for us to hear him say that there was nothing he could do because it was a drain problem, not a pest problem. Glad we didn't wait for their help.Another great conversation with The Grove was about our air filter. My roommates and I were wondering why we had been getting sick. However, we had no reason to think it was our air filter because we had gotten a notice in the door about a month earlier saying someone would be entering our apartment to change our filter and make sure everything was working. We decided to check the air filter. When we pulled it from the wall there was at least a 2-inch thick black mass on it. No wonder we were getting sick and our overages were crazy!! The managers and office workers said that the filter had nothing to do with overages Oh yeah, the system doesn't have to work harder to get through the filth the cool our apartment.. that makes sense-NOT! Only after we took pictures, talked to the General Manager, and threatened to call corporate was the air filter put in. The air filter that should've been a routine task changed a month ago.
By: Sabrina M.
University Ridge
This could have been a bad rating please read. My daughter moved in August 2016. At first I had my doubts as the apartment was not in move in condition. We completed the check list returned to the office phone full of photos I was ready and prepared to break the lease. This was a major moving weekend so we had to wait as you can imagine I was not happy by the time we stood in line. The first young man we spoke with , I don't remember, his name was very nice and said for us to speak to the manager. As we waited for her I was I was looking for other places for my daughter to move to. Symone the manager took us in the office looked at the photos did some research and realized that apartment had actually not been cleared for rental. She took her time with lines in the lobby to show us another apartment and within an hour this situation went from the worst review I would have written to one of the best.
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By: Ladyknight T.
Sharondale Apartments
Pros-Cheapest one-bedroom in town! ($550)Perfect sizeUsually pretty quietNice neighbors Close to campus Helpful maintenance person/landlordPlentiful pantry and cabinet space in kitchen Decent sized bedroom and living room Great bathroom layoutWasher/dryer hookups & on site laundry roomLots of available parkingCons-Did a TON of work to get rid of the stale smoke smellNot the fanciest neighborhoodOnly one ceiling fan (in kitchen)Not much lighting
By: baigsnmouse
Northfield Lodge
I'm on my second month living here and not sure where in the complex the lady who had a horrible experience lived but I've seen none of that. Staff were friendly and very helpful. Apartments are older but was clean when moved in. my neighbors are excellent. The apartment complex is far from "Ghetto"
By: Victoria B.
Allen House Apts
By: Dana S.
Cross Court Apartments
Nice place I like it Friendly staff and neighbors Within walking distance of MTSU and other nice places
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By: testersummerlake t.
Summerlake Apartments
Beautiful apartment ......i always like to visit this apartment ........i like this apartment.
By: Misty B.
University Ridge
Lots of new upgrades beautiful landscaping great staff. Whole new environment. ....

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