By: Nancy W.
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday in Muncie is the best restaurant in town. The manager, John Dorer , is the best manager that I have ever seen. He is friendly, helpful, courteous, caring, and every other adjective that a great restaurant manager should be.He is easy going, helpful, friendly, and very efficient. You never see him just doing nothing. He is always helping someone or busy doing work that needs to be done.Muncie and Ruby Tuesday are lucky to have John working at the restaurant. Thank you for caring enough to see that John Dorer keeps doing a wonderful job managing the store.Please bring back the crab cakes. It is my favorite place to eat them in Muncie. I ordered ribs last night and they were good, but I order crab cakes every time I am there. This lack of crab cakes will encourage me to go to Amazing Joes! It is my 2nd choice in Muncie. I make good crab cakes, so I can cook at home or try somewhere else. I will try Rube Tuesday next week and would love to be surprised with a crab cake!!!!Many thanks and bring back the crab. I have talked to 6 people who had not been there since the crab cakes are gone and said they won't go back. They go for crab cakes.If you want to lose customers, you will. I will call and make sure John Doer is working before I go. If I can't have crab cakes, I won't the best manager and be John.Thank you,Nancy Watsonnwatson4@att.net 765-729-1349
By: 473024u
Madison Street Diner
Our favorite neighbor Revva Musick told my wife about a new place she found to eat at, on south Madison St. here in Muncie, so, while out and about today we found it. It's called Madison Street Retro Dinner, at 2421 S. Madison St. (765) 216-7182 on the right side across from Swift y Gas Station. Good American menu, and reasonably priced; food was good, delivered hot, coffee was good and kept freshened up, choice of booths or tables, and even a counter if you prefer. Tim and Rita Watkins are Oner/Operators and the building has been newly remodeled, to represent a Retro theme, not unlike Stake & Shake somewhat. Their email is: MadisonStreetDiner@yahoo.com for more information. We saw a few familiar faces, and many couples of all ages coming and going, so to us at least it looks like this place may be a keeper/going concern in South Muncie. Good Luck, Hopes and Prayers go out to the Watkins for their success in their endeavors as they build their business. Yes we will be back, and do recommend this eatery.
By: 473024u
The wife and I enjoy this restaurant for it's specialties of the house and the atmosphere as a feeling of openness and good service. It is as good as most every other restaurant in Muncie or the area along IN-332 (McGalliard Rd) and is close to shopping and that is nice.Need a change from the Bob Evan's type or something more then a burger? This is a great choice for Lunch, Dinner for two or small party of four and is competitive in their pricing for what they offer.It is not the kind of place I would take a family of 3+ but is nice informal dinning and because it is a bar & grill the atmosphere is oriented toward a mixer type of open area that can be very social.
By: tsvegh
Madison Street Diner
If you are in the mood for "comfort food" this is a good place. My wife and I went there on a Friday night and were very pleased with the service and the food. I had fried chicken, she had chicken fried steak and we both had mashed potatoes and gravy. We were very satisfied. The selection of pies for dessert is extensive and all are made in house. The decor is aimed at a '50s diner feel. I don't think they hit the mark. However, the quality (and price) of the food make up it.
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By: Mary B.
Maadi Grill
The food which is all made on the premises is wonderful! Prices are great too! We sampled 4 of the desserts and of the 6 of us, each had a different favorite, and they were out of
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By: Luna D.
Madison Street Diner
Great food, excellent prices, fun place to go. I enjoy seeing all the groups of friends getting together that look like they are regulars. Great tenderloin.
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By: Elaine C.
Cammack Station
Love the old time look, ice creamIs good, so are the tenderloins. Nice little place out in the middle of nowhere
By: sarah.a.carpenter.9
Mark III Tap Room
Awesome place and great prices!

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