By: databasediva
Bailey's Rib & Steakhouse
This used to be a regular stop but the last few times it has been disappointing. They have obviously changed chefs and the quality has gone downhill. Even the potato salad (salad bar) is not as good as it used to be. Today we stopped in and had chicken marsala and a jumbo burrito. Marsala was good, not great. Burrito was blah. Not much flavor and I won't describe what the inside looked like. I ordered a Diet Coke and was served a Diet Pepsi. Hate it when staff does that. Tell me so I can choose something else. There is a difference in flavor, people! We had a male waiter today which may have been a factor. In the past service has always been good. This was lacking. The Sunday brunch menu looks intriguing so we may give them one more try for old time's sake.
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By: Janet B.
Bailey's Rib & Steakhouse
I have always been happy with their food and now after some renovation and updated menu the food and atmosphere is better. I've had good service and not so good service, so I guess it depends who you get as your server. I recommend this restaurant if you want all around good American food.

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