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By: Candyce V.
Burtons Grill
My mom won a free happy hour special for her and 9 other people, courtesy of Burtons Grill #woot It included 1 free cocktail per person and a sampling of appetizers for the group (two orders each of Memphis Dry Rub Wings, Philly Spring Rolls, Buffalo Chicken Dip). Let me back up a bit and say that the cocktails were awesome and potent. Everyone had nothing but positive things to say about what they ordered to sip. I had the Burtons Mai Tai (for my first round and third rounds...hey, it was a holiday weekend #dontjudgeme) and the Brazilian Punch (which definitely packed a punch and looked really cool with its crushed ice and purple hue). Our wait staff brought out rolls for us to munch on while we waited for the appetizers. I'd go back to Burtons for the rolls alone. But not only were the rolls amazing, so were the appetizers. We ended up ordering even more apps after the free ones we had. Unfortunately, I was too stuffed to order any of the entrees. Fortunately, that gives me a valid reason to return the next time I'm home. On top of the great drinks and food, the service we received was some of the best I've ever had. You'd think that they wouldn't care since we were there eating and drinking for free. But the staff was excellent from start to finish. Bravo Burtons!
By: joette.greenway
Papa John's Pizza
The entire time I've lived here, about 12 years, I have never had one single issue with their pizza except the last time I ordered. I ordered 3 medium pizzas, one of which was supposed to have pepperoni and bacon. I got home and checked to make sure they were all correct but the pepperoni and bacon one was actually pepperoni and sausage. I was extremely upset because it's sort of a long drive from my house. I called them and told them about the mix up and Brian immediately put in an order for my medium pepperoni and bacon. He even had it delivered and it arrived within 30 minutes. I felt bad because I didn't have a huge tip to give the driver but he was very understanding of my situation and thanked me for being a continued customer. I would recommend this Papa Johns to anyone. They are fast, friendly and very focused on great customer service. I would rather eat here than Pizza Hut anyday! Pizza Hut is closer to my house but every time we've ordered from them, they have messed up our order on all of our pizzas and never once offered to send us another one. Their customer service is awful in comparison to PJs. Definitely grab a pizza here!
By: Candyce V.
The Pickled Palate
The owners and staff here are so nice!Although it was getting pretty busy, I was greeted as soon as I walked through the door. I was asked if I'd visited before, and was given the rundown. Despite the growing lunch crowd, I wasn't rushed to make a decision. I chose the turkey panini, which I was told was a favorite of their diners. I can see why.First, I didn't know raspberry mayo was such a thing. YUM! It was also served with swiss chess, and your choice of a salad or bag of chips. I opted for the salad, which was tasty on its own. Even the water infused with cucumber and lemon was perfect...so much so, that I asked to take a cup to-do. This place has me eating all of my veggies with their yummy salad AND drinking lots more water. They also serve sangria at times, and wine/beer as well. There was a selection of tasty teas, too.Adding this little gem to my list of places I definitely have to visit whenever I'm home.
By: Jenny R.
Red Drum Restaurant
This review is just on their brunch. When I lived in Charleston, I would go out of my way and drive here to eat their biscuits. They have the best biscuits I've ever had!!! They are buttery and light, crisp on the outside. The biscuits always came with some fresh jam of whatever fruit the chef decided on. I always ordered the quail and venison sausage. Its yummy and comes with sweet chili sauce. The grilled chicken with tortillas was good. My husband also liked the Migas Chorizo. Their grits were the best I had in Charleston. They were flavorful and were always hot because it was served in a mini cast iron skillet. The donuts are also delicious! If you want to come here for brunch on a Sunday, make a reservation. Sunday brunch is very busy. It's not as busy on Saturdays. There is a private parking lot but it fills up quickly when it's busy and off street parking is available. This is a casual dining experience.
By: Candyce V.
Water's Edge
I've been here twice. Neither time was amazing, but the experiences weren't bad either. This most recent time (7/3/16), most of the people in our party tried the Sunday brunch buffet. The highlight of the buffet was the omelette station--I had one with shrimp, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, and cheddar cheese. It was the only thing I ate entirely. The cheddar grits were good (I ate 80% of it). My 2 1/2 year old niece took my biscuit from me, so I can't speak on how it was (it looked good, though.) The Hubs said that he didn't like the breakfast potatoes. We both agreed the waffles were better than the french toast. The bacon was yummy, too.But the buffet was only $16.95 with $2 mimosas, so for that reason I'd definitely come back. Plus the restaurant itself is nice, and the views of Shem Creek are lovely. So I still feel it's a good restaurant to visit overall.
By: Candyce V.
On Forty One
The experience during my first visit here with the Hubs and my parents was better than my second, but I won't count this place out completely. The dinner entrees we all had were a hit--the deviled eggs, hush puppies, grilled salmon, burger, and New York strip were all very good.But when we came back for brunch, the sausage was too salty for my parents. Other than that, the brunch offerings were good. Nothing mind-blowing. The 41 Bellini was strong! It was made with sparkling wine, bourbon, vanilla bean, and a raspberry...wow, was not expecting it to pack such a punch!The staff wasn't completely helpful when my parents informed them of the super salty sausage, and I think that left a bad taste in my dad's mouth (see what I did there? haha) But my mom is willing to go back...for dinner and not brunch. The Hubs and I would go back again for any meal, though.
By: joette.greenway
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut's pizza is devine...when they get it right! The last time we ordered from here, it took them almost an hour to get it to our house. We live literally 10 seconds from them! When they got the pizza to us, all the orders were messed up and the delivery man was not at all interested in providing us with customer service. He held his hand out asking for a tip and left in the middle of us telling him the order was wrong. If I had his name, I would mention it here. How rude! We called Pizza Hut and they told us we were going to have to pay for another pizza. What?! Why? It's their fault they screwed up our order. Terrible customer service and they're only looking to make a buck. If at all possible, don't eat here or order anything!
By: ringu217
Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant
This restaurant is ok but I wouldn't say the food is out of this world. I would rather eat at La Hacienda to be honest. I went with family to eat here about 2 years ago and I almost broke a tooth on a ROCK. Yes, a literal STONE was in my food. We demanded to talk to the manager and he came out and had another plate of what I had ordered. We didn't have to pay either but that's not the point. The point is the beans they order come in huge sacks and sometimes "nature" gets mixed in. They're supposed to be sifted twice before the beans are cooked but it just seemed like a careless mistake. I don't wish anyone to get fired or not eat there, I would just say be cautious if you order the beans.
By: Candyce V.
The Mustard Seed
I can't believe I'm just making my way here after all of these years. Perhaps my taste buds needed to grow up, so that I could appreciate what's served here. My mom and I came here for lunch, at her suggestion. I knew we were in for fresh food and great, unique options. And I was right. My only "complaint" is that my panini didn't really look like a pressed sandwich to me. But the ingredients were good. My mom ordered a seared Ahi Tuna salad, which I sampled. It was very delicious. I knew I should've ordered it!The service was excellent from the time we walked in. My more sophisticated palate enjoyed a nice outing.
By: billnpage
Boulevard Diner
When the parking lot is full of South Carolina tags during a late lunchtime visit, ya know the foods gotta be good! They offer a wide variety of Southern style food. From the Southern fried, fish, shrimp, oysters and scallops. Sandwiches such as Po Boys, hamburgers, BBQ, and Mexican Quesadilla . THey have excellent salads, and a daily special menu you won't want to over look. Don't forget to try the fried green tomatoes or okra. Also great service with a friendly staff and reasonable prices. Don't let one pass you by! May even have to go back for seconds.
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