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By: carlahilliard
Senior Select Services
Senior Select Services helped us to preserve our retiement portfolio, converting it into a risk free, tax deffered, fixed interest, income stream annuity vehicle. After losing thousands due to the current economic conditions in our 401K, we are confident in knowing that our money is safe.Very helpful, professional, ethical, and reliable firm to work with. They were even able to help us set up plans for preserving our estate from probate should one of us pass.Highly recommended!!!
By: Farrow R.
Erie Insurance
Erie has been a great insurance company! We have used them for home, auto, and life with no complaints even through an auto claim. They even insured our log cabin with wood heat when no one else would... great option for rural and hard to insure homes!
By: Farrow R.
Advantage Insurance Group
Advantage Insurance has handled all of my insurance needs for years. Calls and emails are always promptly returned. Jerry has gone above and beyond to take care of everything I've thrown at him!
Tips & Advices
Certain basic maintenance checks can help keep your washing machine running efficiently. Regularly check to make sure the washer is placed in a level position on the floor. Check water fill hoses from time to time, and replace them if you observe signs of wear. Check for gashes and scrapes on the machine's exterior, and prevent rust by promptly addressing these scratches with touch-up paint. Check and clean the washer's drain pump filter at least once a month.
To extend the life of your washing machine, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for detergent use, since using too much detergent can damage the machine. Promptly remove damp clothes after a wash, since this will prevent mold and mildew from forming in your machine. If you aren't worried about children or pets climbing inside, leave the washer doors open after use, since this will ward off mildew and help its drum to dry completely.
Certain differences separate front-loading and top-loading washing machines. Unless they are mounted on a pedestal, front-loading machines require you to bend when loading laundry, while a top-loading machine allows you to load laundry while standing. Front-loading washing machines typically clean more effectively and gently than top-loading models, and they use less water. However, front-loading washers tend to be more expensive.
Washing machines need to be level, and this means that all four of its legs need to be in contact with the floor. If your washing machine isn't level, it can cause the appliance to violently rock and vibrate. This movement might cause the washing machine to damage floors and walls. It may also cause your washing machine to develop leaks and mechanical problems.
Your washing machine's drain pump filter should be cleaned every month. Cleaning this filter is also recommended if your washing machine experiences problems such as slow water drainage, unusually intense vibrations, and longer-than-usual pauses during a wash cycle. Your washing machine's filter may also need to be cleaned if the appliance leaves you with clothes that are soaking wet after the final spin.

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