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    John D.
    Edited: 02/07/2017

    My name is John Daschian and my right eye was blinded by DR.. JOSEPH BRENT OLDENBURG of Pacific Eye when he performed Cataract Surgery on February 19, 2015 which failed leaving a hole in the back of my eye that was not there before the surgery, no lens and very blind.

    Trusting Pacific Eye, four days later, February 23, 2015, I underwent a second surgery performed by DR. NATHAN STEINLE to repair the damage left over from Dr. Oldenburg's surgery and implant a lens.
    This surgery also failed and left serious damage to the Cornea as well.

    My eye is still blind today February 7, 2017.

    Neither Doctor, Oldenburg or Steinle have ever even offered an apology let alone made any attempt to compensate me in any way for the damage their surgeries have caused my body and life.

    To add insult to injury, Dr. Steinle actually blamed my eye for his failed surgery.

    I have a few words of advice that I pray Pacific Eye will consider the next time one of their Surgeons blinds a patient.

    1) When your surgery blinds a patient perhaps it would be better to treat that patient like a human being that you have injured, that really needs your help and not a potential lawsuit.

    2) Take responsibility for what you have done.
    You MAY be able to hide legally.
    Morally you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    3) Be completely honest with the patient and yourselves. Your attempts with words at mitigating the negative effects that the blindness is having on the patient or your part in causing it only makes things worse. You're certainly not fooling the patient and most people don't take being deceived very well at all.

    4) When a patient has already endured multiple surgeries that have failed and is telling you how sick and scared they are, try to find a way to help them other than more surgery.

    Perhaps at some point some patients can't physically or emotionally handle the trauma of more surgery that may or may not be successful.

    Your own "informed consent" says the services you provide can result in blindness.
    Shouldn't you be trained and ready to help your patient when it does?

    Since you don't seem know how to deal with the multitude of problems caused by blindness, (fear, pain, nausea, vomiting, claustrophobia, loss of freedom, loss of function, loss of income, loss of confidence, etc.), find someone that does and hire that person.

    Obviously your business needs a position like this.

    5) Your lawyers might be against this but in the future if you tried complete honesty, a sincere apology, a promise to do whatever is necessary to help the patient get through this horrifying experience and make them as whole as possible, it would probably save you and your patients a lot of problems and heartache in the future.

    6) Pacific Eye Doctors please look in a mirror, the Patients you injure are not the problem.
    All we did was trust you.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    "PACIFICBLINDNESS"- Blinded by Pacific Eye Support Group on FACEBOOK..

    John Daschian.- Blinded but not silenced by PACIFIC EYE.
    Morro By Ca.

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