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By: markot
Gee Properties
Its Great!Close to campus and reasonable rent!Very Cleanparking right behind my apt what a plus!!!
By: Sunshine O.
Copperfield Court Apartments
Me and my fiancé have lived at Copperfield Ct. for 3 years. We are in our late 20's (26/27). We absolutely loved living here! It was sad to leave (only left due to a move to Pittsburgh for work and family). It was the best experience for us. It was our first apartment (moving out from parents home post college)., the neighborhood is very safe and convenient to many restaurants (walking distance to Buffalo Wild Wings, Bars, Shops, etc.). The complex houses mainly young professionals and a few college kids- even so, very quiet complex due to the strict noise policy-which is a good thing! The biggest pros were the quiet, safety and we never had any maintenance issues. The apartment is walking distance from the big hospitals (Ruby Memorial and Mon General) and is also walking distance to the college football stadium-Mountaineers. Some cons we did see were during the winter time they do not plow the roads in a timely manner and we have had to take days off from work (2 in a row) due to lack of snow removal. This is a Morgantown, WV issue not just the complex. Another con could be the Metro Property management themselves, they can be confusing with information- but still helpful when you need them. All in all, HIGHLY recommend! We have two dogs and it was a lovely experience.
By: A. P.
Tera Properties
Tammy and Homer will do everything within their power to make your renting experience a living hell. Do NOT rent from these people. I repeat, do NOT rent from Terra. Tammy is rude, unprofessional and a compulsive liar. As "J.Z" stated, she will threaten you (usually for no good reason) and god forbid you have a complaint or need to be taken care of, as she will argue it tooth & nail to get out of taking care of said issue. The tenants who had our unit lost all of their security deposit for cleaning fees, etc.. and the unit was absolutely filthy upon our moving in. The floors hadn't even been swept. They won't answer their phones and on the rare occasion you do get to actually speak to one of them face-to-face, you get to talk to Homer.. who usually tells you one thing, and Tammy another.. only causing further problems. For the same price per unit, you can find other apartments in Morgantown that are actually maintained, and do not reek of pot and cigarette smoke. Good luck if you're looking for an apartment, but just do yourself a favor and avoid these unprofessional a**holes at all costs.
By: T Y.
Pearand Corp.
WORST LEASING COMPANY !!!I lived in Chestnut Ridge Manor for one year. That is the worst decision I ever made. Noisy !!! Unprofessional management!!!The people living on the upstairs were really noisy. The kids kept running and jumping. It sounds like that they were attending track and field games or basketball game. The parents even said that they were not able to control/teach their kids. When he was talking with me, their kids were still running and jumping on the upstairs. That is really really bad. They also had parties until 4am. Sometimes they even played loud music until midnight.After several neighbors complained about the noise problems, the people in leasing office even said that they can do nothing. Nothing! This is really unprofessional. We paid the rent to them in order to get a good and quiet life. However, they took the money, and let you suffer the noise there. Never make a decision you regret later!
By: J. Z.
Tera Properties
I lived in the Glenn Street apartments for about 2 years and never had any issues until moving out. When my security deposit was returned there had been a $150.00 carpet cleaning fee and a $75.00 paint fee deducted. I disputed the fee and this is the response I got. Long story short, I was wrong in disputing and could have rightfully admitted to it had the letter ended after paragraph 1, but the managements (Tammy) continued response to the matter was extremely unprofessional, unnecessary...and UNTRUE. The cherry on top was in the last paragraph when I was threatened with breaching the contract and "vacating early"...which is completely false and I would LOVE if she could prove it. If you want to deal with someone like Tammy who is threatening, disrespectful, rude and a LIAR...then you should live here. It's landlords like Tammy that give all other Morgantown landlords a bad name. As a "professional" she should be ashamed and think twice about how she talks to other people...
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By: Dylan B.
Bon Vista Apartments
Bon Vista/VillasRenter Beware: When you rent here you have to agree to an asinine list of demands of cleaning and whatnot before you move out. I moved in June of last year. When you move in they have you fill out a checklist of items that you have to agree to and check off, such as is there previous damage to this, or previous damage to that. Look at my review on Google.
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By: Spenser W.
Tera Properties
I lived here for 2 years & did not experience any issues until the end. Apparently I had missed a rent payment from a year & 1/2 prior when I had traveled out of the country. Obviously, that is my responsibility & was an oversight on my behalf. I tried calling management to get clarification, to compare to my records. My calls were ignored. They only communicate via text & that's only when they need something from you. I rectified the issue & paid nearly $1500 and asked if I was good the day I moved out. Months later they are keeping my security deposit ($650) plus they want $432 for a "cleaning fee." Even though my apartment was spotless and the building manager, Homer, said so when I moved. They claim it's for repainting but Homer had said that they had not repainted since the apartments were built. I tried to get clarification from the landlord, Tammy. She devolved into calling me names & claimed that she did not need to answer my calls/texts because it was my responsibility to know
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By: Mckenzi D.
The Glenn Apartments
I lived at Glenn St. for two years while I finished up at WVU and it was a fantastic place to live! Very clean, and very safe. It was also an ideal distance from downtown campus and only a short drive to Suncrest shopping and restaurants. I loved living on Glenn St. and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice place to live in Morgantown.
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By: Elizabeth I.
Gee Properties
Worst landlord in the world.
By: Shane D.
Copperfield Court Apartments
Definitely the worst apartment I've ever lived in. It took them more than a month to fix the AC problem and it was summer!! They never care about the renters at all. NEVER LIVE HERE!!!

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