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By: Anna B.
Moose Motors Used Auto Sales
I’m honestly speechless at how attentive, respectful, and accountable Moose Motors has conducted themselves with me. I recently purchased a compact Mazda, from Moose himself, for a very fair market price. Both Moose and his salesman were very transparent, friendly, and approachable regarding questions about the car/test driving it (as a female person without the time or patience to deal with folks who waste my time or energy, I appreciate directness). Very straightforward process, incredibly positive…until…every used-car buyer’s worst nightmare. One week after purchase, the car had a major transmission malfunction. Uh-oh. I was prepared for the worst, potentially losing thousands of dollars on a car one week after purchase…but I called Moose anyway.He is currently correcting the issue, at no cost to me. HE IS CURRENTLY CORRECTING THE ISSUE, AT NO COST TO ME.The man is making right on his word to a customer he honestly owed nothing to.I CANNOT SAY THIS LOUD ENOUGH. THE. MAN. IS. MAKING. RIGHT. ON. A. USED. CAR. PURCHASE. If that kind of customer service isn’t as rare as hen’s teeth, I’m not sure what rock you are living under. Buy your car from this man, buy your mom a car from this man, buy your teenager driver a car from this man…just bring him business. He impressed me enough to take the time to compose my first-ever online review. Thank you sir for your good business practice, you are much appreciated.

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