By: Kat M.
USA Kids Child Care 24 Hours
My 3 children went to USAKids Childcare for two years. There were no boring moments for them. Either they always come home happy or they did not want to come home. I was so happy and pleased with their service. I worked with the county in children and parents division. I know how it difficult for parents to find a good daycare and where my kids can learn at the same time not just babysitting. When we moved to Orange County, it was hard for us and especially for my kids and that’s the only reason why we left the facility. They were able to learn and prepared themselves before kindergarten. Now, my two daughters are doing great at school because of early learning that they acquired and experienced from the facility. My 12year old son loves Ms.Riza.Thanks USAKids Childcare. You're the best!
By: Nelly H.
Ortega Family Child Care
When my our daughter told us she was thinking of putting our then 2 year old grandson in daycare I was a little nervous. He had been taken care of at home by family members since he was an infant. I am so glad my daughter found this daycare. Mrs. Kristabel is an angel. She is great with all the kids. My little guy is not a morning person so he is a little grumpy when I drop him off but he quickly adapts to being at daycare. He is fed well and taught age appropriate curriculum. Mrs. Kristabel was so diligent in potty training him. I am very grateful to Mrs. Kristabel for always welcoming him with a big smile and soothing words. I highly recommend this daycare to anyone looking for a trustworthy daycare center to take their children to. Thank you, Nelly Hernandez
By: Maria E.
Little Fox Family Day Care
Wonderful atmosphere! Not only did Mrs.Elisabet and her husband take excellent care of my children but my kids couldn't stop talking about how much fun they have. I highly recommend this daycare for any child. I was relieved that they offer a great food program. Also, very reasonable prices :)
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By: Ashley M.
Little Fox Family Day Care
I love little fox family daycare. My son was comfortable there from the very start. Mrs. Elizabet and Javier are amazing with the kids! I'm really happy I found this place. They are awesome!
By: Elisabet G.
Little Fox Family Day Care

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