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By: Chris M.
Mimi's Cafe
The food quality continues to worsen. Yesterday I went for breakfast. I wanted pancakes and chose Mimi's over IHOP because the atmosphere is much nicer there. However, the food isn't. The pancakes were slightly undercooked so there were a few bites that contained uncooked batter. For the eggs I prefer Egg beaters for health reasons. They don't offer Eggbeaters, only egg whites. When they arrived, the eggs were a greasy, overcooked, anemic-looking rubbery mess. In addition, they added pepper to them. I don't like pepper on my food, especially eggs. I have never been to a restaurant that adds pepper to a diner's eggs. Seasoning is such a personal matter, especially with eggs, it's best to leave that up to the diner. It was completely unappetizing. It looked like the eggs had been scraped off of someone else's plate. I mentioned it to the waiter who confirmed that they now add pepper to egg dishes but asked if he could get me another serving. I told he I could not eat anymore eggs with the thought of the first serving but that I wanted my concerns communicated to the management. So instead of communicating my concerns with the management, he brought the manager to my table to have to explain. So my meal gets colder while I have to explain again what was wrong. I brought up the pepper issue again and he confirmed that the restaurant had been adding pepper to eggs for a few months. I recommended that they needed to put on the menu that eggs are peppered since very few restaurants do this. I can imagine this happening at a Mexican restaurant or a Chili's. He also said the eggs looked good to him. I pointed out the yellow, overcooked bits and he admitted they looked overcooked. Then I lifted a portion up with my fork showing how rubbery they looked. How can you screw up pancakes and eggs SO badly? Its all the worse because it is such a simple dish. The manager had the nerve to say the eggs looked nice and fluffy (before I pointed out all the problems)??!! I hate dishonesty more than poorly prepared food. The whole experience was very unsatisfactory, even though they gave me a discount for the returned eggs. This is a long line of poor menu choices and sub-par cooking. I will think twice before returning.
By: goodcustomer2
Chicago Pasta House
I only come here for pizza.I'm from Chicago and am tired of all these places claiming to have Chi. Style Pizza. Well Chicago Pasta House has "The Real Deal" after living in Southern Cali for 14 years I can say that their Spinach and Sausage Deep Dish Pizza in comparable to Gino's East, Giordano's and Numero Uno pizzas back home!!I've told everyone at work about it and some have come back to let me know that I was right.
By: maddisunshine
Mimi's Cafe
mimi's cafe is definately a place that will keep you coming back for more. They have many delicous signature dishes and homestyle cooking like their "how bout' a quiche" this entree will have you feeling like mama just made you a home cooked meal. Not to mention their decadent desserts. Mimi's is place where you can have a home cooked meal for prices that won't burn a hole in your pocket.
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By: Edgar V.
Brandon's Diner
I can say this is the best breakfast in town!!! And our waitress Nancy is friendly & always on point!!! The food... bomb...Has a home made flavor to it & the portions are more than enough. My daughter loves this place!! So I say if your gonna buy a plate make sure to bring family or a friend!
By: Irid G.
not the greatest food but great staff.. an older lady that has been there really seems like if she needs to retire.. she is rude and really does not care if the owner is just sitting there. I keep going back though.
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By: Robbie W.
Chicago Pasta House
My wife is a true Italian born and raised she was completely disappointed in the quality of food....they looked like Italian dishes, but were far from in taste. This was our first and last time to visit.
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By: Delano W.
Chili's Grill & Bar
I was there Tuesday night and had a very good time . I took a friend and she had a great time with me . Which made our date more Pleasant , and gave me extra points with my date.
By: xk1981
Steer N Stein
A really good value. The portions are big and the food is consistently good. The lines are often long. That is the only downside I can think of.
By: Richard C.
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
Good service , quick , food was amazing, we had a group of 20 people and not one plate was cold and the price was ok
By: Emily N.
Steer N Stein
Best steaks in town. Best garlic bread and baked potatoes. Nice restaurant for a date night. Friendly staff

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