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By: B B.
Barnes Charles Real Estate
I just finished my Basic I Pre License class and just passed the PSI state real estate exam. I enrolled and completed the class through Charles Barnes School because it came highly recommended. I took the online class because like many students (at least I assume) I have to work during the day and driving to Moore from Northwest OKC wouldn't be convenient for me to attend the classroom sessions. I have taken online courses during college through both OU and UCO so I am familiar with how they work and realize that you have to be more dedicated and focused when taking one of these courses since you are on your own essentially. One thing I did not enjoy about the online course was the layout. Many of the topics that should have been read as headings for new topic areas were not bolded or differentiated from the other content, therefore in some spots making it confusing to know if we were moving on to another topic of discussion or staying on the previous topic. It is mostly a layout issue that could be easily corrected. I felt many of the questions (and I know this isn't supposed to be "easy") were very tricky. It was quite annoying when I failed the school's final exam by ONE question (out of 200) because of tricky wording. I understand that this is a school and the students need to learn the information, but it was very bothersome when after so many problematic questions it felt as though the school is out to trick you rather than to help you. Though I did learn a lot through the class, I have to say I enjoyed the PSI Exam prep much more than the class Barnes school offered. The content was much easier to understand and seemed to be geared towards a younger audience, which I appreciated. There were several terms that, the PSI review explained, meant the same as another term, for example "estate for years" and "tenancy for years." Barnes class never mentioned the terms that had interchangeable names and I spent much of my study time confused over these. They could do a better job at explaining things to their students. Lastly, never was it mentioned that as a first time applicant for the real estate license, you will be obtaining a Provisional Sales Associate license. The term "provisional sales associate" was never mentioned in the class until the state portion of the class, and still then it is not made clear that that license is what you will receive first upon passing the state test. I was led to believe I was taking the sales associate exam all along.All in all, I feel that Barnes school could do a better job at informing their students and not assuming that we know everything to begin with. I just graduated from UCO with a degree in Public Health and have had no experience whatsoever with business or financing classes, so this was all very new to me and therefore very confusing and difficult at times. However, Barnes was available to answer any questions I had.
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By: Pamela F.
Barnes Charles Real Estate
I took the online course, as well as the test prep class for the Basic I Pre License class. I passed my state exam the first time through with a 92!I am about to sign up for the Basic II class. Very easy to work through online, and you can always show up to the classroom anytime you want if you need extra help.

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