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By: Brandi T.
Great American Swimming Pool
WE LOVE THIS POOLGUY! have used all the other long term pool co. around & never used any more than 2 yrs. we are starting our 5th season w/ Great American Swimming Pool Service. this guy is far SMARTER than all the rest we've had combined!!! it's not just how good a pool man can clean a pool, but just how good are they fixing & repairing, how smart are they w/ chemicals & always show up each week? my poolboy NEVER misses a visit no matter how hot, cold or wet the weeks are. we do not cover our pool it stays open all year & in the off season ( cold water ) is when you see just how much this mind works towards making the next sping summer fall even better. he has done things w/ our pool to make it flow better & stronger than ever before, without spending tons of $$$. it amazes me just how he knows about all sorts of things. he told me he owes everything hes learned to his former employers whom he was w/ over 10yrs, locally who have owned their pool buis. over 50 yrs. a very pleasant easy going individual, who is easy to talk to about your pool, who doesn't bill you for EVERY MOVE THEY MAKE in your backyard. we NEVER pay for chlorine, its already included in weekly service. they don't use algaecides either. they always showup in the same timeframe of the same day each week. no pool co has ever done this. we know he loves to surf & desires the tropical sunsets. if this sounds like someone u need then i URGE u to give them a call. we wouldnt trade our sexy leg poolboy for anything. we have owned our pool over 15yrs.
By: C E.
Great American Swimming Pool
this company is everything it advertises to be & then some. the chemistry program in practice was learned in california. there is definitely something to it as no pool man has ever made my pool look this good. he is way ahead of anyone in our area in the chemistry dept. we used to have a salt system and all of them were crap. even the high end brand. all they do is make chlorine tablet chlorine and that's it... they still need shocking. they don't work in cold water. they don't like running on timers. my pool guy provides all chlorine in service and i don't ever want some high priced salt system piece of junk ever again. these things have been out for over 4 decades and are nothing new and from my research the salt industry is DEAD on west coast. i flushed over $3500 down the toilet with these crappy systems. just get this guy who is super chlorine smart that he offers it in pool service for free without rasing rates higher than any other pool services standard rates that just include labor pool service only.
By: Chasity F.
Great American Swimming Pool
Our family has used Great American Swimming Pool for many years now. There is no one else we trust with our "happy place". Drew is a real class act. We have never given a thought to a "stranger" being in our yard as even our fur-baby loves him. We have never had any concerns or issues with our pool. In fact, not only does he offer free chlorine, his suggestions in other areas have saved us tons more. If you want a company that still places a high premium on service and integrity, call Great American Swimming Pool Service. You will not be disappointed.
By: Monica L.
Great American Swimming Pool
highly recommend!!! Our pool was not covered during the winter, so it was murky green at the beginning of the season and it took him less than two weeks to turn it around and it has been fabulous ever since. He is honest about what he is doing, what products are being used and how he is using them. We have been using him for several months now and are very pleased thus far...even our referrals are happy with is service. (FYI, we all have chlorine pools)
By: Chris H.
Great American Swimming Pool
Absolute great service. Drew prides himself on making sure the customer is completely satisfied. We had a leak in our pool and he spent extra days at our home troubleshooting to narrow down where the issue could be coming from. I know the salt pool guy may have had a bad experience but as you can see from the other reviews, this guy is top notch!
By: regina.carden
Tropical Pools
Ive been using Tropical Pools for goin on 10 yrs n i have NO complants......the nicest man, knows what he is doin, goes out of his way to help, and very resonalible priced.....I think of him as Family cs thats how good hes treated us over the years.....
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By: Michael F.
Great American Swimming Pool
Best pool service in Central Alabama. Drew can balance your pool and keep it balanced. Our pool stays beautiful all the time and the water is perfect. I recommend them highly.

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