Shabu Shabu in Montgomery, AL with Reviews -
By: Dean H.
Wasabi is the first place I went to dine downtown after The Alley was complete. I was blown away by the combination of delicious, authentic (I lived in Okinawa 8 yrs & Hawaii 7), very visually appealing dishes, fast & friendly service, cleanliness & setup/layout, AND prices that actually shocked me! Granted, I took advantage of their military discount, but I almost felt bad, it was so affordable/inexpensive, esp for what I got & enjoyed so much. Chose it as my place to go when a group of coworkers/friends took me out to eat, & every one of them said they loved it & would be back...w/ one of them taking her husband there only a day or two later! Also recommended it to my daughter for a pre-event dinner downtown w/ her boyfriend, &they both loved it & have also been back since. Now I have a standing wkly lunch date w/ a good friend, & Wasabi is the default go-to place! Been there now countless times & have never been disappointed, so countless more times to come! :-)
By: Summer L.
Hibachi chicken and shrimp was dry, overcooked and bland. Chicken was so bad could only eat a few bites. Fried rice was mediocre, had to eat with part of a torn up cup and coffee stirrers. Guess I shouldn't have assumed that just anyone could figure out that an out of towner staying at a hotel would need utensils and napkin. Vegetables also bland but we're good. Was also a little bothered by the lemon seeds i kept finding in the vegetable and chicken. I season my food with lemon too, but am careful to avoid seeds dropping in. Fast service and food prep.
By: Paul N.
Kobe Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
I have eaten with their other restaurants in Birmingham a lot in the past. However, their prices are much higher than the other sushi/sashimi restaurants in town. Hwe Dup Bab (spicy sashimi salad) over $20.00??? CRAZY!!! I was disappointed that they hardly put any raw fish on it anyway. They had sweet pickles and other stuff that did not belong on it and the price? GEEEZ! The staff was friendly, but prices NEED TO GO DOWN to be comparable to others in town. Also, your sushi menu needs help! So many rolls with cream cheese! YUCK!
By: childlike_thunder
Habachi Sushi Supreme
Faery left that exact review at another place, too "Hibachi Grill"...... So I thought it'd be good to get a more updated review here. I've had bad experiences a couple of times, but been pleasantly surprised far more times than let down. At one time, it seemed that everything was always bad. But they seem to have picked up the ball since then on quality. I only have a qualm with the sushi. it's only fresh about half the time. Ah! fresh crunchy rolls, how I covet for thee!
By: Donna J.
Sol Restaurante & Taqueria
Hostess on a Friday night kept us (5) waiting 30 or more minutes, then a part of 7 arrived (no reservation) and within 5 minutes seated before us, so we elected to visit one of the other Mexican res. in Montgomery. How long to train a hostess to make a list of waiting patrons? Will not visit again. La Zona Rosa got our money. I had lunch there previously and that's why the ok rating on service.
By: Paul N.
Sushi Yama
I have been a customer since they opened. They have the most diverse rolls in town. They also prepare one of the best spicy sashimi salads (Hwe Muchim or Hwe Dup Bab) in town. I love the Osaka roll with lemon on top. They have so many that I enjoy. Sushi and sashimi is really fresh. I have only had three rolls that were not fresh in the 8 years I have patroned the restaurant.
By: classy.rebel.5
Habachi Sushi Supreme
I was impressed with the quality of food. I thought It would be like golden corral or other buffet with cheap food and lots of it. Habachi has lots of food and very good quality. The sushi was wonderful. Sashimi was very good. Very good quality of food. and the price cannot be beat. We take all our visiting friends and they too are impressed.
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By: Adrienne M.
Essie's Place
My husband and I ate there on a Friday afternoon and had the baked chicken, fish, cabbage, corn, and homemade peach cobbler and chocolate cake. The food was outstanding along with the service. The peach cobbler was delicious, delicious, and did I say delicious. This is definitely going to be my regular spot.
By: r3vi3w3d
Kobe Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
Very nice restaurant/hibachi, great location, and friendly staff. The food is a little high for lunch and the hibachi chefs wait until most seats are occupied before cooking; be careful if you have only an hour for lunch! Cooks are good, but pretty much the same routine/show from each of these restaurants.
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By: Brittney W.
Papa Roc's
The food taste and spicing is great, but the portions suck. No one tells you you'd have to have two orders to be full or anything. The server we had was nice. The tables are uncomfortable and really small.. just like everything else there.

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