By: rob.zilla
Dr. Shankar B Yalamanchili, MD
Dr. Saini has been the absolute coolest doctor and I for one am extremely standoffish and skeptical of doctors. I was in a very severe car wreck a few years ago and now every time I visit an orthopedist I leave without an appointment, without a referral, a hefty bill, and an extremely depressing feeling that I am a junkie. One doctor actually told me "You just want to spend the rest of your life taking xanax and lortab and I refuse to prescribe them to you." Dr. Saini at RR Pyschiatry however was willing to meet me halfway, initially trying me on klonopin while maintaining an incrementally increased regiment. As I found the a bit debilitating and indeed unsafe as it made me so sleepy, he respectfully explained the abuse potential of xanax (like all benzos though moreso), its mechanism of action (as a GABA agonist with a short half-life) and prescribed enough of the medicine to cope with my PTSD and anxiety problems. He's a fairly young guy that I shared some non-medical interests with. He seems to be one of the very few doctors that doesn't stereotype those who've sought his help as simple drug seekers and even referred me to a couple pain management centers, though I haven't been to yet due to my aversion to doctors. In fact my pain is a lot more manageable now that my stress, depression, and anxiety have been dealt with. I still have some insomnia and night terror issues he is helping me with. I would without a doubt recommend Dr. Saini to my friends and/or their children. The only drawback is often the waiting room is full, which I simply attribute to him being a well sought out doctor and word has gotten out that this is who you need to see, his warm demeanor and attention to detail allows me to open up to him and say what's on my mind, not just answer the questions that are asked. I truly admire this man. Also his rates are entirely reasonable, I believe $150 out of pocket is the cost per session, which means with medicare you only pay $30 per visit.Thank you Dr. Saini!
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By: Jacob M.
Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates
MPA has in the past held a great standing of Drs. And a handful to choose from, all great. As of today I have been greatly disappointed in my 14 yearspan as a patient to doctors like Drs. Ward, Hardwood, Demooth and what I understand Dr. Freeman. Unfortunately it seems that the first 3 great Drs. have over time retired, and sorely missed. The absence of great Drs. leave MPA stagnate. With helpful Rn that are effecient. My visits are 30 mins quick With Dr freeman now taking on most if not all the work load, office admin. seems to have begun to place patients into the care of Rn who are great but no doctorates in psychology. With Hardwood to retire from the field,office management has bogged down the last dr. and begun to give patients hard ultimatums that can end and destroy minds and lives. MPA has a nicer office now on the eastside but change is happing and it may not be for the greater good. This lack of care and hope is one persons agenda that needs to be reconciled.
By: Jonathan K.
William C. Freeman, MD
Dr. Freeman is one of the finest psychiatrists I have ever met.With over 20 years’ experience with him he has been a great doctor and great friend (on a professional level of course).He truly listens to what you have to say he can explain things so simply. He has defiantly improved life and helps me with all of my problems.So if you are seeking help I promise this is the guy you want to go to.I no longer see him as my life journeys have taken me elsewhere but I just want to say thank JK
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By: Laurie field F.
Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates
Angela Morse is VERY easy to talk with & she has helped me immensely!
Tips & Advices
A child psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in issues that affect the mental and emotional health of children and teens. Child psychiatrists can provide treatment for children and teenagers who suffer from depression, autism, anxiety disorders, attention disorders, drug addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders, and a wide range of behavioral problems.
Psychiatrists typically ask questions that focus  on the issues that are having a negative effect on your life. In an initial visit with a psychiatrist, you may be asked about symptoms you've experienced, and ways in which you've tried to deal with them. You might be asked about current and past medical conditions, as well asa family health history.
A referral is an authorization from your doctor saying that a certain type of treatment is medically necessary, and it's usually required if you want your insurance company to cover the costs associated with a visit to a psychiatrist. If you don't have insurance, a referral is not required to schedule a psychiatrist visit.
Psychiatrists and psychologists sometimes collaborate, and this typically takes place when working with patients who have serious mental health problems. In cases like this, a psychologist will treat the patient from a behavioral perspective. A psychiatrist will complement this treatment with care that handles issues concerning biology, neurology, and the prescription of drugs.
Many psychiatrists specialize in treating certain conditions. Some psychiatrists focus on substance abuse therapy, and this is the treatment of addiction to substances like alcohol, narcotics, and tobacco. Others specialize in biological psychiatry, which is the treatment of brain chemistry disorders like depression and schizophrenia. Psychiatrists might also specialize in treating elderly patients or children and adolescents.

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