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By: elizabeth.lane.heard
Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex
Im from GA and was in town on business. This range happened to be nearby, so this was my impetus for choosing it. The interior was what I consider elegant by standards set at other cold, concreted and generally messy in appearance ranges Ive been able to find. What a pleasure to have climate control, a required short safety film for shooters to watch, whi h madee much more comfortable knowing all range users were advised of policies there as well as re reminders to less skilled enthusiasts as to how to handle a weapon on a 'hot' indoor range environment. Given a very enthusiastic 5 stars for the right reasons... Give it a shot (literally!) and you will see bow superior it is to other indoor firing ranges. Im headed baxk to Montgomery today, and have my 3 firearms in tote to take advantage of this cool range.... Just wish it was located in my city.....
By: Ben V.
Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex
Not sure what the persons problem is, but I found this complex safe, and the application of many of the safety tenants of shooting not only adhered too, but preached to their clientele. The facility is very clean and this makes the facility warm and inviting. It is nice to finally have a place to practice the shooting sports. I really wish there was a facility for long gun shooting. The staff is very helpful and their love of the shooting sports is evident in their attitude. As a 23 year military veteran, and 35 years of shooting experience, this facility is TOP notch.
By: Dustin W.
Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex
Not sure what the safety issue people seem to have here is. When I was there late last year we had an RO for every 2 or 3 lanes. Strict on use of ppe, and a required safety brief before range use. Repeated in part or whole by said ROs at various times. As for the picture linked, I've spoken with a representative. The picture is neither nor child or their picture. They picked it up off the internet. They appear to have a sense of humor, and wish to share that with people following their page. I seriously doubt they're arming infants.
By: George A.
Tri-County Shooting Range
I have been a member of this range for several years. The staff is friendly, courteous, and helpful. One time membership and visit fees are low and reasonable compared to other ranges. They offer military and family discounts. They have targets and hearing protection available if you forget to bring your own. I and my family love using this range.
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By: Daniel G.
Tri-County Shooting Range
Just got back from having a blast of a time (pun fully intended) at Tri-County Shooting Range. What an awesome place! I highly recommend it to anyone in the Montgomery area who wants to go shooting. The staff was wonderful, the facility was great and the price was reasonable.
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By: rabi.neupane
Lower Wetumpka Shot Gun Sports Club
I went to several outdoor shooting ranges, and they have always been nice, but this "A very good gun range that is affordable and the staff are very nice and helpful
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By: Charles P.
Tri-County Shooting Range
Very friendly guys.Everyone tries to help,Even other members.Safety always comes first.And practiced religiously.Just a simple ,down home,country range.We love it.
By: Darrell S.
Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex
Excellent, temperature controlled environment. Safety is stressed at all times. The owners and staff are good people and always friendly. Highly recommended.
By: Jimmie R.
Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex
Truly a place where you feel welcome and safety is number one. Would recommend anyone to visit that truly wants to shoot without concerns.
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By: Ed Y.
Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex
Great place. Clean, temperature controlled facility. Great staff. As others have noted, wonderful emphasis on safety.

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