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By: A P.
Mausam Indian Cuisine LLC
Mausam Indian Cuisine is one of the best All Around and most authentic restaurants of its kind. It is a treasure for the foodie in you. Indian cuisine is one of our favorite kinds of food to eat, and we have been to almost 100 restaurants of this type in the NJ/NY area, San Francisco, and Las Vegas (just to name a few). Mausam stands out as one of the best.The management here aim to please, and they are very concerned with their customers gastronomical happiness. All of the staff are friendly, attentive and the atmosphere welcoming, as the staff often plays modern popular Indian music, with a hip, edgy beat.The taste, flavor and high quality of the food is consistent, as we have been to the restaurant so many times (sometimes 3x/week), and have not been disappointed. Mausam offers a daily, as their sign states a "lavishing" buffet as well as a full menu. The Monday thru Friday buffet is 12 noon to 3 pm, well priced at $11.00 per person (this price includes tax!), features multiple vegetarian and meat dishes which vary daily, complete mixed salad, dessert, as well as your choice of plain, buttered or garlic Nan (bread). We do not know of any other restaurant which offers such a variety of breads on a buffet.The buffet staples include the good old standby in the best Tandoori Chicken, Dal (lentil or split pea), Chicken Tikka Masala ( & at least 3 vegetable dishes & tossed mixed greens salad. Salad fixings always include at least:Tamarind sauce, mango chutney, green mint coriander/cilantro chutney, onion chutney, and a delicious seasoned yogurt sauce. If there is a sauce or condiments that you like but don't see, the Waite staff will get it for you (if available) at no extra charge!Among our buffet favorites are Chicken or Gobi 65, one of the most flavorful Tandoori Chicken you will ever eat, any of their variety of well seasoned Vegetable Pakoras, split pea Dal, Gulab Jamun (Indian donuts dessert), Gajar Halwa (sweetened grated carrots desert) and Kheer (rice pudding).The food is always fresh and flavorful, and Mausam gives you the option of mild to very spicy, by having authentic Indian hot sauce available upon request to increase the spiciness if you dare.The only slightly negative issue we have with Mausam is perhaps the price of the buffet on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), which is $14.00/per person, tax included. The only difference between this weekend buffet and the Monday to Friday buffet ($11.00/per person) is the offering of a goat or lamb dish, your choice of any type of Nan or Roti, and a soft drink is included. We do not necessarily want these options for the $3.00 increase, but if any of these options appeal to you, then we would say that this restaurant is well worth the extra few dollars as the food is always outstanding.Full menu prices for most vegetarian dishes are about $12.00 - $14.00, while meat dishes are about $15.00 and up.From the full menu we usually eat Chili Chicken, Gobi 65, and Palak or Sag Paneer (seasoned creamed spinach and semi-soft-firm cheese cubes). The Chili Chicken has just the right balance of seasonings, spice and the taste is flavorful and rich (you can always have it as hot or mild as you like and it is always made fresh and exact to order!). The Sag/Palak Paneer is full bodied and tasty, and contains a generous amount of Paneer (cheese cubes). We also love the Mango Lassi which is sweet Mango flavored yogurt smoothie drink.The restaurant also encourages people to try their food via take-out, and we would often hear how great the food is from so many different people picking up their orders as we are dining. Some take-out favorites include Chicken Tikka Masala.We strongly suggest reservations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings as Mausam's reputation for excellence spreads.Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a higher quality, authentic Indian meal, lunch or dinner. It is a dining experience not to be missed!Summer '17Michael -N- Valerie - NJ
By: Jason U.
B London
Terrific addition to the South End, with a brunch that beats many others in town. Try the smoked salmon omelette. A darn good burger and fries, too. And pie. Mmmm. Pie.

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