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By: lunapiercondos
Bulls Harbor Cafe
DO NOT order pizza. Watch what you order, for the most part, I loved eating there. Food was good, prices are fair. I probably had dinner at the restaurant at least 10 times before, very good food every time. Now the last time I was there though, my guests couldnt make up their mind on what they wanted, so I said lets just get a pizza. Most people like pizza, so I figured all the other food I ordered before was very good so pizza had to be pretty decent also. That was a mistake, it was not only the worst pizza I ever had (and im being 100% honest here)....but most frozen pizzas I have made at home tasted a lot better. It was a big embarrassment to me also because I talked highly of the place and my guests never been there before. The worst part is, I thought to myself the owner should fire whomever the cook was....unfortunately, the owner was the cook that day. He came out of the back when we were about to leave and asked how the pizza was, I said 'good,' because at that point there was no use saying something negative with a bunch of other customers around. Actually, I was waiting for Allen Funt from Candid Camera to pop out of the corner! When we got in the car, I told my guests (friends) about the pizza, they agreed it was terrible. I can say the pizza was super thin, no ingredients on it, it really did taste like you were eating cardboard.Since then, I have not been back. Summer 2012 I may try it again, but never the pizza!
By: Kate H.
Dolce Vita Italian Grille
Dined here last weekend, the food is okay. It's good enough, but certainly not the best, but overall NOT worth the outrageous price. My service was absolutely terrible. Rude hostess, but had a friendly waitress. Our server was very nice but the service was poor. Waited almost an hour for my dolce trio to come out, over 20 minutes after my boyfriends sushi came out. She was less than on top of things, waited forever for her when we had questions, and at the end waited a ridiculous amount of time for her to take my check, then she swiped my card for the check and had to have it fixed, mind you the restaurant wasn't busy at all. It's way over priced, Medicare food, and less than impressive service. Save your money and go Somewhere else, olive gardens no more than twenty five miles away
By: Geary B.
Bulls Harbor Cafe
While spending a long weekend in Monroe, MI I searched the internet for restaurants. Bolles Harbor Cafe was just up the road from the campground I was at. I dined there Friday night on Pan Fried Walleye. My meal was Outstanding. Chef Silverio Conte, who serves his own creations and traditional favorites, came out of the kitchen to see how my meal was. I returned on Saturday for breakfast and dinner and again on Sunday for breakfast. I enjoyed every meal. The quality of the food served is top quality. I strongly recommend you dine here and experience the wonderful food, friendly servers, and meet Chef Silverio. You never know who you will meet at Bolles Harbor Cafe. I will return!
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By: Nicholas T.
Joe's French Italian Inn
We visited this restaurant 06/03/2017 for supper. I had a very overcooked Club Steak steak and my wife had a very disappointing Prime Rib. The piece of meat my wife received had a lot of fat and appeared raw. Very hard to cut and very chewy. I really was surprised by that piece of meat and what made it worst is the server, although nice, should not have even brought that to the table. My wife only managed about ten pieces of meat she could eat. This may be the last time we come here. Note it is about a twenty mile one way trip so it is not a neighborhood restaurant.
By: dstein
Joe's French Italian Inn
there is almost never a waiting time and we have had consistently good food.
By: palaz1pb
Detroit Beach Restaurant & Pizzeria
Best Pizza in Monroe and probably Michigan. REAL ITALIAN

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