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By: onecarlover
Transmatic Transmission & Automotive Inc
I saw this on yelp about this shop and thought i would copy it here for everyone to see.If you're looking to bring your business to someone local who has integrity, use Transmatic. I have a 1998 Chevy Astro van with ove 250,000 miles on it. I prefer to do my own work if it's within my knowledge and tool capabilities. I have worked on cars since I was 15, spent a summer at my uncle's collision and salvage shop, and fully understand most automotive systems. I am pretty aware of what makes a shop "good".Back in August, I needed my AC compressor and other related components replaced. Two years ago when I was in the engine bay replacing a failed intake manifold gasket, I noticed that the oil-fill tube support tab had failed due to metal fatigue after 200kmi of vibration. The oil-fill tube runs right above the compressor and into the left side of the engine. At the time I didn't have a welder to tack it back into place, so I did the next best thing and zip-tied it in place as it's not a structural or stressed component.Here's the cool part of the story and why I strongly recommend Ken as your chosen mechanic:While he was replacing the AC compressor, he took the time to remove my jury-rigged, zip-tied oil-fill tube and TIG-welded its mounting tab back in place. No request from me. He just did it because he found something that wasn't completely right and took the five or so minutes to lay a 1/h inch weld bead to keep my van running tight and rattle-free. Was my work functional? Yes. Did he have to repair my work? No, he could have simply replaced the Zip-tie on his way to finishing the job.Most shops run on fixed-fee invoicing with time and materials being the variables in profitability. The faster and more cheaply the job can be done, the more profitable the operation. Taking extra time can backfire and quickly erode profitablity. Ken operates on doing the job right as the designers intended with outstanding attention to detail. Quality work like this ensures that no matter the economy, Ken will always have a loyal following from people who know good work. The local CHP motor pool and other LE agencies know of Ken's work ethic and know so do I.
By: plasmamonkee
Transmatic Transmission & Automotive Inc
After I checked out all of these rave reviews I knew I had to take my care to Ken at Transmatic. I live about 30 minutes from Ken's shop and I have a ton of local repair shops that I could go to. But I've been burned by shops before and a lot of them don't stand by their work. I was starting to think there weren't any more honest businesses around. Needless to say, I'm EXTREMELY skeptical when it comes to most mechanics. But guess what guys and gals? Transmatic Transmission and Automotive is the real deal! I had a faulty sensor and some brake work that needed to get done and Ken had me in and out same day. The thing that really impressed me about Ken was his attention to detail and his passion for what he does. Ken and his staff have won me over and I hope they can win you over as well. If anything, give this place a chance. At least just once. Ken knows that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Transmatic has a customer for life!
By: bosmadr
Concentric Components Inc.
I am a repeat customer of Concentric Components in Modesto. I've got to know Philip and his manager. In response to the previous comment, Newer High end Cars that need extensive repair, especially Mercedes, need to be taken to a specialized shop or dealer. Most shops charge a diagnostic fee. What do you expect to do that for free? They give me good prices on parts and have a wide variety of used transmission parts. I am a shade tree mechanic and they help me trouble shoot, give me good advice and even show me how to fix or repair a certain part. If you didn't like their service thats fine, but giving bad reviews on the net is very damaging to their business and reputation. Now if you were ripped off or they weren't abiding by the law, yes by all means write a bad review.
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By: Alissa K.
Mtz Transmission Auto Glass
I swear this place has got to be Modesto's best kept secret. The guys are friendly and as fair as can be. I will never go anywhere else to get my car done I've gotten my transmission rebuilt as did my boyfriend. I have got my head gasket replaced. My breaks done. My window replaced, my egr valve replaced. They do everything and at the fairest price in the entire central valley!!! I love David and I hear Ishmael is just as good. David has been my mechanic for about 2+ years now and I will never go anywhere else. David you are never allowed to retire!!!! If you want excellent service trust me this is the place to go!!!!
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By: Dan H.
Jaime's Transmission Services
these reviews are all old and the shop is now owned by jimmy. have sent several transmissions there and always have had good services as well as friends I have sent there as well. don't let the old reviews keep you from going here.
By: Veronica T.
Transmatic Transmission & Automotive Inc
Did a great job. I didn't worry about being taken advantage of. I was called after the job was diagnosed so I could approve the repairs, and the job was done in the time frame promised. Will definitely bring my vehicle back.
By: Aide B.
AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care
After searching for a good price and being on a low budget I was able to get a great price on my Chevy cruze and outstanding customer service! Thank you sooooooo much Tom!!!!!
By: Sayed B.
209 Transmission Honda & Acura
My Transmission was sliped 209 Transmission help me and fix it fast I am happy. Was very on time they Sayed we will do free oil change for transmission
By: Tj S.
Transmatic Transmission & Automotive Inc
I was so happy to have found Transmatic Transmissions!!!! They did a great job on my Ford Ranger 1997!!!! Thank you so much, Tami Stewart
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By: Chris A.
Mtz Transmission Auto Glass
Absolutely the best in town. They are professional and experts in the service they provide. As well as having best rates.

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