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By: Melissa S.
Countryside Property Management
Countryside Property Management has been managing our home in Modesto for over two years. From the beginning our experience has been nothing short of perfect. Every single time I call the office a friendly member of their staff answers the phone live. Every time I email with questions I get a response on the same day. Even when the office is closed I can reach our property manager Robert on his cell phone if needed. We were nervous about our property remaining vacant for a long period of time but they found great tenants in less than two weeks. Our tenants have renewed their lease twice since moving in and have personally told us that they choose to stay because of the positive experience they have had with our property manager and the office staff. Rent is always disbursed directly to our bank account by the 15th of each month. Their accounting reports are always clean and easy to understand and we have online access to them 24 hours per day. Their fees are competitive but the value we get in return is priceless. We have really felt like valued clients every step of the way and we are lookig forward to more of the same.
By: lraul564
Sweet Properties
After two years in a home I rented from these guys I had to move to another city. I put in my notice and someone informed me that I probably would be getting a called about showing the place. I wasn't thrilled but remembered that in my contract I had agreed that I understood why this was necessary. I got a phone all from the marketing lady a few weeks later and she was respectful and interested in setting up an appointment when it was convenient for me. I had worried that having to show a place would complicate my life. It didn't in the least. Thanks for making this as easy as possible Sweet Properties.
By: eleslie646
Sweet Properties
The thing that impressed me about the rental process with these people was their knowledge of the Modesto area. Each community really does have its own vibes, energies and quirks. The marketing person knew much about this town and so when I aked "what do you thing about this neighborhood" she was able to tell me with certainty. I liked that and it is ultimately why I chose to put in an application with these people even though there were others to choose from.
By: angelinaa769
Sweet Properties
I sincerely appreciate the extra work that this company has done on my behalf. I wish to formally thank them for courteous treatment, prompt replies, and clear paper work. I give a high recommendation to anyone interested in renting a home, business, and apartment. This company has been in business for quite a few years and as such they communicate in a manner that I found easy to understand. I approve and recommend Sweet Properties to others.
By: keithh603
Sweet Properties
I was in paying rent and they asked me to fill out a survey so I did. I am glad that they seem to care what their customers are saying. I chose to say good things because I have been fairly treated. As other reviewers have said, they are not perfect and I could give minor complaints but over all I am satisfied with this place and am glad I found a place where the only things bad I can say are so minor that it would seem petty to mention them.
By: walterr402
Sweet Properties
I have found the rental policies to be fair. Pay rent on the first, late after the third. My favorite thing about this company though is that unlike my last company, if your check is postmarked by the date (late after the third) then you don't have a late fee. I think they understand that sometimes the post office doesn't do what it should. It is nice to rent from another human that understands the way things really work.
By: ten016
Sweet Properties
I am glad that I chose to have Sweet Properties to manage my home for me. They do not bother me with useless phone calls yet are attentive when I call and have a question. The summary report that I received each month is comprehensive and all of my bills that my house has incurred are included so that I know exactly where my money is going. They do what they say they do-they manage my place. Satisfied customer.
By: mitch17
Sweet Properties
I am a tenant of a large shopping center managed by Sweet Properties. The center is maintained at a very high level. Trash never stays on the ground for long and if a building gets tagged with graffiti then within days it is painted over and removed completely. Their managment of the small details allows me to concentrate on my own business instead of making sure the parking lot and buidings are maintianed.
By: cardinals323
Sweet Properties
I rent an apartment from Sweet Properties and I am new to the world of renting. This is only the second time I have rented anywhere but this company has set the standard high as to how a management agency should act. The people who take my rent are friendly, the maintenance requests are fixed within a few days, if I have questions I can call someone and either get an answer or a call back within a day.
By: halterkimmy
Sweet Properties
I rent a large commercial space from Sweet Properties. The company has provided excellent signage that has increased the amount of business that walks through my door. The owner used his years of experience as a commercial property manager to make suggestions about where and how many signs to display. I am very pleased with the space that I rent as well as my relationship with the management company.

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